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Author: beauturkey

Off to work...are you?

Posted by beauturkey Saturday February 6 2010 at 9:55AM
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Oggy Oggy Oggy!

No, that's not me silly.


Here it is, 9:30 AM and I've already been up for about 3 hours. I have walked the dogs, fed all the animals and fixed myself some breakfast. Leala has decided to sleep late, so I am keeping pretty quiet.

I really enjoy this little job I have, working in this pet store. It's not glamorous at all and the money isn't anything much, but I constantly help people there and I constantly learn new things from customers and from the books I borrow off of the shelves. I have learned to never trust only one source, but to go to many many sources to gain a general knowledge about something. In the world of pets/animals, there is opinion and there is science, and sometimes opinion passed off as science.

But I won't be at this job forever. Not only has my asthma become almost dangerously worse there, but I have to be honest with myself and say that I tend to move on from job to job anyway. I have done it my whole life, with very few constants remaining at home. Here they are, though:

1) Writing: I write almost every day, which is something I am proud of. I don't know very many bloggers that write a blog ever week, much less every day. I do not pretend that I am the best at it, but I know that my chops are slowly getting better just out of repetition.

2) Exercising: I walk the dogs, do sit-ups and push-ups, and eat well. I try to take care of my body as much as I can because this hobby tends to make you...unhealthy. Sitting at a PC can be rough on the body, and the (sometimes) convenient diet that goes along with it can be just as bad. Also, the dogs must have their exercise.

3) Art: By art I mean "doing something creative." It might be writing a song or a role-play story, or coming up with a poem or drawing a picture. Either way, I am always trying to use the creative juice that seems to be stored in my head. I just don't get how someone can tell me that they never do anything creative, so I am happy that I have the need to express myself that way.

If you notice, though, none of these constants have to do with my "real life" job. I am good at the job and a hard worker, but I could not see myself in retail for that long. My boss has been at the job for 10 years, and she still knows almost nothing about animals. A company that allows people like that to become "the boss" need not be trusted.

My gaming, though, reflects my work life for sure. And some of my "other" life.

I stay with games, but the time is spread out over years and not concentrated into intense 8-month long goals being pursued. I have never cared about virtual loot or virtual glory, so this frees me up to explore the other parts of games that no one seems to notice. You know the parts...the story, the land, the artwork that makes up the game. So my games can be seen as temporary positions for me.

This does not mean that I do not enjoy my visits, or that I will never come back to that position again. In fact, I am intensely loyal to my games, but I maintain a huge list of games that I am loyal to. While some players explore every nuance of their class or of their particular game-world, I explore every nuance of the genre of entertainment. I might pick out systems from SWG to explore one week/s, then will switch to WURM Online. If you want to gain true knowledge about something you are interested in in real life, you read/explore everything you can on the subject. Shouldn't the same be applied if you are interested in MMORPGs?

I have accepted that this means some limitations for me, both in real life and in gaming. Goals either have to be small and achievable in small amounts of time (I organized the books, I finished that quest) or have to spread out over very large amounts of time (I achieved level 30 in Mabinogi, I became certified in animal behavior.)

Also, it means that I give up on ever having pretty "normal" things like a big beautiful house or 3 small children. Honestly, I have never wanted those things anyway (at least to the point that I would pursue them) but it's just so happens that I probably wouldn't be the best father or the best home-owner. I move around too much, I wander too much.

So I am a little envious of those players that can play as though it is their real-life job. They achieve things in game and in real life that I never would. They stay with one company until retirement, they have several of the highest level characters and see all the content a game has to offer. They might get to know the joys of having kids or of having a 30-year mortgage. (That is a joy, right? hehe)

I wouldn't mind being the highest level, or owning three nice cars instead of one. I wouldn't mind being able to conquer mighty dragons or being able to send my child to college and eventually on to a family of his own.

But, I won't achieve certain goals, and I know that. I have had to be honest with myself over the last 10 years or so and ask myself: "What do I want to do?"

The answer?: "Explore."

It's a selfish goal, but what can I do?

Luckily I have an incredible wife that seems to enjoy the same thing, and seems to understand that we both do not want to stop doing what we do, even if that means losing out on some of the normal goals of life.

Oh well, odd blog I guess. But I am off to work. Today I will help adopt out a few cats, clean up poop, give some advice to a new puppy owner and check Twitter/read articles the entire time. Enjoy your day.

Beau writes:
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