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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#56 The Elder Scrolls the last of it's kind

Posted by Tierless Sunday November 24 2013 at 7:13PM
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Sometimes change is sneaky. It’s a gradual progression toward something new like the history of our own beloved computer for example. Other times it’s like a bullet to the heart, you got 8 seconds before it’s over and change has occurred. Those times you can put an exact time, date and situation on when “everything” wasn’t the same anymore. The 60’s, Nirvana, the nWo, AND NOW The Elder Scrolls.

It’s not that TES is the game changer, quite the contrary. It’s the last of it’s kind. Like the Tasmanian Tiger this beast signals the end of an era. When we look back at the MMO universe we had Gen  1, the UO Gen which died the day WOW launched. Then we had the WOW Clone themepark Gen 2. This was the generation of easy, simply minded, theme park everyone gets a trophy MMOs which both peaks and ends with TES. But what will Gen 3 begin with? Will it be the vanilla spacerilla Star Citizen? Will it be EQ Land-a-mark? Will it be humble little CU? Will it be TUG!!!

Each era had a beginning MMO and an end MMO but it will be a while before we know which one started this generation. What we do know is TES, surely symbolizes the end of it. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing nor does it mean anything bad. But like a red door on a white house it is what is is, and in this case TES is infact red. It will be the very last “AAA” BIG funded, BIG IP, BIG Developement BIG BIG BIG MMO. Oh the irony. This gen ends with an MMO based on a game that’s gameplay was based on original MMOs. Will TES live up to it’s lofty namesakes? I hope so but the amount of “solo friendly” scars the beeejeeebus outta me.

Best case scenario for ALL of us is TES is fun, it’s more fun than even GW2. The casual “oh what the heck at least it’s an MMO I guess” kinda fun, fun enough to last us until gen 3 throws it’s epeen down, sprays out a stream and like a dog on the tire of an 18 wheeler boldly declares, THIS IS MINE NOW...because I marked it...

Yessir, from here on the genre will be shaped by two things, Kickstarter and the voxel-fully buildable and destructible world. KS is a delicate flower and if a game like Star Citizen bombs it pretty much kills the entire concept, so for the love of Job, lets all agree that we hope SC succeeds beyond our wildest expectations. The voxel on the other hand is more of a sure thing. A thing of the future!

I always think it’s cute when I see a new console FPS game advertising things like “a completely destructible building OMG”!!! LOL us MMOers have been longing for fully buildable and destructible WORDS for YEARS! At least we know things are finally shifting back to where the should be, with MMOs leading the way in what an incredible experience a videogame can be. During the WOW era we started to stagnate and even DEVOLVE! But now it looks like we are pulling ahead again, thank ba jebus.

Where was I...oh yeah. TES, the last of it’s kind. Old before it was new. The very peak of the all access, all friendly, every gets a trophy, casual friendly, solo friendly, fun for the sake of non consequential fun MMO for everyone. Clouded, always in motion the future of the genre is. Some things are certain and in a time of change it’s often refreshing when something is familiarly ok, and I hope TES will be just that. A familiar goodbye to yesteryear and a symbol of the way things were, even if thats not the way we wanted things to be. Timing is everything and I think TES will be right on time.

Limitations writes: Without saying to much... It sucks. Fair and simple. When the NDA is lifted... A lot of people will have a lot to say. Mon Nov 25 2013 1:11PM Report
joeldg writes: TES, what is that? Or, are you talking about ESO? Starting to think I am missing a game that was released. Mon Nov 25 2013 1:49PM Report
Tierless writes:

@DaKurlzz All I want is an open world and I think I can grit through anything else. 

@Joeldg What you did there, I sawed it.

Mon Nov 25 2013 4:28PM Report
Limitations writes: You still will be very disappointed... Mon Nov 25 2013 5:47PM Report
Brynn writes: I don't agree with the replies. The game is taking it's time to create the world we want, er...that is for some of us who have played all the Elder Scroll games and are looking to this last hurrah. Tue Nov 26 2013 6:14PM Report
Brynn writes: I mean, we are looking forward to this online Elder Scrolls. Tue Nov 26 2013 6:16PM Report
Tierless writes: @Brynn I hope it is but my favorite thing about TES games is the big open world to explore. If TESO can't give me that I'm worried about it living up to the IP. Tue Nov 26 2013 6:56PM Report writes:
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