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Playing from my Room

I like mmos, I like talking about what I play, what i do, what i think and anything related about mmos, now I'll write here and you will read it. :D

Author: alakram

So Funcom

Posted by alakram Monday January 21 2008 at 2:39PM
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So Funcom is using their brains. It shouldn't be any type of news but it is. Someone managing a big game company takes a look at the market and find a good moment to reach a really good position in the mmorpg business. I'm talking about Age of Conan and Anarchy Online. Don't you see it?. Age of Conan appears to be a good game. It's not a native sandbox game but it have some features, good character customization and player cities. The game will launch this year, or at least we hope so. There is no Modern "Adult" Fantasy game on the market in this times. I mean, fantasy game suited for adult players. Sure you can play EQ2, it's a good game, but it doesn't have an Adult Art direction. Sure you can play Lotro but it doesn't too, and its a good game too. The same goes for some more AAA titles, good games but not aimed natively for adult players. I'm sure a good amount of people will leave their actual games to try AoC only because this one have a Mature art design. Like Oblivion, or Gothic 3.

And, someone on Funcom took a look at the sci-fi mmorpg's market and thought, hell, there is no modern sci-fi games out there:

Eve online: I know it's a good game, but it's too hardcore for most of us.

SWG: I played it in November and December of 2007... Most of us know what a Joke of game it is.

Anarchy Online: It's an old game with outdated graphics... Doh!, well... Funcom will give AO a brand new graphics engine.

IMO, Funcom is trying to earn a good share of the mmorpg market by launching a good fantasy game and relaunching a good sci-fi game. Good for Funcom!

Sornin writes:

What is mature art design? Do adults live in a different world, a world where things appear differently? Things still look the same to me after 25 years, at least.

Anyway, I roundly disagree that Age of Conan has a "mature art design" or is an "'adult' fantasy game'.

It is, however, a violent, graphic game. I do not see that as being inherently mature, though, nor does anything it offer seem either mature nor immature.

I am just tired of people equating violence, gore, and sex to maturity. At best they are neutral, at worst they are more geared to teenage boys who seem to require those elements to feel manly, or tough, or whatever they wish to feel by eviscerating pixels. Most adults I know do not really care much for these things, as they are incidental to gameplay.

To me, a mature game must be one that goes deeper than visual appeal, and that is all Age of Conan has shown thus far, making it about as mature as Grand Theft Auto. I am not slagging the game, merely stating it has done nothing to set itself apart as a truly mature game, other than get an "M" rating, something I assure you is not indicative of a game's maturity level (see: any FPS).

Mon Jan 21 2008 2:56PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Maybe he means its mature because conan is gritty grunge style kind of like spawn.

Mon Jan 21 2008 4:15PM Report
borisdog writes:

Anarchy Online   yes I agree it is a game that has been round for more years than I have been playing MMORPG games,BUT,I still play it regularly and it really pee's me off the way F-ckcom has forgotten all about AO and put all their resources into getting AoC up and running to the extent where they put in a new expansion for AO to create more funds to jam into AoC,SUX BAD.I am of the opinion that if they cant get 1 game right,why bring out another cause it will only go downhill like Anarchy has since they started the AoC venture.GET IT RIGHT,FC,OR GET OUT!


Mon Jan 21 2008 6:23PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:


Sornin is trying to make himself sound intellectual and important with his comment. When in reality adults require the same exit at the end of the day to blow something up or tear something apart.

Ever heard of junkyard therapy? It's where a psychologist gives their patient a baseball bat, a pair of safety glasses, and a car ready to be beaten the CRAP out of it.

I'm 21 years old and I can't wait for Age of Conan's "mature" setting. Simply because no other MMO to date has gone with the gritty, in your face, grungy adult themes Conan has. I'm sorry you don't like to summon dead things from the ground to eviscerate your enemies, or to take a big ol'sword and run your enemy through with it.

I can't wait, and neither can most of my family and members :D!

Mon Jan 21 2008 9:15PM Report
NetSapiens writes:

so let me see if I got this... you made a blog post stating that an MMO company is trying to get more customers?

Brilliant... positively brilliant.. what would the world look like if all businesses tried to increase marketshare and make more money? gee, I wonder....

What an absolutely pointless post.

Tue Jan 22 2008 7:50AM Report writes:
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