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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#50! Why are you so angry?

Posted by Tierless Thursday October 17 2013 at 8:28PM
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#50. It seems like just yesterday I was trying out the blog concept. I was nervous because I had no writing experience and didn’t know if I could keep coming up with ideas relating to MMOs. I underestimated my anger. The rage is strong with this one.

Being that I’m at #50 I’ll answer the top question from the billions, and billions of my adoring readers (fyi thank for the gifts, you're too kind). Why am I so angry? Well it goes back to, it doesn’t. I‘m lying. Why am I angry? Probably for the same reasons you are if you're an old school MMOer like myself.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and probably more than thousands of hours investing into a genre that I had to watch devolve from something truly inspiring and revolutionary to a simple minded shallow shell of it’s former self. I’m angry because I can still remember the one of a kind experience that an MMORPG can create when it’s done right. I’m mad because I don’t understand how a game from 1997 is STILL considered far deeper, far more immersive, and far more enjoyable than the modern games. I’m mad because I forgot my password to log into an unnamed FTP MMO I own, and don’t care enough to retrieve it. I’m mad because I’m Murican, and were generally just always mad. But most importantly I’m mad because if I didn’t wake up angry about something the world would feel a lot less exciting. I was born for the storm, the calm does not suit me. I embrace chaos and see the beauty in the unexpected and I long for the day when I can log into an MMO and think “my gawd, I wonder what might happen tonight”!!!

Why are you mad? Feel free to comment below. ;)

Since I’m in an answering mood I’ll answer the second most frequented question I get. This is a blog about Camelot Unchained, yet I don’t always talk about Camelot Unchained,  WTF? I’m a fan of CU but I LOVE the genre as a whole. It gives me something to be angry about ;). CU generally makes me happy and it’s a well known fact that people talk much more about what angers them than what makes them happy. On top of that I talk about CU ALL the time, if you know where to look. ;)

I could not be happier about the money I put into CU because the ride that is CU’s development is incredibly fun thanks to a fantastic team and Sir Mark Jacobs himself. It’s a blast and every update makes me hungrier for another. If you don’t know CU has gotten dark, very dark. It’s borderline horror at this point and it's about dang time we got ourselves an MMO with enough e-balls to dive into a direction instead of staying in the vanilla middle to snag a few extra subs like so many others.

Speaking of CU and darkness updated #68 came out today (the second update this week FYI) and it was the darkest yet. All manner of the worst that humans are capable of topped off with some blood tears and Centropus Sinensis (google it, you will thank me). It’s a little known fact that Centropus Sinensis or the “crow pheasant” as I like to call it is the single coolest animal on the planet! I love them so much I want to hunt them, which, in hunter speak is the single most honest expression of love. Sadly ironic isn’t it? Hunters; they fund and conserve more wildlife than any protection group on the planet, more irony! Speaking of hunting, I wonder if we'll hear more on the CU bounty system sooner than later, that is one update I may have to do a multi-part blog about. It’s my muse, my love, my desire, my epic loot if you will.

If you think X-force Archangel was cool when he was going crazy and ripping people apart with his bare hands I think you will like the CU version of the Valkyrie. Think Archangle combined with the Crow. Two words for ya, blood tears! I know right, it's like awesome combined with dark-awesome!

end...see even at #50 I’m still full of surprises, bam! see!

fanglo writes:

I'm angry at developers that kill good games and keep others alive. SWG, Tabula Rasa, CoH and now Warhammer Online. Sure those games had flaws but they each broke out of the traditional MMO role to try and do something new. 

All of the games mentioned had some good things going for them and with a fresh influx of content could have done amazing. The latest game to die Warhammer was rumored to have more F2P options as well as new content on the horizon. It's a shame that it was never released. If EA could use F2P to "Revive" SWTOR they could have saved Warhammer.

Tue Oct 22 2013 9:53AM Report
Tierless writes: It is sad. Each of the games you mentioned were one  solid expansion of content and changes away from being an incredible MMO experience. Wed Oct 23 2013 5:16PM Report writes:
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