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Spouse Aggro!

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Author: beauturkey

Spouse Aggro Vidcast #13: The Turkey Awards, Evil SOE, and some tips for a protest.

Posted by beauturkey Saturday March 21 2009 at 7:34AM
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Spouse Aggro Vidcast #13: The Turkey Awards, Evil SOE, and some tips for protesting RMT. from Spouse Aggro on Vimeo.

In the first part of the show I hand out huge gold statues to MMO's that have captured my attention. Here are the categories:

Best Customization
Best Graphics
Best Lore
Best Housing
Best "Fluff" Items
Best Game

Remember, although I asked for input, these are most of the games that I have played over the last year. For example, although I played WAR, I didn't like it so I just left it off the nominees.

In the second part of the show I point to a very particular group of players: those that have deep hate for SOE and have talked (for the last 10 years) about "protesting," "boycotting," or otherwise trying to send a message to SOE about how they feel.

If you play other games, take out SOE and put in place your favorite game developer. Also, take out Smed and put in the boss of your favorite company. It all applies the same.

A lil ranty, a lil rave-ish. All meant in good fun.

Now, go log IN!

Beau Turkey

spouseaggro dot com

spouseaggro at yahoo dot com.

Twitter: spouseaggro

OddjobXL writes:

Nice vidcast.  Rambly but entertaining.  Much like I hope my text blogs are.  I had to pause in the middle though, after the discussion on housing.  Look, I've got major issues with SWG and it gets beaten on regularly in my blog but the things it does right, it does right.

Here's my house.  It's a bunker.  It's awesometastic.  And I'm a piker when it comes to design.   There are folks who create crafted objects and components for objects, rename them, and use them to create items for decoration that don't exist in the game.  Folks use skirts as curtains, tables or paintings (rotated around) as panelling and all kinds of crazy things.  You can set up your own lighting sources for various effects and even use colored lighting.

 Even back in the earliest days when there wasn't the astounding amount of items there are now for decoration people were making courthouses, museums, Imperial bases and so forth.   Name it and there was enough stuff around that someone could figure out how to recreate that kind of space.  People have created forcefields out of entertainer's glow sticks.  I've used a fireplace to look like a portal to an engine on a starship.  Set up a mining droid to carry a starship engine so it looks like it's hauling it to a repair area where a repair droid is working on a section of hull with an entertainer's sparkler filling in as a welding torch.

And it has flying houses in PoB ships!  Dude!  Now they're introducing housing with windows, you can see in and out, but we've always had that in space.

How does SWG not win for housing?  There's just no end to what people can do.  With Storyteller tools as well folks go nuts decorating outside their houses and in player cities.  Landing pads with starships, check, massive stages for bands, check, arenas for duels and animal fighting, check.

A few pictures are worth a thousand words:

There's my ship:

Here's my some of my house:

And I probably rank as pretty unimaginative compared to some stuff I see out there.


Sat Mar 21 2009 10:02AM Report
OddjobXL writes:

I get the feeling I'm going to keep posting stuff like this.  Character customization and "fluff" are also big things in SWG.  There's just so much there but it really depends on the community to make it all work well.  You've got entertainers (who, granted, don't have the level of access to musical improvisation as bards do in LoTRO) that can do image designing to completely customize avatar looks and there are piles of armor, jewelry and layered clothing along with the new appearance system.  On top of that, now, Storyteller lets you wear costumes if you want.  Jawas, droids and all sorts of other things.  These don't sustain combat but they're awesome for people trying to set up roleplaying scenarios.

The appearance system allows you to wear whatever armor you want on one level but only show the attire you're wearing in the appearance slots.   I can look good, in the way I want, while also being a fully functional combatant.  Folks can toggle it off in options, if they want, to see what people are really wearing.  Mainly only PvPers care about that.

But for fluff, man, the roleplayers on Starsider are constantly running events or stories.  Here, check these out from my guild's photo gallery:

And SWG staff often does (in my opinion sometimes poorly advised) seasonal events for holidays themselves.

Sat Mar 21 2009 10:23AM Report
OddjobXL writes:

Doh, they're slammed already.  How about these:

Sat Mar 21 2009 10:27AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Wow man, I'll be honest..I am basing a lot of my points on playing SWG (the last time, for the longest stretch) probably 5 or 6 months ago? I have only poked in since then.

 I had joined a guild, and saw a good amount of the housing, but a lot of the stuff you are talking about is damn good.

 I guess most of my "wins" were based on just personal memories, more than deep examinations of the games.

 I'm going to go back and check that stuff out, and maybe I'll write a blog concerning them...thanks for pointing them out!





Sat Mar 21 2009 10:28AM Report
OddjobXL writes:

My pleasure.  If I didn't like the blog I'd just quit, not write in the forums.  I'm a silent customer!

I will say this, SOE doesn't keep those smaller MMOs alive for no reason.  They've got an overarching strategy concerning Station Pass.  One day that will be the bargain of a lifetime if they can just grow a big enough stable with enough options.  Why buy Pirates of The Burning Sea?  Yet another channel for the subscriber to check out. 

The numbers subscribing to any individual MMO matter less to them than the numbers subscribing to all MMOs and Station Pass in particular.

One day, in the far future, they may even assimilate WoW.  *laughs*

Sat Mar 21 2009 10:57AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Agh man I forgot I made a video of my Lando ship last year: I LOVE it.

Sat Mar 21 2009 6:40PM Report
OddjobXL writes:

That's hilarious.  Nice song too.

What is with with Bothans?  There's just something about those guys...

Sun Mar 22 2009 1:58AM Report writes:
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