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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#25 Question Everything: 200 hours of rat killin' content!

Posted by Tierless Thursday June 6 2013 at 5:05PM
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Our MMO features over 150 hours of quality content! Well, ok, some of the quests are longer and deeper than others...ok, some of them are also filler to get you from a to b...ok some of them are killing 10 rats...ok none of them require you to speak to another player....ok we have 20 hours of good stuff, lots of filler, and it’s all soloable...but you can group with friends to make “care circles” and talk about how soloing makes you a more peaceful person...

Hey RPGers, get your finite RPGs out of my infinit MMOs! If I wanted to solo a game I’d go back to Skyrim. This is MMO country, and round here we don’t take too kindly to your kind! The way I see it, ya got two options! Belly up and play this “non soloable” game, or go find yerself another theme park to “beat”. I hear you have lots O’ options and most of them are even free thanks to your kind confuzzling devs for the last 8 years!

Silly devs, why do you keep making finite content? Back in the good ole’ days MMO content was a real world ecosystem of supply, demand, and conquer. We didn’t need scripted stuff because we didn’t want scripted stuff! WE WERE THE SCRIPT! That solo jive is for RPG fans, OSMFs like me (OLD SCHOOL MMO FANS-OBVIOUSLY) make their own content! The kind of stuff that has since become legend, because it was real. EVE lives on it, thrives on it, embraces it, and promotes it. Thats why EVE (a game that is like playing spreadsheets and has 0 avatar ability) is outgrowing these AMAZING AAA 200 plus hours of content SPORPGs (Single Player Online Roleplay Games)! (eck, even the acronym sounds ugly, sounds like the noise an Orc would make to attract a mate)

Can you believe they still PROMOTE that their MMO is soloable? Like thats a good thing! LOL. How out of touch with MMOs can you be? At some point I hoped people would realize, if you ask 10 MMOers if they wanna be able to solo, 9 will say yes. They will solo, they will save the game world, become the hero, and they will move on. If you told them you don’t have soloing (but your game makes up for it somehow) you will get 7 of them to try it, and retain 5 for a few YEARS. The reality is that being unable to solo, thus unable to progress, is scary to most gamers. It’s not that hard, you just have, to interact, to socialize (or buy a 2nd account to form a duo :). Everyone wants to be independent, but despite what they might think, most of them will not have a longer, more intimate, more exciting experience than they will have playing with others. For MOST people, playing with yourself might seem fun and easy, but it rarely compares to playing with others.

I myself rarely group up with anyone outside of close friends, and that CHOICE should make it harder for me to play alone, maybe not impossible, but harder. I came up during a time when you needed massive groups just to enter entire zones or planets! If you didn’t have one, you died, quickly. It was hard, I had to interact, it wasn’t always fun or easy, but when it was fun I didn’t “do content” I made friends and had experiences! Often those friends lasted across multiple games, those experiences are told around bars and campfires even today!

Onto CU. CU, like EVE, is a PVP game based on a functioning inner dependant economy (supply and demand) all player crafted and supported. Ahhhhh that just feels good to say doesn’t it? That system creates a circle of life. THE CIRCLE OF FREAKING LIFE I SAYS! That circle creates an infinite content circle that never ends unless we have 0 players participating in it. As I have established prior, people are good at the two F’s, remove the social norms and protections and see just how unevolved we still are! We love us some ingame fighting and killin and conquering so if you give us the circle we will support it (long term), and in doing so, we create the content for you!

Ok Tierless; harvest, craft, use, kill, conquer, replace, repeat sounds good but even that will get stale eventually, don’t we need a bit more? Don’t we need some “250 hours of content” to keep us entertained?


No matter how fast your writer can write and your coder can code I can tell you two things for certain, players will burn through it faster than you can produce it but if you give players the tools they will be happy to make it for you. Just look at what The Mittani has been able to do for EVE with his emergent gameplay strategies. On top of creating content for others, he has become the greatest villain in the games history. He doesn’t just make it, he is it. In a game like EVE the players become the content.

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in MMOology. Mark my words, soon the devs will offer us the tools to create our own content. SWG was touching on it before it was put down by Tortanic. EVE lives in the gray area between ingame and out of game. CU, hopefully CU can bring some emergent gameplay to the table. Emergent gameplay is not finite, it doesn’t have a number on it, and it shouldn't be soloable. It’s the future, embrace it or go back to playing your single player RPGs for a finite amount of hours before you toss it aside like an old gen console and move onto the next one. You have no loyalty, you have no pride in your game, it’s just “entertainment” to you, well I got news for ya! This isn’t just entertainment to us, this is Camelot! It’s our realm vs their realm, vs their realm, spoils to the victor! This isn’t a world to play in, it’s a world to live in, to love in, to fight in, to die in, to rez in, to fight more in, and to bounty hunt freakin souls in!

Bounty freakin hunting! Thats content that creates, endless! Give us thievery, give us robbery, give us gambling, give us a world with less rules. Let’s remove the chains and enable the chaos. Lets take the social leash off of humans and see how much content we can produce by just being us. I want a game that Lord British would be afraid to log into and I hope CSE can give it to us! I want to log into vent years from now and hear stories of game days past like I do about UO. I want a game to make headlines about things that really happened that changed it forever like EVE. I want Camelot-Unchained-literally.

I want CU to do so well that devs won’t want to make any more SPORPGs. I like my games like I like my opportunities-limitless, without restraint, and full of chaos! Do not fear scary things like solo and consequence and butt wings, beat them, in doing so you become the scary thing! Now that is truly scary!


strangiato2112 writes:

"I want CU to do so well that devs won’t want to make any more SPORPGs."

CU is not something that will change the industry.  If EvE hasn't, no chance in hell CU does no matter how good it is.  

Stop pushing for it to be something it can never hope to be (an industry changer).  

Thu Jun 06 2013 5:18PM Report
gylnne writes:

Depends on what you consider changing the industry strangiato. Eve in my opinion has carved out a niche in the industry that sets the bar really high for anyone thinking of creating a space MMO. And their "crafting system" is the deepest in the industry as well.

CU will change the industry whether you like it or not and Tierless nor I will stop pushing for it.:)

Some of us are still dreamers.:)



Thu Jun 06 2013 6:52PM Report
Tierless writes: Perfectly said Glynne. As for it changing the industry, it already made a slight crack in the dam of corporate themepark MMO oversight the day it funded. Thu Jun 06 2013 8:47PM Report
Haiden55 writes: Ive played EVE since 2003.  That said not everyone enjoys space MMOs, I know I dont but I have played EVE because it is the style of game Ive always wanted.  With CU, if they can match what EVE has done, but in a different setting, I know it will be a game changer for myself and many others. Thu Jun 06 2013 9:23PM Report
Lithuanian writes:

Nice vision (or dream, or idea - you name it).None game has achieved it as far as I know.

I'll be frank - I do enjoy soloing and really hate forced groups (like "to have this quest, you MUST get 2 more players otherwise you can;t start this quest"). I'm soloer, lone wolf.

However, the idea of real world where players create content is good. The only thing I doubt are non-mature players that can simply start ruining content. Example:if player can create quest, some 10-years old would create quest like "bow before picture in my house, receive 1 golden coin", or "bow before me". Such idea does require very mature players to create content, be it quests, new maps etc.

Will Camelot succeed in it? Only future will show.

Thu Jun 06 2013 11:57PM Report writes:
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