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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#59 Part 2; The DEATH of the NDA

Posted by Tierless Wednesday November 27 2013 at 8:52PM
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Last time on Tierless rants...(blurry flash-back sequence) Tierless was ranting, as usual, when he came upon an idear, what could it be! (We fade into a small utilitarian wood lodge. The only modern luxuries in the room are a Commodore 64 with wi-fi at which, sitting on an old wood stump surrounded by all manner of taxidermised animals sits a man that can only be described as the real life version of Dark Obi-Wan, it’s Tierless. He gives us a nod then begins to type)

The NDA is it’s own worst enemy. The NDA creates and fuels the industry of valuable secret information. Without it, that industry ceases to exist. Lets be honest, like the honey bee, round door knobs, breathable air, ozone, and Lady Miley Perry, NDAs are on borrowed time. A few years from now people will look back and wonder, WTF we were thinking!

Why do companies have NDAs? To keep all the overly dramatic gamers from ruining their good name and spoiling their surprises before they can get their game to market right? Well in the day of the interweb 2.0 spoilers are like hope, everyone has some and most of them are misguided or bias. “I HOPE I WIN THE LOTTERY (BELCH) OR GET DISCOVERED ON MURICAN IDOL” quote the kind of people that vote, but shouldn’t be allowed to. Hope is a convenience I can’t afford. Doing, now that is something I’d buy stock in. Hope without action is just, hopeless.

After all these years MMO players SHOULD be better educated than ever before on what those words entail. Unfortunately I can say from first hand experience many of us do not grasp the concepts. Partly due to companies changing things up and offering “paid betas” where you give money, log in, and play. Back in my day betas were small rooms that you logged into and jumped 5,000 times until the game crashed...during an e-snowtorm, up an e-hill, both ways! Sigh, even that reference is too old for many younglings to understand.

“Stop incoherently babbling and get to the point”

Ok, ok! Calm down! With the web being easier and easier to use for spoilage, and more and more companies offering paid betas the days of the NDA are numbered. Getting rid of them will be difficult at first but the trick is to educate the player base on what degree of finish they are playing. If I was a dev I’d log onto a forum cry cry thread type a fat ;) and say, “what did you expect newb, it’s beta 1!”. Brushing off nebwbery like that, combined with educating players when they log into a beta phase on exactly what they are getting into are the keys to Peach's castle.

What are the negatives? You already have full on spoilers and leaks all over the net, why fight an unwinnable war? As I often say, embrace the problem, and work to educate and control it from within rather than putting up big black wall and pretending it isn’t happening. The first few months might be a little rough with players all ranting and raving but soon the logical and snarky will destroy the newbish complainers, all things will balance out, and before you know it it won’t be a big deal anymore.

NDA’s are a lot like prohibition. The only thing prohibition did was increase the value of alcohol and make it even more sought after. Secret MMO info is the same way. Once everyone has access it loses it’s value and is no longer a “special exclusive top secret make me feel important” kind of information that so many people salivate over. MMO industry, you can’t beat them, and at this time you're creating the monster, rather than taming it. I say, tame it to the point where you open up the cage door and it’s so institutionalized it doesn’t even have the ambition to attempt walking out. Frankly you don’t really have a choice...

If you haven’t noticed the Kickstarted MMO generation is already doing it for you by showing the genre levels of openness and transparency we haven’t seen since we slept in a glass house. Don’t be the glass house MMO industry, be the stone that shatters even that barrier and set your games free! (the room goes dark, the only light is the faint glow of the screen of the Commodore 64. We can just barely make out the face of Dark Tierless. He begins to laugh maniacally as we fade out)

#58 What came first, the hate or the game? An NDA story.

Posted by Tierless Tuesday November 26 2013 at 1:22PM
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I keep reading various articles about developers being worried that people will break NDA and leak alpha-unfinished info that will then “define” their game as broken or bad, get picked up by the hate/forum circuit and lead to the downfall of their game through anti hype and forum flaming hate.

But I asked myself, is it a lack of understanding what “alpha” is OR is it that these companies keep making decisions that slap the fans in the face thus making the fans angry? The more I looked at it the more I started to think a little of both but I would say MOST of the MAJOR forum uproar is based on prior mentioned backhands to the players. Many companies seem to be using “it was alpha” as a scapegoat to try diffusing the real problem they created by slapping the players in the first place.

