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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#27 This and that and some of this again

Posted by Tierless Wednesday June 26 2013 at 10:21PM
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(slowly creeps out of the veil)

Miss me? I was on an e-sabbatical. A real life sabbatical is like a year, but in internet time a year is about 2 weeks so here I am. I’m going to go a bit traditional with this one and talk about a little of this, a dash of that, and a pinch of that right there.

First off I wanna take a minute and pour some libations for SWG. It would be ten years today old friend. Not an MMO day goes by that I still don't think of you; the good times, the bad times, the times the server was down and I realized I had forgotten what to do with free time. Oh the memories. I’d kill for any of the “new gen” MMOs to give me the tools to create the memorable content that you did.

SWG was a game that you could play, then tell friends about, even non MMO friends! The things that happened in SWG were so interesting they didn’t think you were lame, they were entertained and even interested! SWG was like Guns N’ Roses, when it worked it was unforgettable, when it didn’t e-riots happened and like GnR everyone always knew it was too special and too volatile to last. I just wish it went out on it’s own terms not at the hands of that single player scripted RPG masquerading as an actual MMORPG. If you hadn't’ been terminally ill with a case of the NGEs you coulda bested that POS. Heck, considering how lost the industry has become your servers would probably be stronger than ever by this point. Oh SWG, I sure wish I knew how to forget you, but this tattoo of your launch date almost guarantees I never will...(no I don’t have that for real, yet...;)

Excuse me a minute I...I think I got something in my eye...

(5 minutes, youtube clips of SWG and a carton of rocky road later)

EQ Next is so epic that we know 0, nothing, not a single thing about it and it’s being considered the greatest sandbox of ALLLLLLLL time! It must be amazing to achieve that with nothing...I hope, HOPE, EQN is as good as Smed says it will be but if theres 2 MMO certainties it’s that The Smed and Baul Parnett could sell me my own watch...for twice the price that I originally paid for it! So I’ll remain reserved for now. Fingers crossed, but reserved. My lil black heart just can’t take another MMOmotional rollercoaster ride. After SWTOR I swore I’d never fall for that stuff again...then I went batty for a game that only existed on paper.../shrug

Speak of the e-devil. Camelot Unchained time e-ladies and e-fellas. So, how about those dwarves? IMHO those are the kind of dwarves that other MMO dwarves have nightmares about. Those guys look legit. Like Joe Pesci mixed with Wolverine legit. I can honestly say I have only ever played 1 dwarf in 10 years of MMOing (dwarf engineer in WAR). They just don’t appeal to me, but those lil stone SOBs look too tough to ignore. I gotta try one. My only complaint about them was that they ALL looked cool as hell. I’m pretty critical of MMO art, but I would be more than happy with any or all or one uber hybrid of all of them. Nicely done CSE art team, nicely job.

Lets talk about the opposite end of the CU art world. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? It’s the flying pink polka dot elephant in the room. Yes I’m talking about butt wings! Perhaps no other subject has been more CU polarizing than butt wings. Maybe I can put this beast to bed. Without the wings I think she looks like an uber sleek, stealthy, lethal predator. With them I think she looks ok. But (IMHO) not better than she would without them. Sometimes ya just gotta step back and say, what does this do for her? Does it really add something special or was it just added for the sake of adding something? Does it make sense or is it just flash?

So far, just based on the visual, I say drop those bad boys and move on but if you don’t I’m cool with that. If, IF CSE can answer some of those above questions. If they show me a purpose and a meaning and a use then I can live with them. It’s not the end of the world. They don’t look BAD, just awkward. Will they break the game for you? No. Will they hurt CU? No. Will it still be a great game even if every character has them? Probably.

My point is, lets not get hung up on stage 1 of rough concepts. Lets embrace them, let CSE try them, let them be brave, let them make us uncomfortable and offer some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in response. It’s how to make great art. If everything was vanilla CU would end up like all those other MMOs we despise. Hopefully this helps just a bit to put this silly topic to rest once and for all. I’ll never stop being amazed at how often people get hung up on the details and forget about the big the ability to sit, IN A CHAIR! Now THAT is something worth fighting for! (goosebumps, every time, still!)

(runs back into the veil) writes:
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