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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#27 This and that and some of this again

Posted by Tierless Wednesday June 26 2013 at 11:21PM
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(slowly creeps out of the veil)

Miss me? I was on an e-sabbatical. A real life sabbatical is like a year, but in internet time a year is about 2 weeks so here I am. I’m going to go a bit traditional with this one and talk about a little of this, a dash of that, and a pinch of that right there.

First off I wanna take a minute and pour some libations for SWG. It would be ten years today old friend. Not an MMO day goes by that I still don't think of you; the good times, the bad times, the times the server was down and I realized I had forgotten what to do with free time. Oh the memories. I’d kill for any of the “new gen” MMOs to give me the tools to create the memorable content that you did.

SWG was a game that you could play, then tell friends about, even non MMO friends! The things that happened in SWG were so interesting they didn’t think you were lame, they were entertained and even interested! SWG was like Guns N’ Roses, when it worked it was unforgettable, when it didn’t e-riots happened and like GnR everyone always knew it was too special and too volatile to last. I just wish it went out on it’s own terms not at the hands of that single player scripted RPG masquerading as an actual MMORPG. If you hadn't’ been terminally ill with a case of the NGEs you coulda bested that POS. Heck, considering how lost the industry has become your servers would probably be stronger than ever by this point. Oh SWG, I sure wish I knew how to forget you, but this tattoo of your launch date almost guarantees I never will...(no I don’t have that for real, yet...;)

Excuse me a minute I...I think I got something in my eye...

(5 minutes, youtube clips of SWG and a carton of rocky road later)

EQ Next is so epic that we know 0, nothing, not a single thing about it and it’s being considered the greatest sandbox of ALLLLLLLL time! It must be amazing to achieve that with nothing...I hope, HOPE, EQN is as good as Smed says it will be but if theres 2 MMO certainties it’s that The Smed and Baul Parnett could sell me my own watch...for twice the price that I originally paid for it! So I’ll remain reserved for now. Fingers crossed, but reserved. My lil black heart just can’t take another MMOmotional rollercoaster ride. After SWTOR I swore I’d never fall for that stuff again...then I went batty for a game that only existed on paper.../shrug

Speak of the e-devil. Camelot Unchained time e-ladies and e-fellas. So, how about those dwarves? IMHO those are the kind of dwarves that other MMO dwarves have nightmares about. Those guys look legit. Like Joe Pesci mixed with Wolverine legit. I can honestly say I have only ever played 1 dwarf in 10 years of MMOing (dwarf engineer in WAR). They just don’t appeal to me, but those lil stone SOBs look too tough to ignore. I gotta try one. My only complaint about them was that they ALL looked cool as hell. I’m pretty critical of MMO art, but I would be more than happy with any or all or one uber hybrid of all of them. Nicely done CSE art team, nicely job.

Lets talk about the opposite end of the CU art world. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? It’s the flying pink polka dot elephant in the room. Yes I’m talking about butt wings! Perhaps no other subject has been more CU polarizing than butt wings. Maybe I can put this beast to bed. Without the wings I think she looks like an uber sleek, stealthy, lethal predator. With them I think she looks ok. But (IMHO) not better than she would without them. Sometimes ya just gotta step back and say, what does this do for her? Does it really add something special or was it just added for the sake of adding something? Does it make sense or is it just flash?

So far, just based on the visual, I say drop those bad boys and move on but if you don’t I’m cool with that. If, IF CSE can answer some of those above questions. If they show me a purpose and a meaning and a use then I can live with them. It’s not the end of the world. They don’t look BAD, just awkward. Will they break the game for you? No. Will they hurt CU? No. Will it still be a great game even if every character has them? Probably.

My point is, lets not get hung up on stage 1 of rough concepts. Lets embrace them, let CSE try them, let them be brave, let them make us uncomfortable and offer some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in response. It’s how to make great art. If everything was vanilla CU would end up like all those other MMOs we despise. Hopefully this helps just a bit to put this silly topic to rest once and for all. I’ll never stop being amazed at how often people get hung up on the details and forget about the big the ability to sit, IN A CHAIR! Now THAT is something worth fighting for! (goosebumps, every time, still!)

(runs back into the veil)

#26 CU is NOT DAOC2!

Posted by Tierless Tuesday June 11 2013 at 10:55PM
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MJ said it and he said it right away, this is not DAOC2. It was never intended to be, it was never meant to be, it is not trying to be. THIS IS CU. CU is not DAOC2. DAOC2 is NOT CU. Are we clear yet? I doubt it. Every time I turn around I hear/see/read something about how CU HAS to have X, Y, or Z because DAOC had it and CU HAS to have it exactly like DAOC did. I respect DAOC, I like DAOC, I’m sad that DAOC got WOWed but...

Wanna know a secret? I figured out the fastest way to make an MMO fail. Take a beloved IP and claim to be making a sequel. Insta fail. Know why? Because no matter how good it is it will NEVER exactly match the nostalgic feeling of the prior game. Good games make memories, those memories have a “feel” to them. I learned this when looking over my MMO subs a few years ago. Without realizing it just about every year around the original SWG launch date I end up subbing to a new MMO. Just about every time it rains all night I open a window and think back to SWG. Why? Because SWG was an experience I’ll cherish forever and my brain noted that SWG and I bonded during a rainy June.

