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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#101 Camelot Unchained, too crazy for us?

Posted by Tierless Sunday July 27 2014 at 1:39PM
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When is a map no longer a map? When it’s a puzzle! That is what was racing through my mind as I watched the “BSC” Camelot Unchained map presentation by Mark Jacobs. I came in like an idea noob thinking it would match the ideal in my head (even though that is impossible) and within a minute changed to...Why would you do this to the game world! This is the single most important part of an MMO! Why would you do this to MY map! We know what works, why are you breaking it! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!...

Much like my expectations what lie before my eyes was not the image of a giant open world to live in, it was a broken, shattered, mass of islands to fight on! Islands that remind me of...of...of INSTANCES! Small, zoned, isolated, pvp, INSTANCES! Yes, thats what they look like even if they aren’t! (See how quickly fear makes you jump to MORE fear no matter how illogical?) How could this be? Where did I go wrong? What was I thinking? What were THEY thinking!? Is he trolling us? How can this work?!?! Fear, worry, terror! My gut reaction was to jump in my wambulance and grab the can of gasoline I was saving for just such an occasion and burn this house down!!! Tierless ANGRY! Tierless ROARRRRR!!!!...

...But I didn’t. I didn’t do it because I’ve jumped the gun with a keyboard enough times to know typing while emotional is a dangerous thing. I didn’t because I knew I wasn’t yet grasping what was being said. I forced calm because I know for a fact that the map is MY baby! It’s my precious! And because it is I knew I would be more susceptible to a freak the F out during this presentation than any of the others! Above all else that is why I needed to take a step back, breath, listen, give it some time, then come back at this concept. That...and the fact that I was about 30 seconds into the part where he pulls the map apart! Yes, all of that happened quickly because fear is faster than a snake in a burning cane field! A very illogical snake.

I’m letting you into the depths (ok shallows) of my mind on this because I’m guessing many Camelot Unchained followers (both backers and not) felt the exact same way at some point during the “BSC Days”. During those 4 crazy days CSE hit us with an absolute barrage of ideas so far outside the box they were in a circle! I’m letting you know that as soon as it landed on my doormat I was terrified of the change I always knew was coming. The change I was even asking for! I’m describing my mental struggle to you so you don’t feel alone, so you know it’s only natural to fear that burning bag of change on your doormat!

Humans are a fickle lot. No matter how badly we ask for change we never REALLY expect it to come into OUR homes. Change you say? Sure, change everything in an mmo....except MY thing...leave MY thing alone, k thanks! But it doesn’t work that way. You can’t add a new ingredient without changing the recipe and you darn sure can’t expect that new recipe to taste like the old one. You can’t listen to Jacobs say (paraphrasing) “don’t back this unless you want crazy ideas, don’t back this if you fear change, we expect to piss some people off” then act out in fear and anger when it happens, or rather, in my opinion you shouldn’t because at this point it just doesn’t make sense. Constructively question, sure. Fear, no.

Killing ideas out of fear is what has led this genre down this sad and uninspired path over the last 10 years. Having the stones to try things that WILL upset a few people is what will save it. I’ll keep writing down my questions, I’ll keep thinking about the hows and the whys but I’m keeping my Roundup in the shed. I’ll let uncomfortable MMO ideas grow a bit before I decide if I need to spray them (or trim them depending) and I hope other MMOers are willing to do the same. The fans need to ask more of the developers, but in turn the developers need to ask more of the fans. Are you fan enough to sacrifice something you love for the benefit of the entire genre? Are you willing to allow change and progress even if it means adapting to something you're not comfortable with? Do you agree that Megatron is cooler than Cy-Kill? I hope that most of us answered yes to those three questions because the genre depends on it!

It’s not just about Camelot Unchained, it’s about the entire genre. It’s about all of the devs knowing they can bring out their inner crazy and it WONT send fans running for their pitchforks and gasoline. (FYI there's a time for that, it’s called open Beta still broken) It’s about accepting your afraid of change, but being brave enough to allow it inspite of it compromising your precious X,Y, or even Z!

Stage set, wambulance parked, mask on, the next few blogs will cover some of those ideas that CSE is planning for Camelot Unchained. I plan to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly and I’ll even do all of it without running around screaming that the sky is falling (well, I’ll TRY not to). Do they sound crazy good, crazy bad, or just huh, crazy! Tune in “soon” as I go deep into the cave of Bat S*** Crazy! Same BSC blogger, same BSC blog! Watch the skies for the Tier symbol...or the “newest posts” section under blogs.

Special thanks to someone that helped me get over a touch of blogger block and take these BSC blogs to the maximum amount of crazy! Sometimes you gotta walk away to walk forward. Thanks again!

BSC Map presentation link available here, note my panic started at about 6 mins in.

More map info here


grogstorm writes:

BSC or not, I loved the idea immediately.  And the more I thought about it, the more I loved about this idea.  I started thinking about supply lines and stabilizers behind enemy lines that will have to be either defended or get disconnected from your main realm base and all of your new troops/supplies.  This will be a huge tactical battlefield that will be constantly in flux.

Love it, Love it, Love it!

Sun Jul 27 2014 8:31PM Report
gylnne writes: Is this not what MMO fans have wanted for years? A developer willing to take chances to possibly make games fun again even if the ideas are insane? For me the answer is a very loud YES! Tue Jul 29 2014 1:55PM Report writes:
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