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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#45 Kickstarter is a better MMO than most current MMOs

Posted by Tierless Tuesday September 17 2013 at 2:49PM
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Sorry for the lack of blog as of late, I’m sure the millions, AND MILLIONS! Of my readers have been very concerned. I assume a void has been left in yours souls. I assume you nearly quit the internet ITSELF because without this blog the internet had no purpose for you. I’m sorry but unfortunately I’ve had some health developments that are slowing me down a bit. Speaking of devs, I feel for them. They spend YEARS of their lives working long hours at a high stress job to make content that we will all skip after 1 play through (if not sooner). I’ll be honest, I’m the worst kind of player.

I stalk the game for years enveloping myself with the universe it creates. I read every article and I do everything I can to get into beta. Finally when launch day comes I literally spend HOURS creating and deleting characters to see how far I can push the creation system. When I finally log in I look to the first quest giver, turn 180 degrees and take of running. I do this repeatedly, dying each time only to run again until I grow tired of that, or explore everything my little toon can without being one shot, then I concede defeat and start the “quest” process where in I glaze over until I reach high enough levels to once again do more diexplore.

It’s not that I don’t respect or appreciate what has been created, it’s that my view of an ideal MMO has nothing to do with quests (thankfully CU will not have PVE). No matter how good a quest is, imo it will NEVER be more enjoyable than a memory I create. It will never make me happier or more excited than content I generate. No matter how amazing the script is, it’s still a script. It gives me a role but I play for memories and experiences. I don’t view an MMO as a game to play, I view them as a world to live in and IMO creating a living world where UNSCRIPTED “things” happen frequently is the key to a successful MMO-hence the EXTREME LACK of successful MMOs in recent years.

I dare say Kickstarter was a better open world MMO than many of the latest MMOs.

(“Tierless I understand you're not well but it looks as though you’ve gone plain mad sir!!!”)

Please allow me to explain. KS had random updates, those updates give the backer/player something to talk about with the other backers/players. Combine those with that chat timeline and you have a perfect place where all of the “players” go to watch for news and other interesting things in a continuous but random order. The result is backers becoming addicted to the chat for fear of missing something interesting. Backers repeatedly showed up and asked “what did I miss, did I miss anything” thus creating the sensation of “things” happening at any and all times, one of a kind things. “Anything can happen at any time and I can’t wait to log in to make sure I don’t miss anything” becomes the line of thought. It’s why EVE is EVE and why I play Darkfall. I may see days without anything special, but when it happens, and eventually it always does, it’s INCREDIBLE and gives me far more satisfaction than frequent scripted things ever could.

It sounds crazy but I know for a fact that many MMOers were sorely missing the KS chat system. It gave us that good ole’ mmo feeling again. You even had certain “players” becoming known for certain things like in the old old MMO days. People had a rep and it stuck with them...for better or worse... Strange times we game in. Strange desperate times indeed.

gylnne writes:

Tier it was something to behold as it unfolded with the CU kickstarter.:)

Lol was checking MMORPG last night in fact to see if you have blogged about anything lately.

And as usual u did not disappoint my friend. Thanks for your interesting viewpoint on things.

Tue Sep 17 2013 10:16PM Report
Teala writes: Hahaha...good article.   Tue Sep 24 2013 7:16PM Report
Tierless writes: Thanks Teala that means a lot coming from a blogger like you! Wed Sep 25 2013 8:53PM Report writes:
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