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Alganon Developer Blog

Alganon is an upcoming fantasy-based MMORPG that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, and features such as the Library (an in-game DB), Studies (play in your sleep!) and much more.

Author: alganon

A Talrok Story

Posted by alganon Saturday August 22 2009 at 3:15PM
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One of my favorite tasks as lead data designer for Alganon is writing the lore and story for the world we’ve created. There’s something wonderful about spending time in a different world, full of new places to explore, and new characters to meet.

While some of the themes and elements of the world are traditional fantasy elements – the type of swords-and-sorcery you’ll find in numerous fantasy novels and games – Alganon is full of unique characters and strange creatures that put our own spin on the fantasy genre.

One of the unique elements that I hope will really excite players is the Talrok race.

Despite what your fellow humans may have told you, the Talrok are not the stereotypical bad guys found in most fantasy worlds. They don’t seek to conquer the world, or destroy all that is good. They aren’t demon-possessed witch-kings, misunderstood native people, or former slaves seeking revenge. They are not ancient beings driven mad with power, lust, or greed.

Talrok Start

The Talrok are simply messengers of the gods. Their race was created with a single purpose: to spread the will of the gods to all of Alganon, instructing all races to work in harmony and forge a more perfect world – a world where the strong are rewarded for their strength, where life exists in a constant state of improvement, and where science and knowledge are not hidden away by fanatics who claim moral superiority.

Of course, creating such a world is not always easy. The world is far from perfect.

Rewarding the strong may require culling of the weak, rather than rescuing them. Constant improvement may mean overthrowing a popular tribal chief or conquering a smaller, weaker nation. And when it comes to forbidden knowledge, there is really only one way to know which of your grandparents would win in a fight to the death, and that’s by forcing them to battle in the arena.

If genocide, imperialism, and forcing the elderly to fight to the death will make the world a better place, then the Talrok do what must be done. “Will of the gods.” The humans, on the other hand, consider such acts to be atrocities. They seek to stop the Talrok from performing these acts of violence.

Depending on which side you choose, you will see the same world in a very different way.

As we developed, and continue to develop, the lore of Alganon, we made certain to keep this dual perspective in mind. While there is no actual Grandma Pit-fighting in the game (it’s just a humorous example to get the point across), you will find countless examples where a choice that looks like a heroic act of virtue to one side, looks like a horrendous war-crime to the other.

A great example of this is in the opening zone of the Talrok. When you start as a Talrok, you will be one of the first to leave the obsidian stronghold of Xanjuix Karr after a decade known as The Great Silence. For the last ten years, the strongest of the Talrok locked themselves inside the great city and dedicated every moment to studying the arts of magic and war. Even the gods themselves stayed within the city walls, teaching and guiding the advancement of these chosen heroes.

When the Great Silence ended, and the greatest of the Talrok returned to the world, they found it in chaos and disarray. Without the strength and wisdom of the Kujix Empire to guide them, the other races became lazy and weak. The once proud Ogran devolved into obese sloths, and fell away from the path the gods had planned for them.

As an official emissary to the Brokefist Ogran, it is your duty to return them to their former glory. You must instill in them a sense of honor, help them to find their inner-strength, and return them to their place in the shadow of the gods.

You must become their role model, a living symbol of wisdom, strength, and power. You must destroy the foul creatures that are destroying these once beautiful lands, and any who dare stand against you must be struck down without mercy. Separated from your guidance, the Ogran of Harraja have become weak. You must make the Brokefist strong again.

The humans, however, consider these methods to be inhumane. They see the culling of the poor and downtrodden as murder. They believe that the weak should be protected from harm, coddled and nursed, shown mercy and compassion.

The humans fail to understand that weakness is a plague, and all those infected must be cut away, so the vile disease does not continue to spread. Mercy will only extend the suffering to others. Justice must be swift, and blind. Only the chosen of the gods can strike with the speed and precision needed to stop this weakness before it spreads. Only the chosen of the gods can bring the Ogran back to their former glory.

Do you have it in you? Are you worthy of answering the call of the gods? We’ll see soon enough.

Hue "Hyuu" Henry
Lead Data Designer
Quest Online, LLC.

blueturtle13 writes:

Very nice! This game is coming along nicely. Can not wait for it!

Sun Aug 23 2009 1:39PM Report
43%burnt writes:

Now if they would manage to get some unique class/race/mechanics as well, things might get interesting. The classes read and the grafiks look way too much like some pretty successful game made by a company named snowstorm or whatnot....

Sun Aug 23 2009 5:43PM Report
Delanor writes:

The Talrok seem to represent a very clear stereotype to me: the fascist. A bit worrying how fascism seems to be defended here.

Sun Aug 23 2009 7:19PM Report
Mariner-80 writes:

I agree with Delanor above. 

The Talrok sure sound like "bad guys" to me, maybe all the moreso based on these rather cold-blooded rationalizations for evil.

Mon Aug 24 2009 9:16AM Report
wifebeatsme writes:

I am looking forward to playing Alganon. Thanks for posting the screenshots.

Tue Aug 25 2009 7:43AM Report writes:
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