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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#53 EQN on Kickstarter?

Posted by Tierless Monday November 11 2013 at 5:21PM
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My curiosity radar is pinging. I wish I could have been in the room when SOE came up with the plan for the future of the Everquest franchise. I imagine it was during an intense brainstorm meeting session with the Smed himself pushing his minions to the edges of their creative comfort zones! The kind that makes walls sweat and tables nervous. Then, just when the coffee was about to turn white with trepidation I imagine someone said something like “hey Minecraft is blowing up and it looks like crap, what if we made Minecraft but pretty?”. After several minutes of deafening silence and several more cocked eyebrows a question would be posed...How does one fund such a monumental and daring game? Like Hoth on a warm day the room was ice cold with tension. Then, like watching a car pull out of the first parking spot on super sale saturday at your local shopping mall, the relief hits them “Kickstarter is all the rage, what if we do...SOEstarter!” Genius! Champagne and missed high fives for all! (I say missed because we are talking about a room full of game devs right?)

I have to give the ole trailblazer that is SOE credit. It’s a smart move and if their marks want to pay them to make minecraft pretty I’m 100% fine with it. It’s their money right? If I was SOE, and had SOE’s resources and SOE’s devout I would do the same. I mean, after being an MMOer that played many of SOE’s games I can tell you first hand; if you're willing to fund SOE’s games for them, you deserve every bit of reward SOE is gonna give you. I guess what I’m saying is...SOE fans and SOE, well, you have a lot in common, you deserve one another, you have a special relationship that transcends gamer and developer and I’m happy for you. I’m even a little bit jealous...

I have a developer sized hole in my little black heart because I’ve never filled the void that was left when I /quit SOE many years ago...Oh SOE how I miss thee. I put you high up in the sky and now, you're not coming down. I never meant to go to WOW, I just wanted you to let me log in. Don’t you ever say I just walked away! All you ever did was wreck me, what was I supposed to do? I will always miss you...The bad times were bad but the good times were great! The X’s were horizontal but the Y’s were vertical! (x/y axis joke for all you graph junkies yo). I always told my friends I was gonna leave but never did, then one day I did it. I just...left. I got up, snuck out, closed the account and never looked back. I was a free man!...Or so I thought.

That void remained and eventually I decided to go back. I knew what I was getting into. I knew what I was going to have to tolerate but I went back anyway...and to my shock and disappointment it was too late. SOE had moved on without me and SWG wasn’t the same anymore. I lost a year of prime SWG SOE playing time and for what? For a handful of level 60’s and a year of continuously underwhelming MMO experiences in a game that now represents everything wrong with the ENTIRE INFINITE UNIVERSE!!! (google infinite universe theory, you will thank me...or hate me depending) I’m sorry SWG, I’m sorry! I betrayed you, maybe, just maybe if I had been around things woulda ended up different...for the both of us...But I wasn’t, and I let you down, and you'’re dead and I’ll never get the chance to log in, apologize and say goodbye! I miss you...

So what does SOE cutting out the middle man and kickstarting their games themselves do to the genre? How does it affect Kickstarter? Are they going to give players more sway in the game’s development or are just going to tell players they are giving them more sway in the game’s development? Why did COD make money again? Are the majority of gamers mindless sheep that like paying the same price over and over again for the same product, but with attack dogs and a re-skinned ending? Ar attack dogs the real secret to billion dollar game making? How soon before WOW adds attack dogs?

Questions that need answers, answers that need explaining, explanations that would be over the heads of the majority of people that buy into overrated hype like COD, WOW Expansions, Diablo 3, and Miley Cyrus...(looks are game shelf and sees several versions of COD, WOW expansions, D3...and a Miley Cyrus CD-yes a CD) DON'T JUDGE ME, You don’t know me! (puts on lipstick and turns up wrecking ball)

I don’t trust SOE and I’m still worried I’ll pay to login, “donate” to be able to equip stuff, “become a founder” to be able to walk, and “purchase the special benefactor tier” to be able to build stuff or fight but I hope I’m wrong because EQN and L look like they could be pretty fun playgrounds as long as the teachers don’t set too many rules. Rules! PSH! Rules are for people that aren’t rich enough to be above them. Me, I buy $40,000 pink e-ponies by the dozens! I wonder how much that would get me in EQN-L... writes:
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