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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#41 A Pirates life for me!

Posted by Tierless Tuesday August 13 2013 at 8:03PM
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So I missed the boat on this one...literally. I logged in and saw that my guild (Old Timers Guild-OTG) had a ship heading to the sea fortress. I didn’t plan on going but I decided it was worth a shot just to see what real MMO ship combat was like. Unfortunately they couldn’t stop moving (seriously they could not stop, it would have been bad for them) and my summon dropped me into the ocean behind the ship. /shrug

I had two options, hearth back or swim into the unknown...I swam for 15 minutes in pitch black. Thankfully it was night, otherwise I woulda been killed before I saw anything cool! FYI I’m a total newb in scrub gear who is going in with the expectation of death...

As I neared the tower I began to see spells and fire of me in the darkness in front of me, the air literally felt thick. I decided it was safer to swim beneath the surface. I went under for as long as I could. When I cam up for air hell was waiting for me. It was night but it looked like morning. Fires, spells, cannons, and explosions were all around me. My headphones were buzzing! Without realizing it a ship ran me over! I went under and saw other players that had dived...or been forced in. Arrows were streaming through the water, players dieing, it was like the beginning of Saving Private Ryan and that end battle in Platoon all at once!

I came up for air again. Now the sun was rising and for the first time I could make out the amount of ships in my area. 15, 30, 50, more!?!? As far as my screen would load ships of all makes and models were battling one another. My aged CPU was having a heart attack trying to keep up! I was thrilled to see such a sight in game. For years I had waited to see proper sea PVP and this was incredible!

I spied an abandoned ship, one of the cheap ones but to a scrub like me it was a dream boat! I decided I had no shot of getting to my guild ship (they were neck deep in chaos) but maybe, just maybe I could get a ship for my efforts. (keep in mind at this point I’ve never driven a ship and only been on one once so I have no idea what is about to happen)

I dodged a couple players that were far more interested in an enormous ship than me, boarded the ship, and spun that SOB around as fast as I could. I was getting out of dodge with my precious new boat! I figured I just had to make it past the main battle and I would be homeward bound, how newbish I am.

No matter how far I went more boats were appearing, they were everywhere! What must have amounted to miles in all directions! I was taking random fire from all around. First I went east-routed, now north-routed-south-west-SW!NW!EW! It didn’t matter, this fight was even bigger than I thought.

I decided just to head in a direction and try dodging fire when on the horizon I spied my guild’s ship! What luck! All I had to do was get to them, pack up the ship, and climb onto that big red boat to safe....they didn’t know it was me...

I spun around to avoid their cannon fire while LOLing. I couldn’t interrupt chat, I was but 1 scrub in newb gear with a crappy boat, they had way way more at stake AND were being chased by a wolf pack of smaller ships. Such is life in Darkfall.

I decided to wait behind a tall rock until it looked like I had an opening. Thats when he popped his head up next to me...I knew I wouldn’t last long. I tried drowning him with the boat but it was no use. A few shots and I lay dieing on the deck. He climbed on, looked at me, then started driving the boat!

“WTF” I thought. I guess he was taking mercy on m...he let go of the wheel and finished me off with three arrows to the chest. I wish I got his name just to msg him and see if he somehow managed to make it out of the chaos with that little ship. As my screen went to black I could still hear the battle raging all around me, vent was a buzz with the guildies trying to limp our boat back to safety, they made it, I didn’t, but we ALL had ridiculous amounts of fun. I can honestly say it was the single greatest experience I have ever had in an MMORPG and I’ve been MMOing for over 10 years and mostly PVPing for about 7.

Darkfall is not a perfect game. It has a whole pile of things I would adjust, change, or fix and it’s not for everybody, but when things in Darkfall come together there is not a single MMO quite like it and the experience you have is simply incredible.

In that way it reminds me even more of the old school games. You spent lots of time grinding and battling weird bugs to the point of nearly hating the game, then things would happen that only a sandbox could produce and it was like none of that stuff mattered because (for however long it lasted) you were playing the greatest game on the planet (and if you were lucky you didn’t even crash half way through lol).

The guild crew did far better than me, link below:

Slapshot1188 writes: Sounds like you had a ton of fun! Tue Aug 13 2013 8:43PM Report writes:
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