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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#52 Speed Kills Camelot Unchained

Posted by Tierless Friday November 1 2013 at 7:37PM
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Speed classes; in my very humble opinion they are the second most controversial class (those dirty stealthers being #1 obviously) in MMORPGs. Balancing them is a delicate and dangerous maneuver requiring many hours of careful testing and I mean tweaking. They are certainly not a class type to be thrown around without care and concern.

So what does a game like CU do when they are faced with a tough decision about a speed class? Do they make the call in a meeting? Does the head of the studio make the decision? Do they hire some market testers? Do the pin the decision to a dartboard, blindfold MJ, spin him in circles and have him lob darts? No (well maybe the last one, but probably not) No! They bring it to the players!

This type of stuff is why I signed up for this ride. CSE has a tough call and they...ask thefuture players/investors of their game! Imagine if more companies dare to ask their fans what they want rather than finding out the way to maximize profits then manipulating their fans into that direction! Revolutionary!

That kind of decision making is what makes me proud so say I contributed to CU. This isn’t like that “pretend” poll/qna type feedback that certain other MMOs that I won’t name are feeding their fans. This is legit, old school, humble, asking! It always amazes me how many people HATE the very idea of asking someone rather than TELLING them. I suppose telling is easier, and more controlled, and most people are pretty easy to manipulate. Most mainstreamers happily chomp down crap sandwiches as fast as they can so they can rush back for seconds. Why else would Miley Cyrus, WOW, Sarah Palin, COD and reality TV be successful? Lord knows a monkey in a cage has the common sense to disconnect from that hot garbage but half the population of the US would tie off and inject it right into their veins.

Because;ignorance. Speaking of, it seems a few consolers frequent this MMORPG site, and (via the hate mail) did not appreciate some of the light hearted console jests I tossed out the other day. Well, my first question is, WTF are consolers doing on an MMORPG site? We all know MMORPGs are WAY WAY too complex for someone that plays an archaic POS like a console to comprehend, well, all of them other than WOW and SWTOR are. So I assume you come to this site to read about those two diamonds in the rough. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but being a fan of either of those games disqualifies you from having any proper judgement on MMOology.

Consoles are a thing of the past designed for people too lazy to figure out computer specs. They are headed the way of other useless ancient technology like phone books, land lines, and Giga Pets. Yep, the Ole’ keyboard and mouse, monitor and tower, that is the way of the future, that is where it’s at Yo.

“But Tierless, you own several consoles or console emulators and are typing this very blog on an Ipad aren’t you?”

Ok, fine, time to be honest. I HATE figuring out PC specs as much as I HATE how quickly those specs change leaving my computer in the dust. Its EONS easier to grab a console, insert disc, and have fun. PC has some serious issues if it want’s to be around in an era of Ipads, Iphones, and uber consoles. The steam machine might just be the savior but the honest reality is I like all kinds of gaming and all kinds of gaming systems.

A little inside info here, most of the time I’m poking fun at something it’s because I AM that something! I’m sorry if I do offend you. Just remember, I’m a self deprecating fool that loves consoles as much as he loves his archaic old quarter of a room filling PC that needs to be replaced just to play the alpha he purchased with Camelot Unchained.

“WTF did you just say Tierless, you bought the Alpha CU Tier and (most likely) CAN'T EVEN RUN CU!?!?” Yes, because; reasons...speaking of what better reason to buy a new PC than a new game right? F*** It, I’m sick of buying new PC’s just for games, I’m buying a Xbone and calling it good.

syriinx writes:

"This isn’t like that “pretend” poll/qna type feedback that certain other MMOs that I won’t name are feeding their fans. This is legit, old school, humble, asking!"

So what EQN is doing isnt sincere and what CU is just because you happen to like the concept of CU.  Got it.

Thanks for posting these blogs.  Always guarantee a few good laughs.  I love how you talk about others being manipulated when you have been manipulated so much yourself.  

You should change your username to Clueless, its much more fitting.

Sat Nov 02 2013 1:38PM Report
Limitations writes: PC will always be superior to consoles. Good luck with your Xbox One... Lol Sat Nov 02 2013 5:51PM Report
Tierless writes:

@Syriinx I'm excited for EQN but all of the "community involvement" just Like they are playing off the KS MMOs. I just don't trust SOE due to past issues and I'm far from the only one.

@DaKurlzz I agree, but consoles have some advantages, mainly time frame and communal platform tech.

@both of you, thanks for posting

Tue Nov 05 2013 8:30AM Report
gylnne writes:

As usual Tierless is one of the folks who can make me laugh and ponder deeply about what he is saying.:)

Good post Tier, thanks.

Tue Nov 05 2013 5:46PM Report writes:
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