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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#42 What do The Smed, MJ, and Lord British all have in common?

Posted by Tierless Friday August 16 2013 at 9:17PM
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Meooooowwwser! (I had to) Did you see the story for the new race in CU? It might sound crazy to those that aren’t in the know but cats never lose their predatory abilities. Dogs eventually do, but cats, you can drop a cat anywhere on this planet and they won’t freak out because cats are street. Dogs meanwhile are the sellout cousins of wolves and I hear wolves have never gotten over the fact, hence all the fighting.

I’m excited to see the concept art. The stories are gritty, dark, and steeped with bodily harm, suffering, and being outcast, I LOVE IT! It also fits the C-Uiniverse well. Every person left alive on the planet has gone through hell. Some of them even had to kill their own family members when they were transformed into veil monsters (kinda like Hulk’s wife in Planet Hulk did). Everyone has one thing in common, their ancestry is steeped in chaos, pain, suffering, loss, and veil storms. If the backgrounds of the races aren’t full of death and chaos they wouldn’t fit the worlds history and I’m thrilled with that history so far.

Speaking of history I’ve been MMOing for over 10 years but it wasn’t until around 4 years ago that I went strictly MMO. I mean, since 2003 I’ve only played a few non MMO games, but I kept up with their progress. Then around 4 years ago I naturally stopped bothering with a game if it wasn’t an MMO. My friends would recommend something, I’d try it, get bored, and have to tell them it wasn’t my thing. I heard all about all of the epicness I was missing but the reality is once you’ve lived in a virtual world like SWG, other games just feel like scripted yawnsauce or shallow borsauce. I just can’t get into them, because I’m not a gamer anymore, I’m strictly an MMORPGer. My friends say silly things like “don’t you get sick of those kinds of games”. I smirk and say “not the good ones”. Other than professional wrestling (don’t ask long story) MMORPGs are probably the only thing I can talk about all day, everyday, and never get sick of. Now who is with me!?!?

(awkward silence)

What do The Smed, MJ, and Lord British all have in common? Other than having their faces carved into mount MMOmore and being legendary forefathers (or Godfathers depending on who you ask ;) of this genre, they seem to genuinely love this genre! Poor guys, their love is a curse upon them reaped with trolling and wambulances. I’m sure some fans are saying “they don’t love it they love money”. Have you seen the amount of trolling they get? At some point it’s not worth the cash, and I’m sure all of them could walk away from the genre and spend the rest of their lives on a beach somewhere. So why else do it? Love and creativity imo.

“How DARE they make games! 25 years ago they nerfed something that caused me to become socially stunted!” “They should be life banned from all of gaming!” ” They all seem to like trolling us, which I find amusing.”...wait that last one was my own quote... Smed being the biggest meanest troll of them all! I saw him on stage at SOE con, he LOVED the troll, he had to hold himself back yet still managed to casually toss out several troll comments, he had a freaken troll glow by the time the thing was done! I found him very amusing in a good way. Did you know he once made a race in one of his games that was modeled after the Lion King? (I have a feeling some of you just stopped smiling :) Personally I dare say I don’t mind them (runs for cover). MJ countered with a cat race of his own in some sort of twisted MMO Godfather studio PVP. I expect Garriott to come back with one of his own any day now. Talk about 3 leaders taking their people on different paths. IMO MJ is the one that pulled the sword outta the stone making him Arthurian! Garriott is probably a TDD and Smed...Viking, no doubt, Viking.

FYI I will throw out NGE jokes for the rest of my life. Not because I’m obsessed with it (ok maybe a little) but because it’s a part of a nerdy niche history that other nerdy people can get a smile outta. At this point I don’t consider it a serious thing, just an inside joke kinda thing and I hope when guys like Smed, MJ, and Garriott see things like TOA RUINED MY LIFE and NGE RUINED MY LIFE and TRAMMEL RUINED MY LIFE they smile and brush it off. I do. It’s kinda flattering in a weird way. Anyway I’m glad to see the three of them back (not that Smed ever really left), even their biggest detractors have to agree that the genre is better with those three than without them.

I can’t get over how interesting the genre is these days (or how fast it turned around). We have the triple threat back in the game. We have minecraftesque building systems with destructible worlds, SANDBOXES, and most importantly we have all manner of cat races in various games. It’s a good time to be an MMOer and I think anyone that has hung in this dilapidated genre deserves to reap the rewards of all the pain and suffering the last several years of terrible MMOs have caused us. (self high-five) We are a determined lot having stayed through the decaying years, then again, we always were weren’t we? Thats what drew us to games like UO, EQ, and DAOC. You HAVE to be one determined SOB to thrive in those beasts don’t you? Well, didn’t you? Good times, I look forward to more.


gylnne writes:

"Other than having their faces carved into mount MMOmore"


Yours is one of the very few blogs I don't dare read while drinking my morning coffee.:P

Tue Nov 05 2013 5:54PM Report
Tierless writes: Thanks Glynne, glad I can entertain a bit! Wed Nov 06 2013 9:30AM Report writes:
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