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Author: beauturkey

The Ryzom Podcast 21! (And the sacrifices we make for our games!)

Posted by beauturkey Saturday June 30 2007 at 10:14PM
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Download it HERE!

This really sucks. Picture this: (for some of you this wont be that far off reality): You got 15 bucks left in your bank account, and you got a game sub going through the next day. Also, you have to live off that 15 bux for a few days. What to do? Well, you have to cancel your sub before it goes through, then go write a check for some milk and eggs. That's real life.

 Don't get me wrong, me and the wife make plenty of money. But sometimes, if you aren't careful, suddenly you'll find your bank account dry as well as your cupboard. That's something we all go through.

 At one time I had 6 games going at once, equaling almost a hundred dollars a month I was spending. Again, not an issue until I bounced a check. Ugh, that was stupid. But, when you are addicted to that feeling of discovery, that feeling of finding some new land or downing some cool mob with friends and family, you sometimes forget about the water bill. I think it only gets out of hand when you are simply ignoring your friends and family and bills for the sake of the game or for the pursuit of the loot and level.

 I'm being very open about the fact that I messed up and had to cancel my sub for a week or two until the cash gets back in the account. My job dried up a bit, but is picking back up. But I cannot sacrifice my basic human needs for my game. Although Ryzom is more of a world to me than a game, I still cannot avoid my real life issues.

 Basically, I'm just trying to make myself feel better for screwing up the bills!


Original podcast post:

I'm back again this week with a whole show dedicated to the Tryker race. The next 3 shows after this one will be dedicated to the other races: Zorai, Fyros and Matis.
Excuse my voice, I had been suffering with a bit of allergies. Also forgive any chunks of info I might've missed, I've had a hard week! :)
It's good to be back into the game, but you'll hear me explain in this 'cast why I might be in and out of game for a bit. Financial issues. Let's just say I'm glad Ryzom has a free trial!
Thanks for lissenin', and thanks for the support!

A cool official Tryker video:

A neat player made video:

I have a ton of other cool links, I'm sorting through them now..

Some thoughts and the 'cast number 20!

Posted by beauturkey Sunday June 24 2007 at 4:33PM
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I just uploaded podcast number 20, and it took a while to even get that done. The new puppy is learning house training so she has to be watched every damn second. Puppies, what can you do?
After this one I am going to kick it into high gear, choosing a subject and studying it a bit more. Although I do not like to script what I say at all (and sometimes you can really tell haha) I want to start having my subjects more laid out and researched. Ryzom is a huge world with alot of hidden meaning, and I'd like to go after alot of it.
 Playing an MMO requires a good deal of time, but through the podcast I have learned that logging in is not the only way to participate. Tons of players become forum players, even roleplaying on forums and creating their own type of content. MMO's are only about 50 percent actual game, the rest of it is up to us players. If you find yourself yearning for "something more" in your gaming experience, do like what I did: make a podcast, help make events, in short, get involved! It's soooo easy to just get bored with the game, so get outt here and change that!
My original post from the boards:

Hey hey Atys!
It's been a few weeks, thanks to work and a very sick puppy. In this episode I talk about the puppy (therapy people, therapy!) and read a fantasy email from a listener. Also I go over some of the few things I have missed in the last two weeks. Enjoy, and see you in game!

Click on the link in my siggy or download it here:


What is Ryzom?

Posted by beauturkey Thursday June 7 2007 at 8:15PM
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Ryzom is an MMORPG set on Atys, a huge plantlike planet that teams with life and with danger. For me it is so many things, but firstly a home.
 When comparing it to other games, I'll have to admit that it is in a universe all it's own. But, while it has so many different areas to explore and skills to master, it doesn't take long to get tuned into the community and to learn the game.
 If you like to be held by the hand and led through your gaming experience, then Ryzom isn't for you. We in the community rely on each other for answers and for help.
 Since this is my first blog here on MMORPG, I will just give you a rundown of the game. Later I will have posts that correspond to my podcasts, that go along with it.
 Basically as a new player you start out on the starter island of Silan. There you do "missions" to learn the basics of the game. Don't get to attached to those missions, later on the mainland they are present but not needed to have a meaningful game session. Right now Gameforge (the owner of Ryzom) is working to add more "newbie" missions to the mainland, to help new players fit into the mainstream world easier.
 You start out as one of four races, the only difference being with the lore and the look of each race. Your skills are not set, because every skill in the game is open to every player, and can be learned in total over time.
 Grouping and gaining levels is not the grind that you might think. Last night I gained 5 levels in a typical session, a few hours. But, I'm not a player that only pursues levels, so in comparison to other players, I'm slow. If you go after it, you will quickly find yourself facing some of the highest mobs in the game. In fact, even at very low levels you can travel and fight with higher level players because while you are working on you highest skill, say one hand fighting, they might be working on thier lowest skill, like healing. No one is left out!
 So head over to
I will post much more in depth blogs as time goes on, and like I said will probably talk about my podcast segments more in depth.