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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#43 The Stages of Forum Decline

Posted by Tierless Friday August 30 2013 at 10:21AM
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I’ve been part of numerous MMOs from announcement to quit and one thing has always been consistent, the players turning on the game before it’s even out. It generally goes like this;

#1. Game is announced and the early fans rush to forums to theorycraft and throw out ideas (these are the good times). The group is usually small. They usually get along well. Hope is the ideal of the day. Everyone is coming together in hope that the game will be shaped around some of the ideas they have come up with. It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating, the future is open!

#2. The few weak links. In every bushel you have a few bad apples. They are the first to break, to crack, to threaten, and to turn on the game. They tend to come in with ideals they refuse to compromise on. When the game looks as though it won’t be putting their idea in (despite any evidence or sense, or majority opinion that said idea would not work) they begin to threaten the game with things like “well I was excited for this game now I don’t know if I’ll be playing it” “I wanted to like this game but if they aren’t doing my epically epic idea I can’t” “looks like yet another MMO fail” “this game will be worse than SWTOR” (SWTOR being the gold standard of a game that the fans felt betrayed by). They usually get met with “move along, nothing to see here, move along”. They often put up a bit of a fight, but in the end they seem to leave the community in peace to go complain about another game on another forum.

#3. The game nears the halfway point. Updates tend to slow down around this point as the game is in grind mode meanwhile the word has gotten around and the forums pretty full. Most of the original fans have seen and discussed just about every aspect of the game so they are less active. The details we have give a pretty good description of what the game will be like but the influx of new posters doesn’t care, they still want to change it to their ideals. Every day a post that was beat to death months ago appears atop atop the pile. Every day one of the vets points out the subject has been settled, adds a link to the original post, and gets flamed by the newer member. These new posters aren’t as loyal or dedicated as the vets, but they are determined to run roughshod over them offering little respect in the process. The negative posts rage, the forums become a place of volatility and complaining. “If it doesn’t have X I will quit” “It will fail if it doesn thave X” “this game is going to fail” are all over the place. Most of the vets have gone into observer mode as they are tired of fighting the forum war. (these are the bad times)

#4. As the game nears launch the bandwagoners come in droves. For some reason they want it to be like WOW despite allegedly hating WOW. Their posts have been beaten to death in the years prior and now the complainers and the vets go to war with them. We have 3 types of posters, all with different perspectives, different desires, and things are extremely tense. Posts like “will it kill wow, will it beat wow, how much like wow will it be, is it hard, what class is best, did you get into beta” are everywhere. It’s an exciting time for the new people. It’s complain time for the weak links. Surely it’s now or never for them to push that idea that sent them fleeing prior. Surely they can make on last run to get it in game despite it being too late! The vets barely come by now, they've seen this all before and can’t stomach it any longer. All thats left is to wait for launch (after all you’ve been in beta for a while now ;).

#5. The game launched. Even more new players came flooding in. The forums scream of posts like “what is the best class, this game is broken, this game failed, WOW is better, what is the easiest class, this game disappointed me, my review of the game (despite it being day 2), already quit-back to WOW, what is the fastest way to level”. The vets are happy. After so soooo long, years of waiting, they are enjoying the game they committed to. The weak links are flaming the forums telling everyone not to play and generally stirring up as much hate as they can because they never got over their bad ideas being rejected years ago. The band wagoners are asking questions they were answered months ago. The vets glance at the forums but are far far too busy playing the game they’ve been committed to for years to bother with such trivialities.

#42 What do The Smed, MJ, and Lord British all have in common?

Posted by Tierless Friday August 16 2013 at 10:17PM
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Meooooowwwser! (I had to) Did you see the story for the new race in CU? It might sound crazy to those that aren’t in the know but cats never lose their predatory abilities. Dogs eventually do, but cats, you can drop a cat anywhere on this planet and they won’t freak out because cats are street. Dogs meanwhile are the sellout cousins of wolves and I hear wolves have never gotten over the fact, hence all the fighting.

I’m excited to see the concept art. The stories are gritty, dark, and steeped with bodily harm, suffering, and being outcast, I LOVE IT! It also fits the C-Uiniverse well. Every person left alive on the planet has gone through hell. Some of them even had to kill their own family members when they were transformed into veil monsters (kinda like Hulk’s wife in Planet Hulk did). Everyone has one thing in common, their ancestry is steeped in chaos, pain, suffering, loss, and veil storms. If the backgrounds of the races aren’t full of death and chaos they wouldn’t fit the worlds history and I’m thrilled with that history so far.