I often hear how it’s a few that raise up the many. That is probably true but if the few were going around trying to stir up the pot with info like, “THEY ONLY HAVE 10 HAIRSTYLES!!!” I doubt the “OMG this game is doomed” would snowball quite as much. On the other hand, say your game is based on a beloved IP known for numerous vastly open sandboxy worlds, eternally violent conflict, and gritty realism and you make the game world a bunch of tiny zones and only feature a few of the worlds, with little conflict, and use Hello Kitty like graphics. Chances are you're poking a sleeping bear...with a hot metal rod! To be fair the second you make an MMO based on a beloved anything you are already being set up for failure by the fear mongering fanboys of said IP. They love it so much they would rather kill it than allow it to move forward as an abomination of what they love. How poetic!

I’ve been on enough forums to know the weaker minded of us will go screaming to doomville at the very first sign of ANYTHING they don’t like. OMFG they don’t have blood this games doomed, OMFFG they don’t have capes, OMFFFG they don’t have pink ponies! It drives me crazy. BUT, again, I can’t help but think the majority of us don’t jump on the hate train at such minute discrepancies. With most games it takes some major F-Uing to the players to really get a hate hatchet between the shoulder blades.

“But it was alpha footage, it will be different by launch” so your world will no longer be tiny instanced zone by launch? So you game won’t look like Hello Kitty Part II; The Return of Hep Cat by next year? I mean, ugly or simple graphics can be upgraded, but when you're color pallette was taken from Barbies Dream House I highly doubt things will magically be turned around before launch...UNLESS, unless maybe, JUST MAYBE, you see enough CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (yes I know it’s more rare than a Unicorn with 2 horns on the interwebs but, like your car keys after a kegger, if you look hard enough you can find it) the trick is being humble enough to listen to some of it, not even all, just some, and reevaluate your decisions inspite of what market testing indicates.

All of this brings me to my “bsc” idea which is...TO BE CONTINUED!!! Ok, it’s not having an NDA, none, never, ever, notta, nope, zilch, zero, the big fat O, nothing...just noticed a lot of no words start with N and Z...

“But Tiny T, how could that work?” TO BE CONTINUED! For real this time. I’m over my ADD e-reader word limit. I mean, most of you are just reading the first and last couple sentences anyway right? So, tune in next blog for the exciting unveiling of how games can be made without an NDA, here is a clue, it’s easier than you think and has a lot to do with prohibition.


#57 Tiny Tierless Goes Hunting

Posted by Tierless Monday November 25 2013 at 4:58PM
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I hate STWTORs A to B linear quest system. Playing it felt like I was playing quest runner online with occasional sightings of other players. Everything felt under developed, under simplified, and highly generic. Yet, as much as all of that disinterested me I would still be playing that game today if it featured open worlds instead of rat like quest mazes.

That applies to so SO many of the MMOs I’ve played throughout the years. One thing above all else can keep players interested in even a basic MMO, a giant world to get lost in. Despite that fact like a cotton t-shirt washed in hot water MMO landscapes have shrunk throughout the years.

As I’ve documented prior it’s pathetically hard to find a game that even features a respectable forest! Is it so much to ask? Apparently... You see I don’t game to feel powerful or success or even accomplished. I game to do something that I have very little of in this world, I game to explore and adventure. To uncover secrets and mysteries. To discover new peoples, then to pvp with them and take their phat lewts yo!

Let me use a real world example for ya. As a tiny Tierless I hunted all manner of beasts. I did so for two reasons, the pursuit of the unknown (would what I was hunting be big, small, unique, once in a lifetime perhaps) and to adventure upon the unknown landscapes that my quarry inhabited. Hunting meant going out into the middle of nowhere and exploring seemingly untouched areas in search of my quarry. It was adventure and exploration at it’s finest. Over the years things have changed and for too many people hunting is about “the big one”. Hunters can be ruthlessly competitive when it comes to the big one and many of those hunters are also landowners. The result is more and more land being marked “Posted No Hunting or Trespassing””. As more and more land became posted my hunting territory became smaller and smaller until it was reduced to a handful of very small, well known spots where other landless hunters camped out. The sense of adventure died and so did my desire to hunt.

That is exactly what happened to MMOs and it’s exactly why I spend more time on forums and on this blog than I do in games. I don’t get a sense of adventure anymore. That is also part of the reason I’m so excited for the voxel gen of MMOs (the other being voxel splosions and voxel stuff sploding during PVP). I see the voxel as a means to make a vast, chaotic, custom landscape that is capable of continuously changing. That is very exciting to the explorer in me. Add to it the ability to PVP in such a world and the ability to dismantle, pillage, and even tear down my enemies holdings and you have a gamer that just checked back into MMOs in a big way.

