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Spouse Aggro!

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Author: beauturkey

Hitting level 35 in real life.

Posted by beauturkey Friday June 5 2009 at 7:16PM
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That's right, my birthday is this weekend, and I will be 35. It's a good year to ask myself why I continue to act the same as I did when I was 20, but I'll not be so hard on myself. After all, I have fun, and when I finally log out for the last time I can say for a fact that I had a very full experience.

How do I stay young at heart? (I'm pretending I'm not a grumpy old dude most of the time)

1) NO KIDS: That's right, no children, ever, never, forever. I told a lady the other day that me and the wife have always been on the very same page about not having kids, and she told me how sad it was. I assured her that it was not sad, but rather very happy because I save time, money and sanity.

2) Stay in touch with modern things: Technology, entertainment, politics, and (I wish) fashion. I watch the news, read a lot of books, talk to as many people as I can, and maintain friendships with people all over the world.

3) Playing lots of games: I play everything! The last thing I would do is play one game over and over, for a few years! If I wanted a second job, I would have a kid. Variety is the spice of life, as well as in your virtual one.

4) Love who you're with: I can honestly say that me and Leala actually like each other. We have fun together, we hang out, do know, stuff that people that like each other do.

5) Exercise: I walk a few miles a day, do not smoke and rarely drink (anymore.) It's been proven that trying new forms of physical exercise can actually help your brain stay younger, being that you are asking it to form new pathways thanks to the new activities, so I try different things.

I used to tour with a band, smoke and drink and party, and used to stay up till 3am and sleep till noon. While that is something we all do when we are younger, it does not lend itself well to organizing yourself and getting things done. My art is a great stress reliever, as well as writing, and I didn't have time to draw or write before when spent all my time playing drums.

The idea seems to be to do as much as you can, and in as many different ways as you can. Explore, be open to new areas and types of people. Do things.

Other than that, I seriously feel better than I have ever felt in my life, physically and mentally. I don't know why, but it might have something to do with my imagination getting such a work out with these games!

Also, it helps to avoid changing diapers.

Beau Turkey

MadnessRealm writes:

Happy Birthday then :þ (slightly early but still)

Fri Jun 05 2009 10:42PM Report
Torak writes:

"How do I stay young at heart?"

You are 35 not 75.

"No kids"

Your loss :)

Happy B-Day :) 

Sat Jun 06 2009 12:41AM Report
Soara writes:

kids can be a wonderful thing, but if it's the feeling like it would be a chore instead of a joy, definately DONT do it... Raising a child is wanting to without blindliness. I'm not saying with experience, this is infact meak philosophies. I am coming on 27 but I definately love what i do (i wouldn't want to retire from biology/astronomy ever),  and i actually like all the people i've been with. It's always fun to come onto MMOs and just love it all in the immersion :).

Kids for me, i just feel like i can say why? I mean it can be a wonderful thing and I've loved playing with kids all my life. He/she could become the very one to create "hyperspace" in spacetravel, or innovate the world in whole new ways. But if it's going to be treated like an object or a dog or a responsibility you don't want, then it is an extra population, and will be a negative influence to everything. If I was forced to have kids for some reason, i would go on and love it. MMO some other time. But I just feel like theres more than just living, reproducing, and dying. Hence why i want to be a great scientist! 8-)

Sat Jun 06 2009 1:23AM Report
Soara writes:


Sat Jun 06 2009 1:23AM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Happy Birthday Beau, any big plans this weekend?

Sat Jun 06 2009 3:16AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Yes, my plans are to try to avoid arguing with someone...I'm so bad at that. lol

 Thanks guys!


Sat Jun 06 2009 3:41AM Report
slyths writes:

 happy birthday man

Sat Jun 06 2009 5:49AM Report
Vortigon writes:

Good choice - kids are evil like brats forced on us by society and broody women.  Too many of the little money eaters in the world as it is. :P



Sat Jun 20 2009 8:43PM Report writes:
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