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The house of the Twinkle'Toes. StillLiving!

Zanthox Twinkle'Toes deals with gaming issues! Critiques and problems dished out! Includes further proof that Jesus(and his followers) play games!

Author: Zanthox

Thesis statement? I guess. Bio? Sorta. Entertaining? Not really. Here goes anyway.

Posted by Zanthox Friday January 11 2008 at 1:59AM
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I am a 19 year old male Ranger/er, I mean, I am a 19 year old college student and Liberty University (yes, Jerry Falwell, yes). I am attending for a BS in Computer Science, I should be a 2nd semester sophomore, but because of uber class taking, I am a first semester junior. I intend to get out in 3 instead of 4 years, and go to SMU’s Guildhall for the level design degree and go into game design.

I am a devout Christian, the actual Bible believing type. I keep to it, don’t force it, and live out Jesus’ teachings to the best of my ability. That is a lame way of saying doing my best despite constantly failing.

 I am dating a beautiful young girl that has stayed with me for over three years and we look forward marriage followed by the loss of our virginity.  She is an English major and has yet to become a gamer (I am working on it…). 

I currently work at both a local Dairy Queen and Gamestop. Ice cream and gaming benefits, win/win!


Gaming began for me with the Atari and Joust, followed by the NES with the original Super Mario Bros., the Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Warrior and then… my first gaming computer… THE AMEGA!!! Classic, epic, it was an amazing computer for its day. The SNES and many other systems followed, I have owned every Nintendo system (except the virtual boy, but my best friend did), but the serious gaming started with Warcraft. Windows, despite the utter suck of Microsoft, ran games. Despite the incredibly shaky stability of the OS, it managed to run pixilated fantasy I had read about for years!

                Shortly after Warcaft: Orcs and Humans came Command and Conquer. RTS was my first real PC gaming experience. The Infinity Engine is what really captured me. Black Isle truly mastered the art of games. Baldur’s Gate (2) and Icewind Dale (2) are still games I play. Neverwinter Nights was great, but not the same. Anyway, I ran through many RPGs(Arcanum, Fallout, NWN, and more) and RTS(AoE, C&C, W3, and more) games, the Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon even sucked away endless hours of my life.

                Eventually I fell to the belief that PCs were for RPGs and RTS games, Shooters and action/adventure were for consoles. Then I played UT04… yeah… that changed many things. Goldeneye stole my young heart, but Halo made it turn to stone with wrath. I love the Wii, but there is still a lot that must be done before they can compare.

                Unfortunately I came to the MMO scene very late… Dial up. Yes, the bane of all fun.  I missed the beginnings, I missed UO. I didn’t even start till Guild Wars came out. I played that the  beta weekend and have played ever since. I have a max lvl char of every class (except paragon, lvl6) but anyway…

                I have tried WoW. I LOVE the lore, and I loved the RTS games. I quit after a month. I went back to GW. Since I have been trying to test out others, but my lame desktop has held me back and my lack of funds for a new one have as well. Lineage 2 is the only other I have tried, and that didn’t hold me at all. When I can I’ll detail what I think about new ones I try them. I won Tabula Rasa from this website, actually.

                Till then, I’m waiting till GW2 and Darkfall online come out. In future I won’t be so lame and general in my posts. I will actually talk about things specifically, instead of saying so simply why they are good or not. See ya on the other side of my mind.

zymurgeist writes:

If you want to pick up on a little bit of MMO history try Shadowbane. It's free and the requirements aren't that stiff.

Fri Jan 11 2008 6:36AM Report
Jupsto writes:

no one cares.

Fri Jan 11 2008 10:55AM Report
tompirlet writes:

I liked the last part :D

Sat Jan 12 2008 4:36AM Report
Litchfield writes:

Interesting read...we actually don't live too far from each other.

I'd just like to say i'm sorry your parents brainwashed you into believing that christian drival, and you were unable to attend a unbiased college. I strongly encourage you to transfer and attend a real college, and by no means am i trying to insult you, but religion has outlived it's usefullness.

a few books you might wanna look at.

God is not great, how religion poisons Everything-Hitchens

God delusion-Dawkins

There is plenty of info out there people just need to wake up and stop being lied to

Sat Jan 12 2008 12:33PM Report
xkey writes:

lol that's a compelling logical argument against his Christian "beliefs"  .... NOT

God falls into the nebulous region of being neither provable NOR disprovable (ah Godel-Escher-Bach might be a better reading suggestion)

...given any system there will always be unprovable results ...

so kind of stupid of you to attack someones faith in a gaming blog- u may disagree but you dont have a compelling argument just your soapbox no different from his

after reading your drivel i wouldnt give 2 cents for your thoughts on games - and no i'm not being overly constructive right now so i do apologize for that [well godel escher bach was constructive anyhow :) ]


PS nice job on the virtues to the original blogger - gl with the g/f  both the gaming factor and marriage factor :) 

<< married to his job ...  at least my job doesnt cheat on me or argue with me lol   and i wouldnt have made a beautiful daughter if i was still married either so NEENER  i WIN lol

Sat Jan 12 2008 11:09PM Report
steuss writes:

I don't want to be totally picky, BUT there is no thesis statement in your whole post. You never actually present anything of an argument or statement that you develop. You just give a nice, interesting (yes) history lesson about yourself.  Thought i'd let you know since it is the first part of your title... if you think there is a thesis, please, point it out for me.

Sun Jan 13 2008 5:52AM Report
Zanthox writes:

Thesis statement... I guess: the title is meant to mock my entry. And I actually think that in and of itself is a pretty decent thesis statement.

I kinda figured someone would make a religion comment. Since this is about games and such, I'll answer such issues in comments, not blog posts.

1. I was not brainwashed, I did try to wonder away.
2. I believe in God because logic DEMANDS a cause.
3. Darwin himself said his ideas were false.
4. His ideas are the worst excuse for a religion I have ever heard.
5. The lack of a "religion" is a religion.

PS, how do you know my parents didn't die before I could know them? I could have been raised by anyone or no one. I am actually ashamed that I didn't mention them. It is also funny that you said I was brainwashed when evolution is the religion taught at all public schools.


Mon Jan 14 2008 1:31AM Report
Zanthox writes:

Also, besides the incredible scholorship I get at LU, the only reason I didn't attend a "unbiased"(laugh) college is because I knew failing wasn't worth the pleasure of embaressing them in front of the class in discussions.

Mon Jan 14 2008 1:34AM Report writes:
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