For the first time in years the future looks, unknown, and I plan to pursue it.

#56 The Elder Scrolls the last of it's kind

Posted by Tierless Sunday November 24 2013 at 7:13PM
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Sometimes change is sneaky. It’s a gradual progression toward something new like the history of our own beloved computer for example. Other times it’s like a bullet to the heart, you got 8 seconds before it’s over and change has occurred. Those times you can put an exact time, date and situation on when “everything” wasn’t the same anymore. The 60’s, Nirvana, the nWo, AND NOW The Elder Scrolls.

It’s not that TES is the game changer, quite the contrary. It’s the last of it’s kind. Like the Tasmanian Tiger this beast signals the end of an era. When we look back at the MMO universe we had Gen  1, the UO Gen which died the day WOW launched. Then we had the WOW Clone themepark Gen 2. This was the generation of easy, simply minded, theme park everyone gets a trophy MMOs which both peaks and ends with TES. But what will Gen 3 begin with? Will it be the vanilla spacerilla Star Citizen? Will it be EQ Land-a-mark? Will it be humble little CU? Will it be TUG!!!

Each era had a beginning MMO and an end MMO but it will be a while before we know which one started this generation. What we do know is TES, surely symbolizes the end of it. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing nor does it mean anything bad. But like a red door on a white house it is what is is, and in this case TES is infact red. It will be the very last “AAA” BIG funded, BIG IP, BIG Developement BIG BIG BIG MMO. Oh the irony. This gen ends with an MMO based on a game that’s gameplay was based on original MMOs. Will TES live up to it’s lofty namesakes? I hope so but the amount of “solo friendly” scars the beeejeeebus outta me.

Best case scenario for ALL of us is TES is fun, it’s more fun than even GW2. The casual “oh what the heck at least it’s an MMO I guess” kinda fun, fun enough to last us until gen 3 throws it’s epeen down, sprays out a stream and like a dog on the tire of an 18 wheeler boldly declares, THIS IS MINE NOW...because I marked it...

Yessir, from here on the genre will be shaped by two things, Kickstarter and the voxel-fully buildable and destructible world. KS is a delicate flower and if a game like Star Citizen bombs it pretty much kills the entire concept, so for the love of Job, lets all agree that we hope SC succeeds beyond our wildest expectations. The voxel on the other hand is more of a sure thing. A thing of the future!

I always think it’s cute when I see a new console FPS game advertising things like “a completely destructible building OMG”!!! LOL us MMOers have been longing for fully buildable and destructible WORDS for YEARS! At least we know things are finally shifting back to where the should be, with MMOs leading the way in what an incredible experience a videogame can be. During the WOW era we started to stagnate and even DEVOLVE! But now it looks like we are pulling ahead again, thank ba jebus.

Where was I...oh yeah. TES, the last of it’s kind. Old before it was new. The very peak of the all access, all friendly, every gets a trophy, casual friendly, solo friendly, fun for the sake of non consequential fun MMO for everyone. Clouded, always in motion the future of the genre is. Some things are certain and in a time of change it’s often refreshing when something is familiarly ok, and I hope TES will be just that. A familiar goodbye to yesteryear and a symbol of the way things were, even if thats not the way we wanted things to be. Timing is everything and I think TES will be right on time.

#55 Tiny twerking ideas

Posted by Tierless Friday November 22 2013 at 9:32PM
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Xbone, PS4, and PC were walking. Xbone and PS4 walked into a bar, PC ducked. BAM! HILARIOUS I KNOW! I got another one for ya, what do you get when you cross a terrier and a bulldog? Give up? A...TERRABULL! LOL! (wipes tears from eyes) Continuing, the game playing device wars are. I really don’t care if you're an Xer a 4er or a PC Overlord as long as you enjoy playing games on whatever machine you have. In reality each system has boons and banes ;) and with how many games are ported it really comes down to personal preference for the exclusive titles. I used to consider myself a Nintendo guy, then the N64 had a serious lack of games. After that, I played whatever machine I could afford and still get the games I wanted. To this day I prefer a controller to the mouse and keyboard but no matter what device I’m playing on I never ever forget one all important rule...(drum roll)...if Xbox and PS disappear tomorrow we would all be fine, but if PCs did as well, gaming would cease to exist because (this is the important part) all games are made on a PC first so respect these old, giant, dusty, loud, expensive fickle machines.

