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the Lonely Altar

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#68 If I made The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by Tierless Tuesday December 31 2013 at 3:01PM
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I’ve recently been in touch with a long lost love. Like a fine wine she has gotten better with age. Due to some technology roadblocks I wasn’t able to enjoy Skyrim for far far too long. I’ve recently come back to her and I have to say her mods are looking fantastic. I feel like she's a brand new game and I love her more now than ever!

Skyrim got me thinking, if I made TESO, how would I have done it? How does one capture what is one of the very best single player games of all time, as an MMORPG? How do you keep other players from ruining the Skyrim experience? Do I go the UO/SWG way of “your not the hero but you can LIVE in this universe”, probably not, TES fans are used to being the hero right?

How could I be the hero if 2000 other players on my server are? Should I have PVP? Do I make it like GW2 but darker and more Skyrimmy? What makes Skyrim special? That one I knew the answer to. The same thing that makes all of the TES games so great, a giant open world where lots of bad things can happen, and it’s my job to handle those things in the way that I see fit.

1. Giant Open world full of chaos

2. Open class ability allowing me to make choices on how I want to play

Now I’m getting somewhere but how can I create the same feeling when you're waiting in line for your NPC to spawn so you can kill them and be the hero....phasing! Perfect. If phasing can’t be done to that scale then go the AOC route. (Looks at TESO) So far so long as it’s is a big open world and NOT and disjointed world of instances like WOW has become. (notes WOW has become D3...)

Do we have PVP? Sure why not, people like to PVP right?

How to do that...go all in, make it a huge focus in the end game, but make it so it’s something you can toggle /pvp on /pvp off (with 15 minute wait time to avoid sploiting). We need factions or we will just end up with big guilds fighting bigger guilds so at some point the player must make a tough choice and pick a faction to PVP for. But what are they fighting over? Now we need various control points and capture points, or maybe we just need the WAR approach and have the very end areas, the very highest level areas, also be the areas your side can capture and hold for rewards. The holding faction can decide if they want to “allow” players that are NOT PVP flagged but also NOT part of their faction into the area. Keep in mind this is where the best loots and materials and pretty stuffs comes from...that might make for some interesting scenarios. Maybe have a few of these areas with one master area?

I dunno, maybe that would work, maybe it would just be too chaotic and messy? (looks at TESO, sees a system where your are the “King” of PVP instance #45). Ok, so they didn’t go all in on this aspect but very few MMOs every really have the guts to go all in on PVP...

As long as TESO utilizes the open dangerous world I could see myself spending some time in it. That PVP system sounds pretty unappealing but maybe it functions better than it reads. Either way I’m willing to flip a coin on this one and hope it comes up fun. I’ve been MMOless for a long long time and miss that lovin feelin cause it’s gone, gone, gone, woaoooo-oooo-wo. Looking at TESO and what I’ve seen and read it has the potential to al least provide a proper single player experience comparable to other TES games. It sounds far too “solo PVE” to be my new MMO home, but maybe if I adjust mah expectations a bit, it will be a quality TES “feeling” experience. writes:
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