Speaking of history I’ve been MMOing for over 10 years but it wasn’t until around 4 years ago that I went strictly MMO. I mean, since 2003 I’ve only played a few non MMO games, but I kept up with their progress. Then around 4 years ago I naturally stopped bothering with a game if it wasn’t an MMO. My friends would recommend something, I’d try it, get bored, and have to tell them it wasn’t my thing. I heard all about all of the epicness I was missing but the reality is once you’ve lived in a virtual world like SWG, other games just feel like scripted yawnsauce or shallow borsauce. I just can’t get into them, because I’m not a gamer anymore, I’m strictly an MMORPGer. My friends say silly things like “don’t you get sick of those kinds of games”. I smirk and say “not the good ones”. Other than professional wrestling (don’t ask long story) MMORPGs are probably the only thing I can talk about all day, everyday, and never get sick of. Now who is with me!?!?

(awkward silence)

What do The Smed, MJ, and Lord British all have in common? Other than having their faces carved into mount MMOmore and being legendary forefathers (or Godfathers depending on who you ask ;) of this genre, they seem to genuinely love this genre! Poor guys, their love is a curse upon them reaped with trolling and wambulances. I’m sure some fans are saying “they don’t love it they love money”. Have you seen the amount of trolling they get? At some point it’s not worth the cash, and I’m sure all of them could walk away from the genre and spend the rest of their lives on a beach somewhere. So why else do it? Love and creativity imo.

“How DARE they make games! 25 years ago they nerfed something that caused me to become socially stunted!” “They should be life banned from all of gaming!” ” They all seem to like trolling us, which I find amusing.”...wait that last one was my own quote... Smed being the biggest meanest troll of them all! I saw him on stage at SOE con, he LOVED the troll, he had to hold himself back yet still managed to casually toss out several troll comments, he had a freaken troll glow by the time the thing was done! I found him very amusing in a good way. Did you know he once made a race in one of his games that was modeled after the Lion King? (I have a feeling some of you just stopped smiling :) Personally I dare say I don’t mind them (runs for cover). MJ countered with a cat race of his own in some sort of twisted MMO Godfather studio PVP. I expect Garriott to come back with one of his own any day now. Talk about 3 leaders taking their people on different paths. IMO MJ is the one that pulled the sword outta the stone making him Arthurian! Garriott is probably a TDD and Smed...Viking, no doubt, Viking.

FYI I will throw out NGE jokes for the rest of my life. Not because I’m obsessed with it (ok maybe a little) but because it’s a part of a nerdy niche history that other nerdy people can get a smile outta. At this point I don’t consider it a serious thing, just an inside joke kinda thing and I hope when guys like Smed, MJ, and Garriott see things like TOA RUINED MY LIFE and NGE RUINED MY LIFE and TRAMMEL RUINED MY LIFE they smile and brush it off. I do. It’s kinda flattering in a weird way. Anyway I’m glad to see the three of them back (not that Smed ever really left), even their biggest detractors have to agree that the genre is better with those three than without them.

I can’t get over how interesting the genre is these days (or how fast it turned around). We have the triple threat back in the game. We have minecraftesque building systems with destructible worlds, SANDBOXES, and most importantly we have all manner of cat races in various games. It’s a good time to be an MMOer and I think anyone that has hung in this dilapidated genre deserves to reap the rewards of all the pain and suffering the last several years of terrible MMOs have caused us. (self high-five) We are a determined lot having stayed through the decaying years, then again, we always were weren’t we? Thats what drew us to games like UO, EQ, and DAOC. You HAVE to be one determined SOB to thrive in those beasts don’t you? Well, didn’t you? Good times, I look forward to more.


#41 A Pirates life for me!

Posted by Tierless Tuesday August 13 2013 at 9:03PM
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So I missed the boat on this one...literally. I logged in and saw that my guild (Old Timers Guild-OTG) had a ship heading to the sea fortress. I didn’t plan on going but I decided it was worth a shot just to see what real MMO ship combat was like. Unfortunately they couldn’t stop moving (seriously they could not stop, it would have been bad for them) and my summon dropped me into the ocean behind the ship. /shrug

I had two options, hearth back or swim into the unknown...I swam for 15 minutes in pitch black. Thankfully it was night, otherwise I woulda been killed before I saw anything cool! FYI I’m a total newb in scrub gear who is going in with the expectation of death...

