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TerraX the MMO Dev Blog - Build... It... Better

TerraX is a new MMO in the initial stages of creation. Come with us and even get involved as we make a foot and half stack of spec's into an actual functioning game...

Author: alemap000

TerraX Dev Blog - Let's talk about PVP...areas or servers?

Posted by alemap000 Thursday February 9 2012 at 6:49PM
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So - ya like PVP?  Yeah, so do I.  Gankfests not so much.  Rezcamping not in the least.  But yes, I did copy that guy in the notorious Age of Conan facetube video that placed his mount just so on a bridge and relentlessly had his mount kick each time anyone tried to run past him, hurling the other players off the bridge to their death. 

I'm not proud of this but yes, I did do it.

But my love for PVP is based on the actual interaction with other players.  Monster play in LOTRO where you can be a feeble but deadly spider, burrowing to hide then springing out to nosh on defenseless hobbit players or even better an orc... don't even hide just run over your opponent.  SWTOR's rather oddly balanced but still quite enjoyable sith vs jedi lightsaber battles are filling the air with the sweet sound of bzzzrrrrrrtttttt and the occassional pew pew from smuggler vs bounty hunter duels.   Who can forget Age of Conan's attempt at massive pvp battles?  OK so everyone wound up with slideshows when assaulting the enemy fortress but riding a rhino into battle always seemed like such a cool idea.

In case you haven't noticed - I'm not just the Master Instigator and Designer for TerraX, I am also a gamer.  MMO's mainly though I did get sucked into Skyrim and Dragon's Age and still ocassionally run around hollering ssssppppppppaaaaaaaccccceeeeeeeeeeee...... space space space.....

As a gamer, the constant battles and bickering between the PVP players and PVE players is a bit wearing. I'd love to see the PVP in TerraX so integrated with the game as a whole that it does not restrict the PVP'ers and does not infringe on the PVE'ers.

Yes, I know, I'm asking for a lot.

So here's my question.  What do you see as the best PVP placement in a game?  Specific servers for PVP and invite to duel only/flag system for PVE servers?   All servers with PVP areas that anyone is flagged for when they cross into PVP territory?  What are your thoughts?

What's the best part of PVP for you?  Do you need the whole planet or just one other player foolish enough to challenge you?  How much emphasis should we put on PVP as a gear/reputation/skill rewarding system?

Talk to me of PVP.  I know how I approach it - and it's clear that each of our team members has a strong opinion  *points at dent in file cabinet* but I'd like to hear from you.

Lithuanian writes:

I may be not the right person, since I am f2p PvE fan. In Runescape, they had Wilderness where one was able to slaughter anything that still moves and it was good: I saw signs "Danger, Wilderness!) and did not cross them. In Istaria, we have Arena and if you are there, prepare for PvP.

Therefore I would go for huge spaces. Imagine planet (and I mean Planet) that is divided by continents. COntinent A (something like Europe) is PvE, Continent B (all Asia) is PVP and alike. Just there should be much of spaces (if I have explored everyting in A, I may move to C and should I got bored by B, I can move to E).

Thu Feb 09 2012 11:55PM Report writes:
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