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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#54 Chesselot Unchecked?

Posted by Tierless Wednesday November 13 2013 at 3:13PM
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CU continues to gives us exactly what we were promised. Unique characters, frequent updates, forum engagement, and a voice that they will listen to. Every new update makes me even more proud to say I invested in CU (even the ones I’m not sold on, Phouk you!).

Every new update brings the CU picture ever so slightly into focus. The image I am beginning to see is like chess, battleship, and monopoly all rolled into one intensely strategic PVP MMORPG. Maybe not EVE level strategic, but certainly far more strategic than 98.6% of other MMORPGs on the market today. That amount of strategy both excites and scares me, in other words it’s very CU.

In most games people cry for equality. Like the Sith say, equality is a myth. Equality equates to bohring. If every person on the planet was truly equal in all aspects we would cease to evolve and eventually all die of boredom. Imagine if every contest was a draw! Every race a tie! Every piece of clothing one size fits all! How bored would we all be? More advanced alien races might just stop avoiding us (due to our current status as unevolved backwood crazy cousins) and intervene just to make us interesting!

So why, if true equality is so lame, do MMOers crave it? The illusion of paradise I suppose...The CU response to equality is as brave as their race concepts. I give you exhibit A. they are thinking of, maybe, potentially, possibly making a race or class on one of the 3 realms/factions move faster than the other two.

I’ll let that sink in a bit...

That’s right. In a genre dictated by X isn’t fair, X is OP, Y needs a buff, and you favor X, team CSE is throwing down a flag, drawing a line in the sand, and possibly making one race or class faster than all of the rest! To balance that out the other two realms will get bonuses in other areas. Sounds crazy right? Sounds like a nightmare to balance right? Sounds like they are trolling the complainers and begging for mass amounts of waaaambulance related OP posts on forums right?

To me it sounds exactly like the kind of Ball-Z stuff that MJ told all of us he was going to try before he ever asked for a dime. Does it make me uncomfortable? Like to many of the things MJ has suggested for CU already, yes, yes it does. And like I’ve said so many other times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“But Tierless, you're making even less sense than usual. Isn't the goal of every MMO company to make a perfectly balanced MMO? Isn’t an unbalanced MMO an auto fail?!?”

Every MMO company knows full well they have to maintain the illusion of a never ending quest for balance, while also knowing full well that it’s only possible by making their game incredibly boring. Sadly if they came out and said that a large amount of players would have a melt down and /rage quit so like new couple hiding flatulence the companies go on living the lie.

What makes more sense? Pretending to fight a never ending battle that is only winnable through a totalitarian MMO or embracing the chaos, putting it out in the open, and incorporating it into your games foundation? Questions like that make me think, WWBD (What Would Bruce Do) I think he would say something like...don’t put up leaky dams, remove them and let the water flow, just be sure to teach your citizens that live downstream to adapt. Consider me adapted, er, well, adapting, or rather, in the process of adapting. writes:
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