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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#40 Your either a Voxel MMO or your not

Posted by Tierless Monday August 12 2013 at 3:10PM
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Roxy Voxy sat on a wall, Roxy Voxy had a great fall. All the Kings enemies and all the kings men fought over who would rebuild Roxy Voxy so they could do it all over again.

Voxels voxels voxels, remember that word because you will be hearing it a gazillion times in the next few years and I couldn’t be happier. Minecraft was a game that wasn’t supposed to be popular. It was too complex and looked too awkward, and it changed gaming. In my opinion companies were out of touch with what the internet 2.0 has done to it’s users. When you start hearing 60 year old women says things like “I did it in photoshop”, or “can’t you photoshop it”, or “my friend uses a free program thats like photoshop for her photos” you know something shifted.

Suddenly everyone with an Iphone or Ipad is an artist. People don’t just want a facebook page, they want to customize THEIR facebook page. The desire to be unique has never been greater, the amount of creation tools has never been more accessible, yet games weren’t providing the tools. The few that have, WWE Smackdown games for example, saw players do amazing things, some times even more amazing than the developers themselves could do, yet with half the tools. But games held back. I don’t blame them, it’s an uncomfortable thing to have a 17 year old kid who never took a class in his life school you in photoshop me on that one.

As the rest of the digital world set out to help EVERYONE become customized, MMOs and many other games began to pull back on creation tools and lock players into a set scripted path. Facebook games about raising a virtual farm explode, yet MMOs removed that sort of content. Social media, SOCIAL-media blows up, and MMOs become less social...are you seeing a trend here? Does the lack of success outside of WOW start to make more sense now? For some reason this genre decided to fight uphill against everything that was happening around it. Games like GTA, Skyrim, and Minecraft were making epic virtual worlds with characters made by you, for you, and selling millions, meanwhile MMO Inc was running in the opposite direction.

WOW often gets too much credit...or blame for holding the genre back. But players forget 2 things. Other companies chose to copy WOW and it’s players chose to keep playing it. Its not like Blizz somehow blocked any MMO evolution. My point is, it wasn’t just WOW, it was the entire direction of the entire genre that was going against the entire cultural movement of the net 2.0.

If UO or SWG launched today I truly believe they would do even better than they originally did because the culture and the mindset of young gamer people has moved into the realm of Social and Unique. Those kinds of games thrived at both. I think we're about to see an MMORPG revival with Voxels leading the way. The new set of socially reliant virtual worlds where you get to make your own custom avatar with a custom house and custom horse and custom everything is tailor made for today's e-world even more than it was 10 plus years ago. Hell, UO has more in common with facebook games than current MMOs. Did you see the early facebook games? They were basically MUDs. FYI yes I know I keep saying facebook and I am aware that facebook stopped being “cool” when everyone's mother started friending all of their friends, but you get my point :)

From this point forward you will have two kinds of MMORPGs. Virtual worlds made with Voxelness and everyone else. I feel kinda bad for the old guard. They can either evolve and somehow make their game world Voxelesque or watch as their game die the kind of slow, dramatic death than only an MMO can. Voxels are the future, Voxels make worlds to live in, people love LEGOS, see, the writing is on the same ironic wall that Roxy Voxy fell off of. FYI in the end it was the Arthurians that beat the other two realms and rebuilt her, obviously!


gylnne writes:

If voxel's include disney cartoon graphics I may have to pass.

It is a shame really, all this cpu and graphic vid card power we have today and all devs can give us is Saturday morning cartoons.:P

Mon Aug 12 2013 6:43PM Report
Tierless writes:

@Gylnne I wonder if the lion race has a racial weakness to willdabeast stampeded hehe. I couldnt get over how much the armor looked like WOW Shaman Armor tier...4 I think?

I like stylized graphics but stylized doesnt mean they need to look THAT cartoony. Where was the grit, the dirt, the damage, the wear? If they added some of that the cartoonishness would be less obvious.

Tue Aug 13 2013 7:19PM Report writes:
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