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Author: beauturkey

The Wind, New Worlds and Dog Arcs.

Posted by beauturkey Monday March 23 2009 at 11:52PM
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Get off work, go to a restaurant so I don't have to fix supper when I get home. Me and Leala talk about her day.

All night at work I was amped up, talking to people about their new puppies, marveling at the clueless nature of a new puppy owner.  Amazing to me when people just buy and don't think.

Get home, give the dogs a treat to sit so they calm a bit. They sit on the floor at our feet while we have party tacos and burritos. Suddenly, Roy's head is poking up in between us. He didn't seem to be begging, but just was there.

Take a bath. Wash my face and the smell of puppy pads and dirty change off my hands.


This entire time, all day every day, my mind is racing. A million miles an hour, thinking of stories and art and my characters, and how to set my own stamp on someone elses world. Laugh at the lack of clues some people have about me, or about what I do with my time. I want to write a new character story or 5, and want to put them on my blog..a place that people might come to every day, which is a nice feeling. I go to many of them myself.

I need some coffee. I can't believe it, but I am considering decaf, at least for night time. When I don't drink coffee I have long story driven dreams, I re-visit my high school or travel around my teenage stomping grounds in an old car I had forgotten about. I make some regular, for now. Decaf this weekend.


I sit out on the door jam and let the dogs sniff around the yard. Roy comes up to me and nudges me, so I pet him, remove bits of leaves from his fur. I know he had been rolling in the yard, with Bettie play biting at his face and neck. They play so rough, sometimes it can turn into a tiff, so I usually cool them down before anything gets too heated.

I love Roy as much as any dog, if not more. I love Bettie the same, but more like a daughter that's full grown, off at College. I know she will be fine, I worry from a distance, but I let her be.  Roy is more like a son, always asking questions, but he can suddenly morph into an athlete capable of straight leaps into the air as high as I am tall.


The Wind is absolutely stunning. I can hear it in the giant tree in my back yard, it is swirling around my fenced in area, throwing leaves.

Then it stops.

Then, it's blowing through the leaves again, the dogs lift their heads up and sniff. Who knows what they smell?  I am sitting in my pajama bottoms, no shirt. It is not cold or hot, the temperature is perfect, the coffee is hot.

I come in and hear Lealas side of her Vent conversation. She is laughing, we watch a funny Onion video. I wish I was them. Sometimes I can be in bed and I can hear her giggling in the next room, and I can lay there and listen to that sound all night.

I start typing this, log into Spellborn. I realize that Spellborn and Ryzom are very similar, and share the amazing sounds of the Wind. The sound of the game is worth it, alone.


I will do a quest or two, and I am still amazed that there are actual players in game. Last experience told me no one was playing it, but those were Germans and were few.

Will log into Mabinogi. Last night, found a "Mabinogi 2" game, and marveled at some of the F2P games coming out. I am so excited for the future of MMO's. This is a hobby that changes constantly.

Then, a sound outside the window, someone closing a car door? The dogs look up, Bettie stands up.

I walk straight to the back door, Roy follows me as usual and slowly walks out to investigate. I hear the jangling of Betties collar as she makes a beautiful smooth arc from the back room, through the living room and right out the door into the backyard, and right up to the fence. She doesn't bark, just sticks her nose back into the Wind.


Last night I was glued to the TV, which rarely happens...the Iditarod sleds. The dogs pulling those sleds are said to be some of the smartest in the world. Also, one of the strongest, pound for pound. They will pull that sled for thousands of miles, sleep on hay in the snow and will do it until they fall.

So, I come across this game, which I HAVE TO PLAY:

I want to have a team of huskies. Best part of the video? The way the Wind makes the hood/hair move on the character. The way they turn in an Arc. I realize that I have rearranged the furniture in my house to allow the smooth Arc of my dogs, to allow them to get outside quickly, without stopping. I took down a porch swing that was in their way.
I will turn level 5 in Spellborn, listen to the Wind in the game. There is a small pond by Hawksmouth, maybe I will sit there.
In Mabinogi, I am trying to work my way to the Land of the Giants, so I asked around in game and found my way to the Elf village. I offered a ride to a player that was running, and she pointed me the way to the Elf town. Then someone told me that I needed to go back and make my way through the "Maze." They said it would be a long journey.
I have a campfire if I need one, and a camp. I have good food, my horse is ready. I am good enough with my sword, and my horse is the fastest type you can get in game..his name is Osheba.
I want to get to the Land of the Giants because they have dog sledding there. They have a husky pet that will pull you on a sled, and I am obsessed. I want to sled over the snow and then bunk down at night, tonight, in my backyard, bits of dirt biting into my skin, the dogs occasionally looking up to sniff the Wind.
But I miss Leala and her giggles.
So I will log in and think about all the people I could meet, and think about what they are doing on their side of their the Wind blowing there, too? How is their town, music...are they thinking of a million things at once like me?
I love this fact, I am becoming more and more fond of female singers, and can't stand most male singers. I like softer music, cry when I have a migraine as though I can't control it, and get too excited when I hear Motorhead or the Ramones. I do not need more excuses to be excited.
But the Wind will calm me down. writes:
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