And that folks, is my old man sittin on the porch in a rocking chair yelling at youngings to get off my lawn message of the day. Now onto important stuff.

What if the only mount you could have in an MMO was your friend? As in your friend played a class that could transform into an animal that you could ride, but they would still control. Pretty weird right? Pretty interesting too. I would imagine a whole slough of scenarios in which that little twerk impacts the battle.

I love big ideas. I love brainstorming them and throwing them out like every barstool dev BUT, it’s taking what we already know works in an MMO, and finding the tiniest of adjustments to redefine what we thought we knew about it that really excites me. It’s those tiny twerks that blow my mind. IMO it’s a lot easier to think outside the box with no confines and spew up any crazy idear than it is to think up the smart little alterations with big consequences. It’s things like veil stealth or the Phouka that keep me so invested in CU.

We have big ideas, small ideas, crazy ideas and even BSC ideas. I feel like a kid in a college classroom again. I get to sit in the back, doodle (it’s a little known fact that doodling often helps doodlers remember things even though it looks like they aren’t paying attention), and constantly have my MMO mind expanded with new creative solutions to old MMO problems. It’s MMOology 101 and best of all, each and every one of my classmates are as MMOnerdy as I am, well, some more, some less, but all within the same range of nerdism.

I’m feeling questiony so here goes.

Is EQN trolling the SOE marks? I can’t help but get a strange pro wrestling vibe from the whole quasi Kickstarter “you built it” campaign they are running right now, but at the same time I’m drawn in by it...Tierless=Mark?

Is TES the last MMO of it’s kind? I can’t help but TES is the last of it’s kind for a lot of reasons. Big budget, big IP, well known company, lack of voxel tech, and “mmo for soloers-kinda” are just some of the reasons. I still can’t put my finger on it but it just feels somehow old before it’s out. The last of it’s kind.

Is WOW the only thing that can stop WOW?

Will WOD ever actually be developed? How will they pull off permadeath?

Is it time for Dust to be left in the Dust so they can devote more to WOD?

Are Luchorpans magically delicious?

Will they ever make SWG 2? (not likely since EA just renewed their IP rights for the next millenium)

Will they ever make No Mercy 2? (see I like consoles too, I threw ya’ll a bone with that one).

Will I ever run out of or answer these questions? Will you? Well, will you!


#54 Chesselot Unchecked?

Posted by Tierless Wednesday November 13 2013 at 3:13PM
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CU continues to gives us exactly what we were promised. Unique characters, frequent updates, forum engagement, and a voice that they will listen to. Every new update makes me even more proud to say I invested in CU (even the ones I’m not sold on, Phouk you!).

Every new update brings the CU picture ever so slightly into focus. The image I am beginning to see is like chess, battleship, and monopoly all rolled into one intensely strategic PVP MMORPG. Maybe not EVE level strategic, but certainly far more strategic than 98.6% of other MMORPGs on the market today. That amount of strategy both excites and scares me, in other words it’s very CU.

In most games people cry for equality. Like the Sith say, equality is a myth. Equality equates to bohring. If every person on the planet was truly equal in all aspects we would cease to evolve and eventually all die of boredom. Imagine if every contest was a draw! Every race a tie! Every piece of clothing one size fits all! How bored would we all be? More advanced alien races might just stop avoiding us (due to our current status as unevolved backwood crazy cousins) and intervene just to make us interesting!

So why, if true equality is so lame, do MMOers crave it? The illusion of paradise I suppose...The CU response to equality is as brave as their race concepts. I give you exhibit A. they are thinking of, maybe, potentially, possibly making a race or class on one of the 3 realms/factions move faster than the other two.

I’ll let that sink in a bit...

That’s right. In a genre dictated by X isn’t fair, X is OP, Y needs a buff, and you favor X, team CSE is throwing down a flag, drawing a line in the sand, and possibly making one race or class faster than all of the rest! To balance that out the other two realms will get bonuses in other areas. Sounds crazy right? Sounds like a nightmare to balance right? Sounds like they are trolling the complainers and begging for mass amounts of waaaambulance related OP posts on forums right?

