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Mira Game

Author: MiraGame

The best Conan Game is...

Posted by craynlon Tuesday July 8 2008 at 6:10AM
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Age of Conan by Funcom

Ok from the start

There have been a lot of Conan Games over the years from Consol Games to XBox to PC and back.
Most of them were Jump and Smash in the earlier years and now theres a Action Adventure and a MMORPG Named "Age of Conan". Beeing a fan of the Conan Novels and Comics and having played a lot of these earlier games i want to state that

The best Conan Game is Age of Conan

Now why would i state something like that when these blogs are full of people criticizing AOC left and right ?

The Answer is simple: Most people were looking for the Messiah or the Anti-WoW to lead us into MMORPG Heaven rather then a game filled with fun and lore in the Conan Universe. Yes, as most people tend to ignore this is about CONAN in the first place. It is not about how easy/hard i can max-grind my char, how well the player-economy works or how many points i earn pvping someone.

If a game is about Conan i want stories that involves me in the Conan universe (similar to matrix, swg, lotr..). AOC is doing this job a lot better then those Jump & Runs ive seen bevore giving us awesome graphics, lively citie(s) and some cool quests.

Why do I think this shouldnt be overlooked ?

I think its important to bring fresh people into this Massively-Multiplayer Online Experience if the industry wants to continue to grow. I think its far more important to bring in a guy/ or girl that is a fan of the  Conan books/comics/movies that sais "wow, what a cool new form of entertainment" then to steal 5% marketshare from WoW of the MMO hardcore players.

People should play SW-Galaxies, LotR, Conan not primary because of some MMORPG Features like FFA PVP, a new Looting System or a Guild Tab. They should play these IP-Titles because they want to experience great stories in a setting they adore and these games should be measured not solemnly on their MMO features but also on their chance to bring these IP to live. So far ive seen Funcom do a good job on that.

but posting here im probably preaching to the wrong crowd anyway ;)

for the mmo-marketing guys id suggest stop hyping up the mmorpg-communities and advertise to the book/comic/film people to draw them in and expand the market on your ip rather then overhyping features that may be bugged at release.

Ozmodan writes:

Ah AoC is not bad, just that it is very lacking on what gets many game players excited.  Give it a year and it will be a much better game.  I don't recommend it to anyone at the moment, unless of course you are there just for the atmosphere because you are actually paying them to beta test the game. 

Once all the instant gratification players leave you will have a much better playerbase.  Every game goes through a cycles. 

Tue Jul 08 2008 6:28AM Report
Kerith writes:

I agree with you completely.

Tue Jul 08 2008 7:37AM Report
beaverz writes:

I plmay lotro for the reasons you just stated, its not better than wow, just feels nicer. The only problem I have with aoc is that they advertised it as the ultimate mmo, and they still beleive it's superior in quality (check the gaute insulting post).

If they had just released it as the conan mmo and not lied about many features it wouldnt get all the flame that we can see in the aoc forums atm. Look at lotro all it said was get ready for the mmo with the best lore (anyone that denies that tolkien's work is not the best mmo lore needs a good shrink).

Give conan a year, new gms new devs. And it might be a good mmo.

Tue Jul 08 2008 7:38AM Report
jmd10222 writes:

It has potential, but needs alot of work. Ill give it another look in a few months.

Tue Jul 08 2008 7:53AM Report
Tweej writes:

A very good insight... its the reason i like LoTRO... if LOTR was stripped away from that title i think it would leave a much poorer game... i love LOTR... I was no big fan of Conan before this title... BUT.... the IP is drawing me right in... to the point i watched the pretty poor movies and enjoyed them none the less...I am going to get hold of some of the books and stuff to further my enjoyment...

If Conan the IP doesnt do it for you maybe thats where the flaws kill it for you... This isn't my new MMO, for the first time im playing two MMO's at the same time... this feels different enough from the norm to do that...

Tue Jul 08 2008 8:35AM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Alot of people play it expecting an MMORPG, not a game with Conan lore.

Tue Jul 08 2008 2:27PM Report
Zoulz writes:

I wouldn't play a MMORPG if I wanted a gripping storyline in the conan universe. I'd pick up a RPG or adventure game in that case.

Tue Jul 08 2008 4:47PM Report
DeadDingo writes:

if it's all about the 'lore', what happens when those missions and quests end?  You cancel your account.

A good mmo has a great storyline.  A great mmo has things to do after that storyline.

Tue Jul 08 2008 9:47PM Report
craynlon writes:

well a superb mmo would be able to continue a story like a good comic or a good tv series produces a new adventure each month.

the current process seems to be to deliver a game and then do a content update maybe once in a while. thats a total waste of the engine imho. no other medium but games do that.

i hope your not truely speaking against content because the bad mmos ive seen so far are more or less a big chat box with some grind attached. this shouldnt be the direction mmos should evolve to

Mon Jul 21 2008 2:39PM Report
craynlon writes:

ps.: if the endgame competition is only about pvp its not a mmorpg imho either because you could just put a good chatbox to an online soccer game or chess if it ends up with beeing some kind of mmo-competitive grp vs grp game only

Mon Jul 21 2008 2:57PM Report writes:
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