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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#26 CU is NOT DAOC2!

Posted by Tierless Tuesday June 11 2013 at 9:55PM
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MJ said it and he said it right away, this is not DAOC2. It was never intended to be, it was never meant to be, it is not trying to be. THIS IS CU. CU is not DAOC2. DAOC2 is NOT CU. Are we clear yet? I doubt it. Every time I turn around I hear/see/read something about how CU HAS to have X, Y, or Z because DAOC had it and CU HAS to have it exactly like DAOC did. I respect DAOC, I like DAOC, I’m sad that DAOC got WOWed but...

Wanna know a secret? I figured out the fastest way to make an MMO fail. Take a beloved IP and claim to be making a sequel. Insta fail. Know why? Because no matter how good it is it will NEVER exactly match the nostalgic feeling of the prior game. Good games make memories, those memories have a “feel” to them. I learned this when looking over my MMO subs a few years ago. Without realizing it just about every year around the original SWG launch date I end up subbing to a new MMO. Just about every time it rains all night I open a window and think back to SWG. Why? Because SWG was an experience I’ll cherish forever and my brain noted that SWG and I bonded during a rainy June.

The second I log into SWG2 at launch and it’s in winter or fall I’m already in “it just doesn’t feel the same” mode. Then I try to play it and “it just doesn’t play like the original”. Despite the fact that original SWG rarely played, it spent more time crashed and bugged then played, my nostalgic memory won’t let you tell me otherwise!

This is why CU CAN NOT be DAOC2, it would be dooming it, setting it up for failure, attempting to live up to a memory that it never could. The worst possible thing CU could do was attempt to be too much like DAOC. Don’t think of CU as a sequel, successor, or even spiritual successor or you're going to hate it. Don’t try to will CU into being DAOC 2 either. Trust me, if it was called DAOC 2 you would play for 15 minutes on launch then decide it “just isn’t as good as OG DAOC” then hate it and blame MJ for “lying” to you. Think of it as DAOCs 5th cousin twice removed on your mothers side (fyi I think that means you can marry it without any legal issues...).


Good, if your that irrational and illogical I don’t want you to read anything by me because nostalgia be damned, I chose logic! Logic dictates its better to try being different and maybe great (or even just ok) then try living up to and in the shadow of an ideal. Don’t believe me? Look at SWTOR, look at that Superman movie from a few years ago, look at Diablo 3, look at Sean Lennon! This isn’t consoles folks, simple minded sequels don’t work the same in MMO land. I’ll say it, the MMO crowd is a niche that tends to be a bit more savvy than the average gamer. We demand a bit more than the same rehashed COD with 3 new maps and....A DOG, AMAZING! We expect some evolution, yet demand the past. We are fickle, and we are hell to cater to.

Don’t have a melt down. DAOC was a game made by a team led by a man. You might call him the soul of DAOC. Looking at that man’s games you will see certain consistencies; boon and bane, distinctly different races with incredible amounts of character, classes upon classes upon unique classes, etc. Do I expect CU to be DAOC 2? No, but I KNOW CU will have the same soul as CU because of Mark Jacobs. In Mark I trust. I trust him to know how to utilize the good things from his past games while ignoring the bad things and I trust him to make tough decisions based on what's best for the community, not what the community wants the best.

Do I want CU to be like DAOC, sure DAOC had some nice features, but part of the reason I used to love new MMOs was seeing what new additions they brought to the genre. I would be extremely disappointed to see CU come out and look like DAOC with a new paint job. I want it to surprise me, scare me, make me uncomfortable and force me to adapt to something beyond any MMO I have played before. If not, what was the point? Why even bother? I’m an artist, I don’t work in a set style repititiously. You will note certain things throughout all of my art but I have always viewed the concept of “working on one style for life to master it” as a cop-out for mass producing uncreative repetitive yawnsauce and I also view it as the opposite of being creative. I think MJ is an MMO artist and I don’t think he would go into a new game without some new excitement that pushes us and himself to the edge of our comfort zones then punts us out to the great beyond.

One last thing, no, I never played DAOC 2 but that doesn’t instantly mean I “can’t understand” the obsession. I played, loved, and bled SWG, but I would never want SWG2. Call it Star Wars anything else, but for the love of MMORPGs don’t call it SWG2 unless you want it to fail...


Giffen writes: They really just need to make a DAOC2... Wed Jun 12 2013 9:47AM Report
Tierless writes: @Giffen It would end up like Mario 2 man, no one wants another Mario 2...things got, weird, in M2. Wed Jun 12 2013 9:56AM Report
meddyck writes: CU is a different game than DAOC but there were a lot of aspects of RvR in DAOC that worked well. Other companies and even Mark Jacobs in WAR have tried to make new RvR games with significant differences and the results have been less than impressive. CU will succeed if it keeps the best parts of DAOC and then adds new, interesting, and fun elements on top of those systems. Wed Jun 12 2013 10:20AM Report
Akubura writes:

I understand what you are saying here, I feel Mark has to make it appeal to the old school DAOC player because thats how he got the game funded. He reached out to all the old souls of his previous project and promised them a 3 realm pvp game. The game would not have reached its goal without the thousands of DAOC fans that gave hundreds of dollars. 

Personally I don't care either way, I just love MJ games (even WAR) but I feel if its way different he will lose a lot of subs quick. Just like he did in WAR.  He is going to have to find a good middle ground of fresh new content mixed with what made DAOC great and I really think now that he has EA off his ass, he will succeed in doing so. 

Thu Jun 13 2013 4:19AM Report
Tierless writes: @Akibura I agree, well said. Thu Jun 13 2013 11:36AM Report
Glisseal writes: Even though Mark has said this isn't going to be Daoc 2..I'm willing to bet it will be DAM CLOSE. If you listen too,or read alot of the things made public ....How can you not think this is Daoc 2? Tue Jun 18 2013 6:37AM Report writes:
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