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Yohda's blog of randomness

Look at the blog title, now you know what this is about.

Author: Yohda

More frequent updates vs larger, but more rare updates

Posted by Yohda Tuesday January 26 2010 at 6:10PM
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So, I'll get right to the topic.


In Asheron's Call, I'm not sure how frequent their smaller updates are...but I know they update once a month with a large content patch. This is great, since content is always created. I don't play Asheron's Call anymore (I played last in 2001), so I can't say about the bugs if any it introduces. I won't talk about AC past this paragraph, I'm not hip on the latest of AC as I used to be.


Then there is EVE Online that have free expansions, that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for. But that is for a different more about expansions. And as for EVE patches, like AC, I'm not really up to date on how often they patch their game.


On the other side, there is World of Warcraft. The updates are pretty rare, and the large content updates are pretty few and between. But, from what I saw when I played...content patches were for the most part pretty good bug wise, and the patch was well tested.


Then there is a new kid on the block, Fallen Earth. Every week (sometimes twice a week) there is a patch. Though, the patches are a lot smaller...they are very frequent. And then occasionally they have a much larger patch. One thing I noticed with their patches, that they put in ideas into the game suggested by players on the forums.

Both Fallen Earth and World of Warcraft do patches differently. The thing with Fallen Earth...with more frequent (but smaller) updates, it feels like they are listening and more caring about their game...than a game that seems to be forgotten about, but then gets updated with a large patch. Okay so WoW has the smaller patches in between, but even then, its no where as frequent as the patches that get introduced in Fallen Earth. Though, for an argument against FE...I noticed that bugs tend to be introduced that weren't there before, this is mostly because of their lack of test server. Still, with frequent gives the player (at least me) more of a feeling that they care about their game. And smaller updates tend to introduce a lot less bugs than a huge update, even if it is tested really well. And with more frequent updates, I always look forward every week to see whats new...and it keeps me wanting to continue subscribing.


There are many ways to go about patching a game...but for me, I definitely like the more frequent, but smaller updates. writes:
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