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Spouse Aggro!

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Author: beauturkey

Spouse Aggro #78: All in one breakfast MMO sandwich.

Posted by beauturkey Thursday June 4 2009 at 6:16PM
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Spouse Aggro #78
Thu, 4 Jun 2009 15:20:00 GMT [download/play]

This week we take a step outside of one of our favorite breakfast spots and enjoy lot's of cars, smog and birds going CAWWWWW CAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

We are discussing my blog that I wrote in which I told stuffy people to go stuff it when over-analyzing Free Realms. But let's be clear: Van Hemlock are not the ones I meant. Van Hemlock can over-analyze a tack and it would be good to listen to.
I was simply talking to about 5 or 6 very specific bloggers/podcasters that said such silly things as "...the quests are typical MMO drivel..." and "..the game reminded me of a more grindy WoW."

For the record, I was in not referencing Syncaine, but did so in the show because he came over to my blog and commented on why he thought the 2 million user announcement was "funny." (As though he caught SOE red-handed at some kind of cover-up.) Syn is actually a fun guy to argue with, because he is the ANTI-me, he is a RULE-player while I am a ROLE-player. He follows the rules, let's games tell him what to do and thinks that anything outside of those rules counts for nothing. All these rules set in lands that are populated by monsters and faeries, strangely enough.

Still, I can see what he means. But you can find the "evil cover-up" in anything done by any corporation, because the purpose of a large corporation is to make money. There is no cutting off point. But that's not evil, really, that's just life.

So I was addressing weird blogger/podcaster people that seem to think they are holding gaming companies to task, or think that their whining and bitching makes some kind of difference. Even if their whining and bitching influenced a decision at a gaming company, that is neat, but not something to use as a life goal. Again, we are talking about VIDEO GAMES here.

Video games are meant to be enjoyed. If you do not enjoy them to the point that you are always bitching about them (a little bitching is healthy and normal), you are weird. Get a hobby that you LIKE.

Now, enjoy the show. I wish we would have taken a picture of the tan lady, being that she seriously looked like she had a problem. I am a funny looking guy, and don't judge people on their looks, but this lady was so tan that she was obviously addicted.

The music on the show comes from all sorts of sources. the jazz tune being from a dude named Paul Bley. The song was called "Time will Tell." I love stuff like that, to a point. I want to buy the soundtrack from the movie "Naked Lunch" based on the book by Billy Burroughs.

Then I threw in the beginning "song" from Anarchy Online, one of the BEST ways to fade into game-play in any MMO.

Also, got a lil piano in there from the movie "Amelie."

Enjoy, and contact us:

Send emails to spouseaggro at yahoo dot com.

Website found at spouseaggro dot com.

Twitter name: spouseaggro

Skype name: beauturkey


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