As I neared the tower I began to see spells and fire of me in the darkness in front of me, the air literally felt thick. I decided it was safer to swim beneath the surface. I went under for as long as I could. When I cam up for air hell was waiting for me. It was night but it looked like morning. Fires, spells, cannons, and explosions were all around me. My headphones were buzzing! Without realizing it a ship ran me over! I went under and saw other players that had dived...or been forced in. Arrows were streaming through the water, players dieing, it was like the beginning of Saving Private Ryan and that end battle in Platoon all at once!

I came up for air again. Now the sun was rising and for the first time I could make out the amount of ships in my area. 15, 30, 50, more!?!? As far as my screen would load ships of all makes and models were battling one another. My aged CPU was having a heart attack trying to keep up! I was thrilled to see such a sight in game. For years I had waited to see proper sea PVP and this was incredible!

I spied an abandoned ship, one of the cheap ones but to a scrub like me it was a dream boat! I decided I had no shot of getting to my guild ship (they were neck deep in chaos) but maybe, just maybe I could get a ship for my efforts. (keep in mind at this point I’ve never driven a ship and only been on one once so I have no idea what is about to happen)

I dodged a couple players that were far more interested in an enormous ship than me, boarded the ship, and spun that SOB around as fast as I could. I was getting out of dodge with my precious new boat! I figured I just had to make it past the main battle and I would be homeward bound, how newbish I am.

No matter how far I went more boats were appearing, they were everywhere! What must have amounted to miles in all directions! I was taking random fire from all around. First I went east-routed, now north-routed-south-west-SW!NW!EW! It didn’t matter, this fight was even bigger than I thought.

I decided just to head in a direction and try dodging fire when on the horizon I spied my guild’s ship! What luck! All I had to do was get to them, pack up the ship, and climb onto that big red boat to safe....they didn’t know it was me...

I spun around to avoid their cannon fire while LOLing. I couldn’t interrupt chat, I was but 1 scrub in newb gear with a crappy boat, they had way way more at stake AND were being chased by a wolf pack of smaller ships. Such is life in Darkfall.

I decided to wait behind a tall rock until it looked like I had an opening. Thats when he popped his head up next to me...I knew I wouldn’t last long. I tried drowning him with the boat but it was no use. A few shots and I lay dieing on the deck. He climbed on, looked at me, then started driving the boat!

“WTF” I thought. I guess he was taking mercy on m...he let go of the wheel and finished me off with three arrows to the chest. I wish I got his name just to msg him and see if he somehow managed to make it out of the chaos with that little ship. As my screen went to black I could still hear the battle raging all around me, vent was a buzz with the guildies trying to limp our boat back to safety, they made it, I didn’t, but we ALL had ridiculous amounts of fun. I can honestly say it was the single greatest experience I have ever had in an MMORPG and I’ve been MMOing for over 10 years and mostly PVPing for about 7.

Darkfall is not a perfect game. It has a whole pile of things I would adjust, change, or fix and it’s not for everybody, but when things in Darkfall come together there is not a single MMO quite like it and the experience you have is simply incredible.

In that way it reminds me even more of the old school games. You spent lots of time grinding and battling weird bugs to the point of nearly hating the game, then things would happen that only a sandbox could produce and it was like none of that stuff mattered because (for however long it lasted) you were playing the greatest game on the planet (and if you were lucky you didn’t even crash half way through lol).

The guild crew did far better than me, link below:

#40 Your either a Voxel MMO or your not

Posted by Tierless Monday August 12 2013 at 4:10PM
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Roxy Voxy sat on a wall, Roxy Voxy had a great fall. All the Kings enemies and all the kings men fought over who would rebuild Roxy Voxy so they could do it all over again.

Voxels voxels voxels, remember that word because you will be hearing it a gazillion times in the next few years and I couldn’t be happier. Minecraft was a game that wasn’t supposed to be popular. It was too complex and looked too awkward, and it changed gaming. In my opinion companies were out of touch with what the internet 2.0 has done to it’s users. When you start hearing 60 year old women says things like “I did it in photoshop”, or “can’t you photoshop it”, or “my friend uses a free program thats like photoshop for her photos” you know something shifted.

