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Author: beauturkey

OK, OK Darkfall, I get it. You're "hardcore."

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday January 20 2010 at 2:34PM
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I get it, man. Stop waving that stick around, the rest of the people here are getting a little nervous.

Sorry everyone...let me take Darkfall to the back room. We need to have a little talk.

*walks to the back room, closes the door after Darkfall walks in*

OK man, look. I am "down" with your hardcore-ness. I get it. You're like, mid-tempo metal sung by guys with gravelly voices. You're like, scary and stuff. I mean, have blood spatters EVERYWHERE, the SOUNDS of blood spatters if I so much as start to pick my nose, and players running around that warn me of "scaring me back to my kiddy games" while they run around with names like "GayTard420". I get it.

But c'mon, man. Look at me. I know, alright?

I know.

That's right, if there is one person that knows what you are really trying to do, it's me. You don't have to keep up the act with me. I'm not "worried" about getting killed, I am not stressed in any way, shape or form about killing more players before they kill me. In fact, I could completely ignore all the PvP in Darkfall and be completely happy.

So yeh, I know what you are doing.

Look, Second Life has it's perverts that pay their bills. They allow those group-love funnies to run around with huge glowing boobs so that they can afford to allow the rest of the players to build amazing things.

World of Warcraft has it's raiders. You know, those odd people that play literally as much as they work, and probably harder than they work. While they are not the bulk of the player-base, WoW allows the rest of the players to think that raiding know, what you do.

And you...Darkfall you have your "hardcore PvP'ers." You know who I am talking about. Guys like this:

Of course, there's nothing wrong with these guys. They are cheesy, sure. They like bands like Tool and Godsmack, but someone has to. They fuel the fire for your game and actually have a Helluva lot of fun, I bet. But while those guys are off conquering the Kraken and attacking each other, there are many players like me that are enjoying your PvE content.

Yes, Darkfall..PvE. Don't play stupid. I know you have been working hard to add some pretty cool stuff to yourself. Don't worry, man, no one will notice as long as you bundle it with some PvP changes, no matter how small.

I mean, your shadows are cool. Yeh, other games have great shadows, and occasionally yours can glitch out a bit, but they are just really cool. Since I know that I don't have a huge name over my head advertising to the world my information, I can walk through shadows and actually be hidden. Yeh, I know other players can turn em off, but many of them don't. Hell just the other day I stayed hidden and watched two other players kill goblins. They talked in local (I turn off your other chat tabs. Sorry, Darkfall, your chat is silly at best and useless at it's worst) and it was kind of thrilling to be spying on two strangers as they killed things. I actually learned a bit, too, watching how they did it.

And while your crafting doesn't seem to be very complex at all, just look at the boats and other items you can make with it! I mean, damn...the loading screen showed off the wide variety of boats and ships that can be crafted and I was blown away. Reminded me of some kind of fantasy EVE.

And while I was "pwned" several times when I last tried you out, this time around things are so much easier. First of all, I know to ignore someone that is trying to get me to hit them back. Also, I know how to fight a bit, and how to run even better. And you know what? I've given up worrying about how annoying it is to be attacked in the middle of something. I'm cool with it. I mean, if I were to stumble across some dork chopping wood, I would probably attack him too! It's fun!

So yeh, I haven't yet reached any higher than I did last time I played you, but already I can tell a difference. Granted, my familiarity with the game is helping smooth my entry, but things seem to be smoother too. The quests seem to be flowing and even fun. The monsters are a blast to fight as their arrows whiz past my head. And I'm actually excited to make things, things like a campfire that might warm me (and cause me to be dangerously bright at night) while I'm out adventuring.

So look man, you don't fool me. I know that games don't just happen. They take hard work and creative talent. Even some of the worst games are made by some pretty damn creative people, and as an artist I respect that. I know that you are staffed by like, at least a dozen great artists. They have created a beautiful world, dark and harsh in some areas I have seen and downright beautiful in others I have seen.

So yeh, maybe as I play you for the rest of the month's re-sub I will get into the PvP a bit. Maybe I will kill a few players and be killed by a few players. Who knows, maybe I will join a clan and go conquering?

