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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#29 Kill 10 chaotic rats

Posted by Tierless Sunday July 7 2013 at 9:38PM
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I killed ten rats in WOW, then I killed 20 boars, 50 scorpions, 30 alligators, 60 lions, 3 zebra and 200 murlocs (I hate that noise). I killed from the Orc newb zone, up through the barrens and into Ashenveil (where I was promptly ganked by a gang of pretty Elves). I didn’t do any of it for quests or loot. I did it because I like triggering random stuff in MMORPGs. In fact one of my favorite things to do in an MMO or even a single player game is to step out, pull out my weapon, and start killing until I come up against something that I can’t beat (ideally a rare something).

Why? Hope. My hope is that whatever MMO I am playing has something unique or interesting or special that I will encounter/trigger. I hope to run into a special spawn, a special boss, a rare uber mob, rare resource, secret cave etc. I’m looking for something random and exciting. Something that I don’t see coming. Something chaotic!

If your game can reward me with some random chaos I have no problem mindlessly killing rats. The problem is that games have become so scripted that I get punished for deviating from the path! If you don’t act like a good little hamster and stay on that wheel you can’t keep up with the other hamsters. In fact, you get 0, nothing, not a single reward for bravely going where no hamster has gone before. Not even a sense of exploration because the game zones have become soo tiny they resemble mazes more than worlds (I”m looking at you SWTOR, GW2, WOW). I’d love to feel tiny and insignificant in an MMO world again...

MMOs have become the overprotective parent that never allows their children to learn or grow due to fear of them hurting themselves! Enter random chaos in CU. Oh how I long for random acts of pain and suffering. Random instances of loss and defeat. Random happenings that save me and aid me. I really don’t care if they are good, bad, or ugly, I just want to enter an MMO and feel like anything can happen. I want to log in thinking that every single playtime could be different than the one before because the Dev Gods on the mountain like to meddle in our business. They like to throw chaos down upon us to test us and see how we react. We might stumble, we might fall, but eventually we will join them in the Sun...and it’s their job to knock us back down again.

That is the stuff that keeps my MMO blood pumping. Spells failing right when I need them? Fine with me. Being defeated only to get a random godly rez from the great beyond, heck yeah I’ll be telling my friends about that one! A storm breaking out and lighting our town on fire? O-M-G that would be an experience worth remembering! Picking one of 3 scripted options, all of which have 0 real consequence or effect on my character...not so memorable.

Randomize all of it! Make it so we never know what will happen, make it so every log in might offer us something to tell our MMO friends about! Make it so we fail and have to pull ourselves up again! We can handle it, were tough enough, were determined enough, were stubborn enough, were old school MMO enough! Forget Camelot Unchained, Chaos Unchained is what I’m looking forward to!


MacDeath2013 writes: I totally agree that we, the CU old school players can and should handle some chaos.  I don't want to see nothing but chaos, however. That can become too predictable too.  Random chaos is the best. Rarely, one of the rats can turn into a dragon but usually they should just be rats. Mon Jul 08 2013 11:12AM Report
Tierless writes: I completely agree. If things happen too often they are no longer special, they become standard gameplay and lose their meaning. The chaotic events should be random and rare. Mon Jul 08 2013 11:26AM Report writes:
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