To me it sounds exactly like the kind of Ball-Z stuff that MJ told all of us he was going to try before he ever asked for a dime. Does it make me uncomfortable? Like to many of the things MJ has suggested for CU already, yes, yes it does. And like I’ve said so many other times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“But Tierless, you're making even less sense than usual. Isn't the goal of every MMO company to make a perfectly balanced MMO? Isn’t an unbalanced MMO an auto fail?!?”

Every MMO company knows full well they have to maintain the illusion of a never ending quest for balance, while also knowing full well that it’s only possible by making their game incredibly boring. Sadly if they came out and said that a large amount of players would have a melt down and /rage quit so like new couple hiding flatulence the companies go on living the lie.

What makes more sense? Pretending to fight a never ending battle that is only winnable through a totalitarian MMO or embracing the chaos, putting it out in the open, and incorporating it into your games foundation? Questions like that make me think, WWBD (What Would Bruce Do) I think he would say something like...don’t put up leaky dams, remove them and let the water flow, just be sure to teach your citizens that live downstream to adapt. Consider me adapted, er, well, adapting, or rather, in the process of adapting.

#53 EQN on Kickstarter?

Posted by Tierless Monday November 11 2013 at 5:21PM
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My curiosity radar is pinging. I wish I could have been in the room when SOE came up with the plan for the future of the Everquest franchise. I imagine it was during an intense brainstorm meeting session with the Smed himself pushing his minions to the edges of their creative comfort zones! The kind that makes walls sweat and tables nervous. Then, just when the coffee was about to turn white with trepidation I imagine someone said something like “hey Minecraft is blowing up and it looks like crap, what if we made Minecraft but pretty?”. After several minutes of deafening silence and several more cocked eyebrows a question would be posed...How does one fund such a monumental and daring game? Like Hoth on a warm day the room was ice cold with tension. Then, like watching a car pull out of the first parking spot on super sale saturday at your local shopping mall, the relief hits them “Kickstarter is all the rage, what if we do...SOEstarter!” Genius! Champagne and missed high fives for all! (I say missed because we are talking about a room full of game devs right?)

I have to give the ole trailblazer that is SOE credit. It’s a smart move and if their marks want to pay them to make minecraft pretty I’m 100% fine with it. It’s their money right? If I was SOE, and had SOE’s resources and SOE’s devout I would do the same. I mean, after being an MMOer that played many of SOE’s games I can tell you first hand; if you're willing to fund SOE’s games for them, you deserve every bit of reward SOE is gonna give you. I guess what I’m saying is...SOE fans and SOE, well, you have a lot in common, you deserve one another, you have a special relationship that transcends gamer and developer and I’m happy for you. I’m even a little bit jealous...

I have a developer sized hole in my little black heart because I’ve never filled the void that was left when I /quit SOE many years ago...Oh SOE how I miss thee. I put you high up in the sky and now, you're not coming down. I never meant to go to WOW, I just wanted you to let me log in. Don’t you ever say I just walked away! All you ever did was wreck me, what was I supposed to do? I will always miss you...The bad times were bad but the good times were great! The X’s were horizontal but the Y’s were vertical! (x/y axis joke for all you graph junkies yo). I always told my friends I was gonna leave but never did, then one day I did it. I just...left. I got up, snuck out, closed the account and never looked back. I was a free man!...Or so I thought.

That void remained and eventually I decided to go back. I knew what I was getting into. I knew what I was going to have to tolerate but I went back anyway...and to my shock and disappointment it was too late. SOE had moved on without me and SWG wasn’t the same anymore. I lost a year of prime SWG SOE playing time and for what? For a handful of level 60’s and a year of continuously underwhelming MMO experiences in a game that now represents everything wrong with the ENTIRE INFINITE UNIVERSE!!! (google infinite universe theory, you will thank me...or hate me depending) I’m sorry SWG, I’m sorry! I betrayed you, maybe, just maybe if I had been around things woulda ended up different...for the both of us...But I wasn’t, and I let you down, and you'’re dead and I’ll never get the chance to log in, apologize and say goodbye! I miss you...

So what does SOE cutting out the middle man and kickstarting their games themselves do to the genre? How does it affect Kickstarter? Are they going to give players more sway in the game’s development or are just going to tell players they are giving them more sway in the game’s development? Why did COD make money again? Are the majority of gamers mindless sheep that like paying the same price over and over again for the same product, but with attack dogs and a re-skinned ending? Ar attack dogs the real secret to billion dollar game making? How soon before WOW adds attack dogs?

