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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#44 The awkward moment when EQL is better than EQN?

Posted by Tierless Monday September 2 2013 at 8:09PM
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Remember that time I predicted that EQN would get repeatedly pushed back meanwhile EQL would thrive to the point where it overshadows EQN. Then when EQN finally launched we would see forumfallout with posts like “EQN<EQL” and “Make EQN more like EQL”? No? Thats because the time is nigh! Or rather now! I’m making the call yo! (sorry too much BB)

I know it sounds crazy but if you look around you will see it’s already began. I hear more about EQL than I do EQN. I can already see players saying, just add X, Y, and Z to EQL it’s already the better game. It will come out first, and from the information I am seeing, allow for far more creative freedom than EQN.

It is an interesting experiment. Too many pros and cons to list but I will say this, giving us nearly complete creative freedom then reigning us into a game with lore based rules like EQN has trouble written in voxels all over it. One game allows supreme creativity, but is limited elsewhere, the other game has amazing features, but is too confined, maybe they will have some free reign EQ servers? It does seem like a sick joke to allow such Voxel Sandbox creativity, only to confine it into the EQ lore doesn’t it?

EQL could very well end up looking like some sort of futuristic dystopian Everquest game where we all live in a world of pop culture mash ups. Around ever corner could be an entirely different universe to explore. It will be every explore nerds fantasy, all in one bundle of nonsensical creative bliss.

EQN, well, thats for hardcore EQ fans that prefer their boring Disneyland art and limited creativity...Hakuna matata, thats what I say, because I’m not a hardcore EQ guy. Either game works for me. Then again serious fans shouldn’t worry either. EQL will be for the Minecraft fans, the Lego fans, and fans from all other odds and ends of the MMO spectrum. Meanwhile EQN will be your sanctuary; for fans, by fans, and all within the confines of the universe you love! I just hope they let us make Pride Rock within EQN. I mean, it’s a rock formation right, that can’t be lore breaking.


gylnne writes: I am not a die hard EQ fan but it seems really strange to me cpu's and graphics cards are pushing the envelope in what they can do and all Sony can come up with is Tony the Tiger Saturday cartoon graphics? Tue Sep 17 2013 10:22PM Report
Tierless writes: The thing that stood out to me was how the environments looks pretty good, but the characters looked entirely out of place in them. WAY more cartoony than the surroundings. I know its very early but it seems odd, like they just changed the models recently or something. Thu Sep 19 2013 11:01AM Report
Nemesis7884 writes: you hear more about eql because it will come out in a month while eqn we know hardly anything about and is over a year away.. Mon Dec 23 2013 10:53AM Report
Nemesis7884 writes: ps: i bet the characters are so cartoony to also appeal more to women and i beg thats also why a lot of the art team at sonys are females...they probably want to increase the size of their target group Mon Dec 23 2013 10:54AM Report
MMOExposed writes: good point. I am more looking forward to building a world, rather than playing more themepark on rails design. Tue Jan 07 2014 9:05AM Report
Tierless writes: The more I've seen the more interested I've become which is always a good thing. Tue Jan 07 2014 2:25PM Report
gylnne writes: Seems to me Nemeis cartoony graphics also cater to kids which makes most companies see large dollars signs in front of the eyes. Thu Mar 06 2014 5:53PM Report
Tierless writes: It probably makes a lot of sense, get them hooked young and retain them. The graphics are done fairly well, they just seem like a cop out to me. Mon Mar 10 2014 6:36PM Report writes:
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