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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#47 GTA Online figured it out

Posted by Tierless Monday October 7 2013 at 12:25PM
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You can’t have full pvp or full loot, it’s impossible, it just doesn’t work,. If you do you end up with a TINY niche audience that slowly dwindles until no one is left playing and your game finally meets the lonely dark end that games made for sociopaths deserve! Quote: Car E. Bear

That seems to be the general argument against the “hardcore pvp” MMO but I think two little known games say otherwise. The first is UO, but unfortunately too many kids have no idea what a UO is and compare everything to the “Gold Standard” of MMORPGs, World of Warcraft (which ironically lacked quality war, crafting, and an open world; thank you marketing and IP strength). I will never get over every zone having giant mountains surrounding it. I felt like a mouse in a box glued together with more boxes with tiny holes to go between them...yes it’s going to be one of those blogs.

(Eats fire flower and becomes temporarily immune to flames) We can argue all day about what made WOW popular but I think we have to agree it wasn’t the war, the crafting, or the world. It was the IP, ease of running it, ease of play, lots of carrots, hype, and the most important thing in the known universe time-ing.

My fire suit just wore off so I better get back on topic. If I can’t juice any reason out of MMOers using UO as an example it’s ok because I just got an even better one. A franchise that is even more well known than WOW, Grand Theft Auto. If you haven’t played GTA at some point in your career as a gamer you probably live on an isolated island and lack the capabilities to read this blog. Since thats the case I will tell you I hate you, but you will never know will you...

GTA Online has a simple but effective system that allows for full loot and full pvp while maintaining a sense or order. It’s similar to EVE and UO but a bit more humiliating-which is a terrible yet effective way to curb behavior isn’t it. Act like a dunce, and you're forced to wear a dunce hat and play with other dunces. Amazing isn’t it? So simple, so effective, so WTF MMORPGS why haven’t you done this? The nicest part is dunces can play as duncy as they want, they just end up being relegated to playing with other dunces. It’s like that old saying, “dunce onto others as you would have dunced onto you and you end up only having dunces as friends” or was it “dunces of a feather flock together”...

I’m sure the usual people are already revving up their rhetoric engines but the reality is if you look at the amount of players embracing GTA Online I feel that it proves MMO players would be ok with similar gameplay. After all we aren’t THAT different from those simple minded consolers are we? I mean, yes, we are superior in every way, but just barely. We’re like Cro-Magnon (on steroids) to their (slightly less evolved) Neanderthal man. Like PC to their Dreamcast. Like Nutella to their bag of crushed up peanuts. But when they get smart and grow up what do they become? PC gamers amiright?

Frankly the entire genre owes Rockstar a collective thank you for unlocking the door of MMOdom to millions of GTA fans. While GTA is not an MMO YET, it unlocks the door that I assume Rockstar plans to eventually open up, wait, kickdown, wait, drive a flaming monster truck through when it finally makes a full fledged GTA MMORPG exposing millions of new players to this backwood genre. I know a few MMOs have tried to be an RC Cola version of GTA but like WOW before it, this brand sells. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if thats a good thing or not.

So yeah, dunce caps, genius. (clears throat and yells in a Russian accent) Once again you disappoint MMORPGS! You disappoint! Dunce caps for all!

FYI I haven’t touched GTA because I don’t like owning inferior non upgradeable technology so the “GTA FANBOY!” stuff is nyet good here!


syriinx writes:

Your attempts at condescending humor are pathetic.  Also, you spend more time talking about WoW and fire suits and bashing console owners than you do actually making your point. 



Thu Oct 10 2013 2:14PM Report
Tierless writes: (puts on a Tanooki suit and flies away from the flames) Thu Oct 10 2013 4:47PM Report
syriinx writes:

"(puts on a Tanooki suit and flies away from the flames)"

So you can dish it but you can't take it, eh?

Fri Oct 11 2013 6:06PM Report
Tierless writes:

(bumps into flying turtle, Tanooki suit dissipates) No I just didn't see a need to. You said "Also, you spend more time talking about WoW and fire suits and bashing console owners than you do actually making your point. " which I did. As for the humor, well, it was humor which is always a tough sell. You didn't like it and I'm ok with that.

Fri Oct 11 2013 10:59PM Report writes:
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