Suddenly everyone with an Iphone or Ipad is an artist. People don’t just want a facebook page, they want to customize THEIR facebook page. The desire to be unique has never been greater, the amount of creation tools has never been more accessible, yet games weren’t providing the tools. The few that have, WWE Smackdown games for example, saw players do amazing things, some times even more amazing than the developers themselves could do, yet with half the tools. But games held back. I don’t blame them, it’s an uncomfortable thing to have a 17 year old kid who never took a class in his life school you in photoshop me on that one.

As the rest of the digital world set out to help EVERYONE become customized, MMOs and many other games began to pull back on creation tools and lock players into a set scripted path. Facebook games about raising a virtual farm explode, yet MMOs removed that sort of content. Social media, SOCIAL-media blows up, and MMOs become less social...are you seeing a trend here? Does the lack of success outside of WOW start to make more sense now? For some reason this genre decided to fight uphill against everything that was happening around it. Games like GTA, Skyrim, and Minecraft were making epic virtual worlds with characters made by you, for you, and selling millions, meanwhile MMO Inc was running in the opposite direction.

WOW often gets too much credit...or blame for holding the genre back. But players forget 2 things. Other companies chose to copy WOW and it’s players chose to keep playing it. Its not like Blizz somehow blocked any MMO evolution. My point is, it wasn’t just WOW, it was the entire direction of the entire genre that was going against the entire cultural movement of the net 2.0.

If UO or SWG launched today I truly believe they would do even better than they originally did because the culture and the mindset of young gamer people has moved into the realm of Social and Unique. Those kinds of games thrived at both. I think we're about to see an MMORPG revival with Voxels leading the way. The new set of socially reliant virtual worlds where you get to make your own custom avatar with a custom house and custom horse and custom everything is tailor made for today's e-world even more than it was 10 plus years ago. Hell, UO has more in common with facebook games than current MMOs. Did you see the early facebook games? They were basically MUDs. FYI yes I know I keep saying facebook and I am aware that facebook stopped being “cool” when everyone's mother started friending all of their friends, but you get my point :)

From this point forward you will have two kinds of MMORPGs. Virtual worlds made with Voxelness and everyone else. I feel kinda bad for the old guard. They can either evolve and somehow make their game world Voxelesque or watch as their game die the kind of slow, dramatic death than only an MMO can. Voxels are the future, Voxels make worlds to live in, people love LEGOS, see, the writing is on the same ironic wall that Roxy Voxy fell off of. FYI in the end it was the Arthurians that beat the other two realms and rebuilt her, obviously!


#39 A Technology Renaissance

Posted by Tierless Saturday August 10 2013 at 1:44AM
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We are in the midst of a technology renaissance. FIRE, PHONE, INTERNET. Those are the inventions that have changed us like none before. The internet is a common, unifying language for all the people of earth to share. It allows us to share ideas across the entire world in an instant. It has freed countries and won wars and it is leading us to a technological renaissance, yet social media keeps getting all the credit. Sure it’s done wonders, but people forget that without the web there is no social media.

I truly believe we are on the brink of a leap in our history, a leap that the net should get credit for. Smart phones are AMAZING-but only with the web. Tablets are so useful-but only with the web. Social media is revolutionary!-as long as you can use it-with the web.

It’s coming and coming fast. Thanks to the web we are sharing all of our hopes, dreams, and BSC idears, uniting behind them, and taking them to heights unseen. The same goes for MMORPGs.

For years we were in a dark age of de-evolution but thanks to Kickstarter and crowd funding we are emerging. Now that SOE decided to drop trow and show off it’s EQPeen the flag has been placed, the challenge made. Evolve, because we are and if you don’t it will be obvious. Old games that are hanging on by a branch will fall into oblivion as these TRUE next gen MMOs begin to arrive.

It looks like the majority of new ones are based on virtual worlds again. Thank you Minecraft, and Skyrim, you have been more MMO than the MMOs of the last few years and you proved that fans do like living worlds and creative outlets, which is something that I thought was common knowledge, at least among the majority of old school MMOers I know.

The hour is nigh, the Time is near, the genre is changing and this MMOer, not gamer, I don’t play games, I only play MMOs, this MMOer is extremely excited to be a part of this time in MMO history. I feel like it’s the year 2000 again. Every day we see more and more virtual world games announced, and every day I get to dream about what it will be like to live in those virtual worlds again.