But until then, I know your secret. Don't worry, I won't say a word.


Sortis writes:

 Enjoying Vguard right now but if it dies or I lose interest i'll probably check this game out...not sure if I could get my friends to come along though as they arent into PvP at all. = \

Wed Jan 20 2010 4:11PM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

The PvE content is pretty fun yeah. Just need a few tweaking as there are still a handful of spawns that can be glitched but aside from that, it's pretty fun.

And with the talks about DarkFall 2010, I'm really excited to see all the changes (even though there was no ETA or updates about it aside fron a community Q&A) and an interview)

Wed Jan 20 2010 4:15PM Report
beauturkey writes:

The PvE is a lot of fun, and actually is better than a lot of the PvP. Of course I am not talking about the giant battles on boats and stuff, but just the casual one on one pvp stuff. That stuff gets old fast.

 Sneaking around hunting is always cool, though.

Wed Jan 20 2010 5:24PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Darkfall, the JR Ewing of MMORPG's. It seems everyone is gravitating to it or (back) to it. I am surprised you went back considering the way you dumped it (literally) this past summer.

I'm considering it, but it seems like such a commitment to me. Do you think you can stream it again so we can see what they did with the place?



Wed Jan 20 2010 11:02PM Report
beauturkey writes:

Yeh I can stream it sometime. The biggest difference I am noticing is the addition of the mobs (the animals and stuff). The place is still pretty big and a lil empty-ish, but it's still cool to go exploring.

 I was thinking though, how many outdoor excursions in real life have wild animals every 20 feet? Darkfall is actually probably pretty accurate! lol




Thu Jan 21 2010 7:25AM Report
Merit10 writes:

When I made my latest game switch I went to guild wars for PvP reasons. I had a lot of fun before that with Lord of the Rings Online. Great for people who enjoyed the movies but even better for the Tolkien book fans. The storyline was good but even better was the open exploration and crafting system. Feeling of dread and morale highly affect your character based on location and the presence of evil.

LOTRO for the PvE and a week into Guild Wars so far for my PvP needs. I'm in love so far with GW, it's like chess in a MMO. I'm getting better and discovering my role as a ranger. You make me not want to play Darkfall.


Thu Jan 21 2010 8:03PM Report
mckimmins writes:

The more I read about the game the more it seems I would love it. I like to craft for pvp players. Thus why I am finding Eve to be damn near my perfect game. Eve Online consumes all my time for now but perhaps in a year or so I will have to make a decision to either try Darkfall or Earthrise.

Fri Jan 22 2010 8:29AM Report
Evasia writes:

If you like fantasy ffa pvp with full loot no instance a free raoming world with no loadscreens and totally free whatever you wanne do.

Then Darkfall is for you, dont worry to much about harsh pvp and enviroment there are plenty ways to avoid most and plenty to do as a crafter.

And gameoworld plus characters are looking extremely beautifull way better and more realistic then AoC.

Go pick this game up you won't regret it.

Fri Jan 22 2010 10:17AM Report
biofellis writes:

What's wrong wih Tool? :^P

Anyway, sounds interesting- might try it sometime. Still want something better. "I mean, if I were to stumble across some dork chopping wood, I would probably attack him too! It's fun!"

Game dynamics like this always make me wonder. To have the 'option' is one thing- but that everyone seems to do it means somethings not quite right...

Good write-up.

Take care.


Sun Jan 24 2010 12:38PM Report
X3NO writes:

This made me LOL. Good stuff.

Mon Jan 25 2010 8:51AM Report
Talemire writes:

This has "sarcasm" written all over it from start to finish lol. Looks like only 1 other person who commented might have gotten the hint.

Wed Jan 27 2010 3:55PM Report
Arcken writes:

You can tell this game isnt that great based on how many people praise it, curse it and leave it, then weeks later its the same ole drivel of why it so great.

take Evasia for example, hes one of the darkfall high priests right now, but if you read his post history, like this guy, theres more flip flops than youll find on any beach.

Thu Feb 04 2010 5:49PM Report
Arcken writes:

its too bad they dont require college degrees for bloggers eh?

Thu Feb 04 2010 5:50PM Report writes:
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