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Author: beauturkey

Musical tastes can reflect gaming tastes.

Posted by beauturkey Tuesday May 12 2009 at 12:21PM
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 Look at your music library, and consider all the songs from your past. Do they say something about your personality? Mine seem to. As someone that has been in bands since his early teens, I have listened to everything in the book. As I grow older, my musical favorites morph and adapt to new music styles, and I love discovering new artists.

I think my choices for this recent top 5 show how varied I am in my listening, and thta's how I am with my gaming. I like variety, I'll give anything a shot as long as it follows a certain rule: the artist (or developer) must be giving it their all. I don't want canned music like Disney clones and I don't want something parroted like Joss Stone. I want original, or at least heart-felt...and usually a little on the "serious" side. I'm not really big on super-poppy stuff, but if the mood strikes, it's great.

Let's get to the music.

First, we have Slayer with their wonderfully hooky and powerful song "Raining Blood." This song literally makes me smile. That intro and the first wave of drums is INCREDIBLE. Simple, but so cool. Then, when it kicks back into the "funky" part, it just SHINES.



Next, we have some Lena Horne. I have watched live performances of her and just beamed as she spit, yelled, and just got waayyy into it. She is a singer, but she phrases things in such a cool, cool way. She is in control.



Let's move on to some Ramones. The Ramones were, in my opinion, a perfect band. They fit easily into your head and won't leave. They write some pretty deep stuff without being preachy. They are attitude and cool without that stupid modern day arrogant sneer'attude that you see all over commercials and movies. They are play their songs while driving around with your friends. I love this song: "I wanna' be your boyfriend." It's tough but sweet, and reminds me of dating Leala for the first time.



Here's some Feist. I wish I had seen her live, because I wonder how much of her voice is small bits of effect and how much of her would come across live. Haunting..I love stuff like this. I actually prefer female singers, and while she isn't technically the best, that doesn't matter because I want to hear singing, not an exhibition of training.



Oh boy, some Roy Orbison! Man, what a voice. Strange, but beautiful. He wasn't a looker and sang so much about heartbreak, you wondered how much was truth and how much was incredible singing. "Crying" is not only a classic, but one of my themes, not so much for the content of the lyrics but more for the delivery...I seriously get goosebumps on the high notes. His songs always go up and up..until they crash down, like a good movie or a book you can't put down. We'll miss ya, Roy.



This has been so fun to write, and to look up. Thank you, YouTube. Thank you, internet.

Now check out your music..does it say anything about how you game? Do you play music while you game? (I do if I can.) They are both entertainment, and really can show a lot about a person.

Beau Turkey



MadnessRealm writes:

Not sure it works for me :þ I listen to bands like Epica to Dimmu Borgir, passing by Kamelot, Finntroll or E Nomine. The only possible link would be the fact that I play a few FPS but as for RPGs....I play Dofus, Mabinogi, Atlantica, Dungeon&Fighter so there aren't any similarities over there.

(The bands I mentionned  have fast beat while the games I play are slow-paced.)

Perhaps it's just me :þ Anyway, very interesting topic. Creating a link between music and video game is something I've never really done.

Tue May 12 2009 1:34PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Wow, that's some fast music..does it bother you when you are playing? Generally I listen to something slower, or at least quieter because I love the in game music usually.



Tue May 12 2009 3:08PM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

I rarely listen to my music while playing except for a few games that allows me to multi-task. I can't play a FPS with music on because I need to hear all footsteps or other noise. Can't really play a RPG with my music on because the game's BGM , unless repetitive, tends to be really immersive (Mabinogi has some nice bgm tracks) which is really important for me :þ 

Unless I really hate the BGM or I'm not playing seriously, I'll listen to my music but since I like to be in immersion (I'm not an RPer) and only play games that gives me the feeling of actually being in the game instead of just pressing keyboard shortcuts, I tend to stick with the game's BGM.

Tue May 12 2009 5:18PM Report
ghstwolf writes:

I tend to believe music sets the mood, not just in entertainment but in life as well.  How often do you find your choices in music depend on what you are doing/going to do?   Generally I'm not a country music fan, but I love it if I'm going fishing or camping.  Also I rarely listen to George Thorogood unless I'm working on a motor or hammered shooting pool somehow it just works out that way.

I could believe that some loose collations do exist.  I'm just not sure if there would be strong enough to make a general population prediction for game type.  In some ways music is just too personal an experience.

Tue May 12 2009 6:34PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Sometimes I 'll be doing a certain activity (like driving for a good distance) and I normally like something, well, kind of sad sounding...or you know..dreamy sounding. Probably not good for driving, but I love it.

 Heavier or fast stuff usually sets my mood, instead of my mood choosing those types. Fast stuff or up-beat stuff isn't my fav. I guess.

 I'm pretty wussy anymore with my choices. Must be getting old. Also, after playing rock so loud for so long, the last thing I generally wanna do is bust my ears.

 Thanks man!

Tue May 12 2009 9:56PM Report writes:
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