People will say it’s early but I don’t think it is. The dark times have passed, the sun is shining upon our genre again. It will only get better from here.

#38 Stormriderssss, mount up! It's time to ride! (plays Bon Jovi)

Posted by Tierless Monday August 5 2013 at 10:30PM
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How about that Stormrider lore preview? It played out like a really fun game intro. I also got a weird Lost Tribe of the Sith vibe from them, in a good way. Who doesn’t like Sith? Other than Jedi I guess...POWAAAA UN-LIMITED POWAAAAAAA!!!! Remember that time Palpatine was all “ima kill yur kid while u watch, cool?” and Vader was all “do you even force bro” and The Palp was all “come at me bro” then vader shoulder pressed The Palp into that big endless pit because it was a little know fact that not only did Vader force, but he lifted as well. You would think in the future they would learn to put a cover of some kind over endless open pits but those things were EVERYWHERE in Star Wars, workplace hazard IMHO, OSHA would be all over those like standard boots (non steel toe) in an iron factory yo.

Yes, it’s gonna be one of those blogs...

The only thing I worry a bit about is the jewel on the forehead. In my prior MMO experiences forehead jewels end up looking like moles (if anything) in game. It would be nice if they did something unique, but personally I would prefer a tattoo or scar (probably because I have plenty of both). What? Life is hard as a Regulator, we didn’t just take any geek off the street, gotta be quick with the steel if you know what I mean. Oh young guns, you were like an 80’s hair band and a western in one, and it was beautiful.

I loved the background story. I LOVED the way they are forced to face a Veil storm. I REALLY REALLY LOVED the multiple outcomes from said event. As a player that dabbles in RP my mind was racing. Soooo many story options. Back in the old SWG days my Zebrak had no face tattoo due to a long and sad back story that had him as a social outcast. I love me some social outcast backstory! Then again I also like to bounty hunt social outcasts...or anyone for that matter. What a sad never ending game of cat and mouse, my main always hunting my alt but never ever able to catch him...

The whole being a child until you're like 20 thing was a bit weird. If they do a race intro they should have a Michael Jackson Thriller inspired endboss...or a veil altered race of ghouls...But the idea that it’s the veil that transforms them is interesting. I wonder, if they never face the storm, do they ever age or are they some weird eunuch type thing? Questions, questions that need answers, answers that have questions, beers that need drinking...

The concept art was interesting as well. From the looks of it we will have our little hands full terraforming the lands outside our starter cities because it looks pretty nasty out there at the moment. I LOVE that concept as well. Allowing the players to TRULY (I’m eyeing you GW2) alter the game world and make it their own is simply incredible. And if we fail at it? Veil storm! Start again ;)

It also looked like the TDD structure did indeed reflect being exposed to the harsh veil storms and being built for war. I really really hope CSE make everything in game reflect that we are in war times. Things are generally beaten, battered, rugged, and functional during war times and far far too many MMOs have forgotten that when making perfectly pretty palaces in the middle of warzones.

How about those Stormchosen I hear they are kinda like Jedi, but more powerful, like even more so than Mace Windu and you can unlock them by hologrinding...but that might be a rumor...

Nice job MJ and CSE. Uniquely interesting lore and equally interesting art. Always looking forward to more. They way fans consume info you would think they are printing it, burning it, then using the ashed to make a nice Carl Weathers inspired ham soup which they I said fan is short for fanatic right?

#37 KS, EQN, CU, Star Citizen, enjoy them before it's too late.

Posted by Tierless Monday August 5 2013 at 9:52AM
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Quick, before it’s gone! Star Citizen doesn’t know what it did. Do you realize it’s too late? Enjoy EQN, CU, Star Citizen, and the next few kickstarted MMOs because they are headed in a very bad direction from here on out. It’s sad too, because I’m pretty sure when we look back at this timeframe in genre history it will be as memorable as the EQ-WOW years. Things are changing and they are changing fast. Blink and you will miss it. When it’s all said and gone, blame Star Citizen.

“Tierless, have you been drinking again, WTF are you talking about?”

