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Author: beauturkey

5 Gaming trends that I hope stay in '09

Posted by beauturkey Tuesday January 5 2010 at 8:43PM
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OK, I told myself I would not do one of those "Year in Review" blogs, but screw it. I had to. So, here's the 5 things I want to keep in '09, never to come back out again.

Of course, they'll be back.

1) "Hardcore" PvP: Drop it, it's not a more pure form of entertainment. It doesn't separate the men from the ladies. While PvP can be a fun side activity occasionally and only when you are drunk, it is not something that you would want to be engaged in 24/7 unless you own a bong and a Playstation 3. In MMO's it will never happen, and will never be "hardcore." No game is ever going to make you do what really hardcore PvP would do: die. A real hardcore game would have you avoiding death for as long as possible, not jumping into it with glee because you know that death is just a momentary pause and a short run back to life. You ever see one of those Green Beret guys, or one of those Seal guys? You know, they could kill you with a finger?...yeh, those guys. They are hardcore, because they do not die.

2) Gamers that gripe non-stop about the game that they play: No one cares that the game used to be hard "back in the day" (as though 4 years ago was a lifetime ago)..those times are long gone, thank the almighty Pixel. No one wants to hang out for 2 days waiting for a spawn, or to be forced to play with 24 17 year old nu-metal loving assholes, only to be screamed at over vent to "..learn to play your class!" Speaking of that...

3) "Learn to play your class!": Let it go, weirdo. It's a game. Hell, LIFE doesn't have as many rules as you have made up for this virtual reality. You might want to consider that many gamers do not see reading a step-by-step guide on "How to gain higher DPS" as anything near fun. Remember fun? It's that thing you are supposed to have while visiting these virtual worlds.

4) Loose/Lose: Well, this is a gaming community thing, and I am not talking about those that might have issues spelling for various reasons or for people that hardly speak English. If you are 27 and were born here and suffer from no learning disabilities, you should know the difference.

Screw it, we lost lose. It's gone. It's now loose. /pouroneout

5) Gaming trailers that show a powerful dude fall down from the sky, only to land on one knee while he is looking down so that he can slowly look up with a smirk on his face because he is so powerful that he does not care about the hordes of enemies facing him, while bad metal from a band whose members look up a lot and sound exactly like Tool plays in the background: You know what I mean.

Anyway, there ya go. I'm off to save the world in Champions.


biofellis writes:

1) Griefers always have distorted self-worth.

2) Game design moves between flux & suck often- people notice.

3) Tottaly sucking at a game should not be helped. Id the suckage.

4) The 'Cool' variant of language will always change year to year if not faster. It will always sound stupid to people who just want to unserstand.

5) That sounds totally hardcore, whiner! If you didn't suck at you class you could do that too, looser!

(sorry- I just had to...)

Wed Jan 06 2010 1:55AM Report
beauturkey writes:


I really do suck, though. I couldn't play my way out of a cardboard tube.



Wed Jan 06 2010 4:05AM Report
Limitations writes:

I agree with most of what you say. I am eighteen and love screamo music. Haha. Good post.

Wed Jan 06 2010 12:59PM Report
biofellis writes:

Well, I don't know about that- but most games now demand slavish attention to proper (optimal) character builds, memorization of statistically validated attack spam technique, and mindless endurance to grind low percentage raids (as well as guild social skills) so you can get the right color epic drop equipment- or else you're a loser.

Then these same guys QQ about botting- little realizing that they have in a sense cybered up to becoming the wetware mindless drone they hate.

Have fun, get owned, move on.

Eventually a game for the hardcore gamer will really come out- and it'll engage the brain, not just one's persistence.

Wed Jan 06 2010 1:22PM Report writes:
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