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Pink Power

another blog about Hello Kitty and the power of pink, cute and being nice

Author: bbegirl

Hello Kitty for Men

Posted by bbegirl Sunday August 31 2008 at 10:41PM
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You thought it was a joke? But no, it is true!

This is actually old news but I figure all of you strong testosterone driven male warrior types have not heard about it yet so I feel it is my pink duty to inform you!

Hello Kitty for Men, and yes, it is true! More pictures available here. Images reposted under a creative commons license.

Less pink of course, but stylish none the less!

Would you wear it home? ;-) I'm sure even if you don't buy it in real life a pair of these would be made available to you in-game at Hello Kitty Online.

HKO was most popular game in MMORPG (now nr. 2)

Posted by bbegirl Friday August 29 2008 at 7:43PM
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As of the date of this posting HKO is nr. 2, but I found out that at one point it was nr. 1, cool! So there is perhaps more than meets the eye? Is Pink perhaps more inside everyones desire than one would admit? While Warhammer Online is clearly in the lead, the difference between HKO and the rest of the pack is significant! Its both amazing and curious at the same time.

But why is WOW only at 6th place?

While looking at the boards I found this!

Thanks to gaggaa for pointing it out! He posted it on theforums too.


HKO Trailer - Pink Invasion cometh

Posted by bbegirl Thursday August 28 2008 at 7:22PM
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The good folks at MMORPG have provided us with a special trailer of Hello Kitty Online! Click on the Kitty to see it!

The comments are the ones that really cracked me up, and yes the game has announced already that it will be free to play! The most interesting comments were these I thought...

As a 21 year old male, it is my duty to laugh at every single one of you who play this game on forums while using an alias to hide my own subscription. To the vid, I pity the Voice actors, then lul'd as the frozen shard of hate I call my heart turned into a warm and fuzzy moonkin plushie.

I didn't catch some of that grammar but I think I got the point and from Dkompoze came

75% of you losers will play it and come here and flame to cover up the fact you like it--- tards

Back to my very first post I made here in the blog, why is everyone so scared of pink? Isn't it great that you can be somewhere warm and fuzzy instead?


Also, one thing, I don't think this is a Kids game, none of us in the closed beta were Kids by any stretch...


Star Wars and Hello Kitty, Darth Vader in Pink

Posted by bbegirl Tuesday August 26 2008 at 3:43AM
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Darth Vader got pwned by Hello Kitty and is now pretty in pink! This is obviously just for fun, click on the image to comment on it if you like! Anyone got a pink Yoda?


Age of Hello Kitty

Posted by bbegirl Friday August 15 2008 at 2:03AM
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Kudos to massively, what a funny post!

It doesn't exactly fit with my pink policy, and I don't really think Kitty is appropriate, but perhaps this is the only way she can introduce the way of pink into the hardcore game that is Age of Conan! But the age of Hello Kitty thing was quite funny.

Hello Kitty Conan Mash Up MMORPG

To quote:

This is a game where the login screen consists of a super happy Hello Kitty wearing bright red and pink clothing and accessorizing with her maliciously-placed red ribbon -- don't ever question the red ribbon. Hello Kitty is the ruthless Queen of Floweria and did not become so by accident. Simply alluding to her favorite red ribbon being in poor taste is guaranteed to end in death-by-kitty. She has built her throne through sheer lovable murder, placing it upon the dried husks of her enemies, their ruined skulls plied from their bodies and strewn beneath her throne in testament to pastel lands past conquered.

Beijing Olympics

Posted by bbegirl Friday August 8 2008 at 10:28AM
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So today I'm taking a quick break on the gaming side to say, what a great opening festival for the Beijing Olympics, not so much a debate about the rights and wrongs about the Olympics in China which was controversial enough, but it was a great show! Just wanted to share that, of course I had to post the one image that was as pink as possible!


Pink for Boys

Posted by bbegirl Wednesday August 6 2008 at 7:00PM
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Zymurgeist on my previous article pointed out research by Jean Heifetz about Pink for Boys, naturally I had to investigate this!

I came across this article in Color Matters, to quote:

The use of pink and blue emerged at the turn of the century, the rule being pink for boys, blue for girls. Since pink was a stronger color it was best suited for boys; blue was more delicate and dainty and best for girls. And in 1921, the Women's Institute for Domestic Science in Pennsylvania endorsed pink for boys, blue for girls.

As Zymurgeist quoted before, but what got me most was this quote:

Its symbolism is complex and its popularity is subject to so many influences AND

One could argue that contemporary color symbolism confirms these associations. Blue is considered a calm, passive color, hence feminine. Red (pink derived from red) is considered active hence masculine.

Indeed it is, and Pink is juts as much for Boys as it is for Girls being derived from red as is common place in games like wow and aoc and in reality you all really wanted it ;-), so there! Go Pink up your life!

The Science of Pink

Posted by bbegirl Tuesday August 5 2008 at 5:18AM
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I will preface this by saying I do not agree with this article, but it is interesting to read anyway, it goes something like this:

The idea that little girls like everything in pink while little boys prefer blue appears to have a scientific basis according to a study showing that a person's colour preference depends largely on their sex.

To quote:

However, early human societies almost certainly engaged in a division of labour between the sexes, with men travelling long distances to hunt wild game. Women, meanwhile, foraged locally for fruit and berries.

Dr Hurlbert suggests that this division of labour may be at the root of why girls now prefer pink.

"Evolution may have driven females to prefer reddish colours - reddish fruits, healthy, reddish faces. Culture may exploit and compound this natural female preference,"

The full article is here.

So girls like Pink because our ancestors picked berries, hmmm. So when "Men" were out slaughtering animals for food and saw red blood, why don't they like red and pink either? How come girls wear all sorts of colors not just pink and I like pink but that's as silly as saying men like blue because of what..they sky? As if girls don't look at the sky....

I will remind everyone here that it is not that long ago that the Gender wars had boys supposedly better at Math than women, well this is now proven wrong despite the old "genetics" and "nature" arguments that appear to suit a male audience.

Perhaps to drive home this point, the super hero we all needed for Hello Kitty Online! Isn't he great! He will come to save the day, and he wears Pink with Pride!

HKO Super Man

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