Money. The answer to every shady question always, ALWAYS ends with money and Star Citizen is raising way too much of it. You should all realize that right about the time SC hit 15 mill every greedy corporate game entity started salivating. “Wait a sec, these morons will pay for it, and if we give them tools, they will make the content for us too!” I can hear it in overly lit boardrooms across the gaming spectrum. “All we have to do it hype it, and make it look like it’s sorta inde and the fanboys will beg us to take their money”.

I don’t care what people do with their extra cash, and I even think us helping make content is well past due. Second life anyone, how did the other games miss that concept? But trust me, you heard it here first, after the first few MMOs make it through clean the shady ones will come. Lies, hype, bs, the same thing that has sent the genre spiraling for so long will infect this beautiful thing, so again, enjoy it while it’s pure, it’s probably already started to turn.

By turn I mean we pay to fund it, we pay again to buy it complete with the pre-order exclusives (for an additional fee) and we pay again for every piece of content in the game even though our friends made it. If GW2 is utilizing the casino model this is utilizing the Disneyland model (except were working at Disney while we pay to use it). Pay to get to the park, pay to get in, pay to use everything inside, and pay even more to make it faster and more convenient for ourselves.

We are at a crossroads. This can go either of 2 ways. The one I just detailed above will only happen if we allow our generosity to be exploited. I don’t wanna upset anyone’s chi, but I wanna get the message out before it’s too late. If we help direct it things can stay on this beautiful path where dev and player walk side by side through the utopia of collective game creation or we can let our guard down and end up spiralling down the path to MMO oblivion.

PS Utopia works both ways. We keep it constructive and positive and help promote and create and they don’t take advantage of us. We act like a bunch of spoiled needy fanboys and we head in an even worse direction, right back to the old blacked out, dark ages, no info development system.


#36 Fan is short for fanatic, its a hard knock life for us.

Posted by Tierless Saturday August 3 2013 at 12:20AM
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Fan; short for Fanatic-marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion

I generally always post in a sort of online persona, but for this one I just wanna be 100% me, from heart, to hands, to blog.

I was going to write about EQN, CU, Star Citizen, KS and how this time in the genre will be as memorable as any, but after reading the forums I decided to wait a bit on that one. I wanna talk about something that we can all agree we like, US, the loyal fans. It ain't easy being a fan. I mean a true fan.The kind thats been with a brand of game for 10 or more years. The kind that stayed through the good, the bad, and even the NGEs. No sir, lifes rough for a fan, not nearly as rough as it is for someone trying to please a fan, but pretty rough amiright?

One time, true story, one time I saw some concept art for a game and an entire fanbase went into an uproar. Another time I saw the very first footage of a game and before I knew it petitions were being put on the web to make fan changes! What has social media done to us? It’s given a voice to the voiceless, it’s overthrown governments, so surely it can get the art of a game changed right?

Strange times, strange times indeed. On one hand companies want us to follow them on social media, on the other we tend to feel that doing so, lending them our word of mouth, doing them that favor entitles us to have a stronger voice in the game’s development. Should it? I suppose it depends on the game and the circumstances surrounding it.

At it’s best it’s a thing of beauty, at it’s worst you have riots over pieces of undecided concept art. It’s a tough line to walk. It’s hard to know who to appeal to. Tell us too much, or too little, or dare mislead us, and we will call you on it. Beauty. The interweb has helped fans become one giant BS detector. Do you think NGE would happen in today’s world? I doubt it. Look what happened to SWTOR for trying to mislead us. Justice served. But there is 2 sides to every story. I’m sure all of the workers that went through 80 hour weeks of hell for SWTOR put every drop of heart and creative soul into SWTOR that they could within the confines that were placed upon them. No one sets out to make a bad game. Marketing departments definitely set out to mislead about games, but I guarantee no quality devs ever sat around brainstorming about how to make a crappy game.

I know it’s easy with the web to forget that there are real people behind names initials like SWTOR, EQN, SOE etc. (trust me I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to SWTOR) but before we go grab our pitchforks and torches lets try to breath for a minute and think about the situation from top to bottom.

So, EQN, did it betray us or did they try to give us something special and end up a bit misguided along the way? I’m not sure yet. I don’t know enough. I know that if I was a serious EQ fan I would feel a bit betrayed by the look, especially due to the comments that were made prior about it being more EQ like than EQ2 was, but other than that, I think we need to wait for some more details to emerge and above all else, be cool man, like three little fonzies.