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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#49 Do you like Coca Colla Games?

Posted by Tierless Monday October 14 2013 at 9:16AM
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Thanks to WOW every major “AAA” mmo under development with a ginormous budget is obsessed with doing one thing above all else, getting non mmo players...

Sounds crazy right. Like selling steaks to vegans or veggies to Willy Wonka or class to Miley Cyrus but for some reason it’s what aged business men that have never played a game like to do. I assume it’s a power thing. Like “I’m so rich I can bend people to my will” or something because; money. The root of evil, corruption, and crappy MMORPGs.

Ok, I get it. 250k subs paying $15 a month isn’t enough because some company that built an IP for 20 years hit it big 9 years ago so now you HAVE to out do them or you will feel demasculated. I get it...ok, I don’t. I think doing dishes and laundry makes me more of a man but I’m new fashioned like that. I have a weird idea on how to attract the non’s pretty “revolutionary”. You ready? Make a unique and fun game, so fun that (in your market studies) after playing it your testers have the urge to tell a friend.

BAM! Crazy right. Make a “unique, fun” product first, and it will attract more players, even non MMOers, because 99.9% of gamers like fun and uniqueness. Ready for some more? Make the character highly customizable because customization = unique feeling = :) player. INSANITY! More? Too bad! I want to change subjects and you should know all of this already, it’s on the interweb after all. Just read, or pay me for the secret secrets to MMO success...despite the fact that I’ve had 0 success with MMORPGs outside of sometimes making a cool looking character and dressing them well...#armchairdev

The problem is “business” folks don’t think “WOW, Rockstar built that game up for 15 years from a little top down Playstation game to this truly incredible cutting edge experience” they think WOW all we have to do is copy GTA 5 and we will make berluesqullions (fyi thats even more than gagillions) of dollars!

And so waged the eternal war between artist and commissioner. Those that do it for their soul, and those that have none. Those that do it for love, and those that only love money. Those that blog because they have no friends, and those that read blogs because they pity those with no friends...Little life advice here; a friend stabs you in the back, a true friend stabs you in the front. Think about it, it makes sense...I think...

Obviously I’m overstating for dramatic effect and to help politically sway things into my favor because; propaganda. Once in a (very rare) while you get that special balance. The artist who wants to make great art and hopes to make enough money from it to continue making more art, but is not making it solely for the benjamins. When that happens we get playable art and we want to tell our friends (well, those of us that have friends want to tell them). Before we know it an idea becomes a concept, a concept a game, the game art, the art a cultural phenom; beer, cookies, and gaming for all! I might be wrong on this, but I hope I’m not; IMO most great ideas don’t come from the desire for financial gains, they come from the drive to make something great. Money just happens to be the crazy corrupting country cousin of making something great.

“ok double T, if making greatness is so easy why don’t you do it”

It’s not easy, but if thats what your thinking your not pickin up what I’m puttin down. It might look like I’m saying “just make a great game”, but what I’m really saying is don’t strive for money, strive for greatness and if, IF, you achieve it money will follow. It may be a longer, harder, riskier journey, but achieving it is the difference between Grand Theft Auto and...

*edit ok so I just read how many of these GTA “clones” make mad cash here:

I take it all back. The main stream apparently has a terrible generic crap meter and way waaaay too much expendable income. Fools be buying up these knock-offs like mad yo. Shameful really. “Please, please spoon feed me more of that sub-par hot garbage I can’t get enough” quote; Lots of gamers. But hey, if you're happy with “Coca Colla” Theft Auto games who am I to judge. I’m just a disgruntled artist that asks for more than a spoon of hot crap once in a while. Now if you'll excuse me I’m taking my e-ball and going e-home to fire up my Commodore 64 to play some MUDs! writes:
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