Questions that need answers, answers that need explaining, explanations that would be over the heads of the majority of people that buy into overrated hype like COD, WOW Expansions, Diablo 3, and Miley Cyrus...(looks are game shelf and sees several versions of COD, WOW expansions, D3...and a Miley Cyrus CD-yes a CD) DON'T JUDGE ME, You don’t know me! (puts on lipstick and turns up wrecking ball)

I don’t trust SOE and I’m still worried I’ll pay to login, “donate” to be able to equip stuff, “become a founder” to be able to walk, and “purchase the special benefactor tier” to be able to build stuff or fight but I hope I’m wrong because EQN and L look like they could be pretty fun playgrounds as long as the teachers don’t set too many rules. Rules! PSH! Rules are for people that aren’t rich enough to be above them. Me, I buy $40,000 pink e-ponies by the dozens! I wonder how much that would get me in EQN-L...

#52 Speed Kills Camelot Unchained

Posted by Tierless Friday November 1 2013 at 7:37PM
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Speed classes; in my very humble opinion they are the second most controversial class (those dirty stealthers being #1 obviously) in MMORPGs. Balancing them is a delicate and dangerous maneuver requiring many hours of careful testing and I mean tweaking. They are certainly not a class type to be thrown around without care and concern.

So what does a game like CU do when they are faced with a tough decision about a speed class? Do they make the call in a meeting? Does the head of the studio make the decision? Do they hire some market testers? Do the pin the decision to a dartboard, blindfold MJ, spin him in circles and have him lob darts? No (well maybe the last one, but probably not) No! They bring it to the players!

This type of stuff is why I signed up for this ride. CSE has a tough call and they...ask thefuture players/investors of their game! Imagine if more companies dare to ask their fans what they want rather than finding out the way to maximize profits then manipulating their fans into that direction! Revolutionary!

That kind of decision making is what makes me proud so say I contributed to CU. This isn’t like that “pretend” poll/qna type feedback that certain other MMOs that I won’t name are feeding their fans. This is legit, old school, humble, asking! It always amazes me how many people HATE the very idea of asking someone rather than TELLING them. I suppose telling is easier, and more controlled, and most people are pretty easy to manipulate. Most mainstreamers happily chomp down crap sandwiches as fast as they can so they can rush back for seconds. Why else would Miley Cyrus, WOW, Sarah Palin, COD and reality TV be successful? Lord knows a monkey in a cage has the common sense to disconnect from that hot garbage but half the population of the US would tie off and inject it right into their veins.

Because;ignorance. Speaking of, it seems a few consolers frequent this MMORPG site, and (via the hate mail) did not appreciate some of the light hearted console jests I tossed out the other day. Well, my first question is, WTF are consolers doing on an MMORPG site? We all know MMORPGs are WAY WAY too complex for someone that plays an archaic POS like a console to comprehend, well, all of them other than WOW and SWTOR are. So I assume you come to this site to read about those two diamonds in the rough. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but being a fan of either of those games disqualifies you from having any proper judgement on MMOology.

Consoles are a thing of the past designed for people too lazy to figure out computer specs. They are headed the way of other useless ancient technology like phone books, land lines, and Giga Pets. Yep, the Ole’ keyboard and mouse, monitor and tower, that is the way of the future, that is where it’s at Yo.

“But Tierless, you own several consoles or console emulators and are typing this very blog on an Ipad aren’t you?”

Ok, fine, time to be honest. I HATE figuring out PC specs as much as I HATE how quickly those specs change leaving my computer in the dust. Its EONS easier to grab a console, insert disc, and have fun. PC has some serious issues if it want’s to be around in an era of Ipads, Iphones, and uber consoles. The steam machine might just be the savior but the honest reality is I like all kinds of gaming and all kinds of gaming systems.

A little inside info here, most of the time I’m poking fun at something it’s because I AM that something! I’m sorry if I do offend you. Just remember, I’m a self deprecating fool that loves consoles as much as he loves his archaic old quarter of a room filling PC that needs to be replaced just to play the alpha he purchased with Camelot Unchained.

“WTF did you just say Tierless, you bought the Alpha CU Tier and (most likely) CAN'T EVEN RUN CU!?!?” Yes, because; reasons...speaking of what better reason to buy a new PC than a new game right? F*** It, I’m sick of buying new PC’s just for games, I’m buying a Xbone and calling it good.