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Spouse Aggro!

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Author: beauturkey

The Immersion Project and Darkfall.

Posted by beauturkey Friday January 22 2010 at 2:05PM
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The original Immersion rules can be found here.

I decided a long time ago that Darkfall would be a great game for the Immersion Project, a role-playish type of project in which I limit my access to information in order to make myself feel more connected to the world. When I say role-play, I am not just talking about "How art thou?" and not talking about playing a character other than me, but playing my character as though he was me. Or at least a person with my level of intelligence, slightly below average looks and ways of doing things.



In other words, "what would I do in this avatars position" instead of "what would it be like to BE this superhero of a person?" I am not acting as something else, but seeing if I can react to the game as though I might if I were in the game world.

One of the fastest ways to do this is to get rid of, or minimize the use of, the in-game map. The in-game map is magically filled in for you, and your direction is never in question. With Vanguard, for example, I printed out three huge blank maps of the three continents and marked them using a real life pen. When I traveled to Fan Faire, I even had other players mark on the map where something might have been. In the end, I have a set of maps with scrawling all over them..a real life in-game map!

Look at all that phat newbie loot! I actually love the piles.

So I need to find the highest quality blank map of Agon that I can. And it needs the least amount of info on it as possible. Any suggestions would be awesome!

Next, I need to decide which of the original Immersion Rules really are needed anymore. While a game like WURM online keeps track of and considers food in your actual performance, a game like Darkfall can be played without ever using food. It helps things I have noticed, but keeping track of it would be a little distracting. While it would be more realistic to mark down and time when I need to eat, that kind of numbers-keeping is actually the opposite of what I am trying to do. So out with worrying about food until I can find a better replacement system.

Travel is easy enough. I can get a mount eventually or hoof it. My project right now is to build a raft and to go sailing, but I will be removing any ability to instant-travel (teleport) back to my bind point. I like the idea of instant travel, especially when I am out in the middle of nowhere and scared to death, but that is the perfect time to force myself to try and make it home.

Yes, "The Rape." Remember, most players do not use such names.

The weather is nice in Darkfall, but I am not sure if there are rainstorms or snowstorms, anything that might cause my character to be hurt or to be slowed. I will time the day and night cycles to see how long is realistic to travel before resting. I will learn to make camp-fires and try to use one every so often, to represent rest. Also, the lighting and campfires in this game are awesome.

I will skip the perma-death rule, again. I tried it once in Vanguard and I lost the best main of my life!

I need to figure out a trade route besides the official one. I will look into the official one, of course, but many have told me that it is borked right now. Also, it happens at the games pace so I could not do it at mine. In Vanguard my character made arrows and harvested for money, and that might just be this mains job too. I need to figure out if all brokers/auction house type systems are all connected to one another even though it might break my heart. I want to see local ones only, to force or to allow players to travel with their goods to make money.

There is more, I am sure. But for now this covers some basics. I need a real-life blank map, to get rid of the compass on the screen (something that I might or might not be able to do, haven't checked yet) and to work towards a boat.

In the meanwhile I am slapping some arrows in my pack along with some food and slowly working my way farther out into the world. When I stumble upon a pocket of monsters, I am reminded of Oblivion or Fallout 3 in the way that you can easily get yourself killed while exploring. There's a real sense of danger to the game that will add some spice to the Immersion Project!

In the meanwhile, go over to Syn's blog and buy the game. Click on the link in the corner of his blog and he gets a chunk of the change. I believe in rewarding the bloggers and community members that hand out attention to games like Darkfall, (while not getting paid) and he has been yelping about this game longer than anyone I know.

(by the way, thanks to Jay Jay the Wonder Biscuit for helping me get my game. He ruleth.)

See ya on the seas!


Coldren writes: I just got started in Darkfall on Thursday. oddly enough, I've already seen "The Rape" in the Heart of Eanna (sp). Small world :) What is your character name? Mine is Vorrick Silverblade. See you around in DF! Fri Jan 22 2010 2:33PM Report
Inktomi writes:

Good post, I am still doing that crazy 10 game series but considering making the investment into DF.

Few questions though:

Is it really THAT good, good enough to win over Hardcore Casual (he is a big supporter of DF). But is it good enough to win over Spouse Aggro?

Can you link that map of Agon?

How much does it resemble Oblivion? My thought is I can play a heavily modded O:TES IV for free for life, why am I paying for it?

Do you PVP at all, and do you intend to?

Last summer you dumped DF, are you two officially 'back' now?

Thanks for you feedback,


Fri Jan 22 2010 2:33PM Report
beauturkey writes:

Yeh it is pretty damn good! lol Again, though, it feels my particular bare-bones playstyle and not sure how you might enjoy playing like that. It's worth the 50, at the very least.

 That map of Agon? I only have one that some linked to me, but it is small and filled in. I will link the blank one when I find it! :)

 It resembles oblivion in a few ways. The main way is how it feels when you come across these little villages filled with evil. The combat is pretty close, too.

 I do PvP, but mainly I explore and PvE. The PvP is kind of silly, sometimes, but it pretty exciting when in large groups (I am told.) 

 I didn't ever dump it, just moved on as I do with all games. I am back for at least a month! lol



Fri Jan 22 2010 3:45PM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

It's an interactive map where you can add all you want. You can then send it to other users too but it's your map. I have not tested it myself though as I prefer the quick use of DF Atlas and Sinister Map, even though they already all the locations.

Fri Jan 22 2010 4:51PM Report writes:
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