The second I log into SWG2 at launch and it’s in winter or fall I’m already in “it just doesn’t feel the same” mode. Then I try to play it and “it just doesn’t play like the original”. Despite the fact that original SWG rarely played, it spent more time crashed and bugged then played, my nostalgic memory won’t let you tell me otherwise!

This is why CU CAN NOT be DAOC2, it would be dooming it, setting it up for failure, attempting to live up to a memory that it never could. The worst possible thing CU could do was attempt to be too much like DAOC. Don’t think of CU as a sequel, successor, or even spiritual successor or you're going to hate it. Don’t try to will CU into being DAOC 2 either. Trust me, if it was called DAOC 2 you would play for 15 minutes on launch then decide it “just isn’t as good as OG DAOC” then hate it and blame MJ for “lying” to you. Think of it as DAOCs 5th cousin twice removed on your mothers side (fyi I think that means you can marry it without any legal issues...).


Good, if your that irrational and illogical I don’t want you to read anything by me because nostalgia be damned, I chose logic! Logic dictates its better to try being different and maybe great (or even just ok) then try living up to and in the shadow of an ideal. Don’t believe me? Look at SWTOR, look at that Superman movie from a few years ago, look at Diablo 3, look at Sean Lennon! This isn’t consoles folks, simple minded sequels don’t work the same in MMO land. I’ll say it, the MMO crowd is a niche that tends to be a bit more savvy than the average gamer. We demand a bit more than the same rehashed COD with 3 new maps and....A DOG, AMAZING! We expect some evolution, yet demand the past. We are fickle, and we are hell to cater to.

Don’t have a melt down. DAOC was a game made by a team led by a man. You might call him the soul of DAOC. Looking at that man’s games you will see certain consistencies; boon and bane, distinctly different races with incredible amounts of character, classes upon classes upon unique classes, etc. Do I expect CU to be DAOC 2? No, but I KNOW CU will have the same soul as CU because of Mark Jacobs. In Mark I trust. I trust him to know how to utilize the good things from his past games while ignoring the bad things and I trust him to make tough decisions based on what's best for the community, not what the community wants the best.

Do I want CU to be like DAOC, sure DAOC had some nice features, but part of the reason I used to love new MMOs was seeing what new additions they brought to the genre. I would be extremely disappointed to see CU come out and look like DAOC with a new paint job. I want it to surprise me, scare me, make me uncomfortable and force me to adapt to something beyond any MMO I have played before. If not, what was the point? Why even bother? I’m an artist, I don’t work in a set style repititiously. You will note certain things throughout all of my art but I have always viewed the concept of “working on one style for life to master it” as a cop-out for mass producing uncreative repetitive yawnsauce and I also view it as the opposite of being creative. I think MJ is an MMO artist and I don’t think he would go into a new game without some new excitement that pushes us and himself to the edge of our comfort zones then punts us out to the great beyond.

One last thing, no, I never played DAOC 2 but that doesn’t instantly mean I “can’t understand” the obsession. I played, loved, and bled SWG, but I would never want SWG2. Call it Star Wars anything else, but for the love of MMORPGs don’t call it SWG2 unless you want it to fail...


#25 Question Everything: 200 hours of rat killin' content!

Posted by Tierless Thursday June 6 2013 at 6:05PM
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Our MMO features over 150 hours of quality content! Well, ok, some of the quests are longer and deeper than others...ok, some of them are also filler to get you from a to b...ok some of them are killing 10 rats...ok none of them require you to speak to another player....ok we have 20 hours of good stuff, lots of filler, and it’s all soloable...but you can group with friends to make “care circles” and talk about how soloing makes you a more peaceful person...

Hey RPGers, get your finite RPGs out of my infinit MMOs! If I wanted to solo a game I’d go back to Skyrim. This is MMO country, and round here we don’t take too kindly to your kind! The way I see it, ya got two options! Belly up and play this “non soloable” game, or go find yerself another theme park to “beat”. I hear you have lots O’ options and most of them are even free thanks to your kind confuzzling devs for the last 8 years!

Silly devs, why do you keep making finite content? Back in the good ole’ days MMO content was a real world ecosystem of supply, demand, and conquer. We didn’t need scripted stuff because we didn’t want scripted stuff! WE WERE THE SCRIPT! That solo jive is for RPG fans, OSMFs like me (OLD SCHOOL MMO FANS-OBVIOUSLY) make their own content! The kind of stuff that has since become legend, because it was real. EVE lives on it, thrives on it, embraces it, and promotes it. Thats why EVE (a game that is like playing spreadsheets and has 0 avatar ability) is outgrowing these AMAZING AAA 200 plus hours of content SPORPGs (Single Player Online Roleplay Games)! (eck, even the acronym sounds ugly, sounds like the noise an Orc would make to attract a mate)

Can you believe they still PROMOTE that their MMO is soloable? Like thats a good thing! LOL. How out of touch with MMOs can you be? At some point I hoped people would realize, if you ask 10 MMOers if they wanna be able to solo, 9 will say yes. They will solo, they will save the game world, become the hero, and they will move on. If you told them you don’t have soloing (but your game makes up for it somehow) you will get 7 of them to try it, and retain 5 for a few YEARS. The reality is that being unable to solo, thus unable to progress, is scary to most gamers. It’s not that hard, you just have, to interact, to socialize (or buy a 2nd account to form a duo :). Everyone wants to be independent, but despite what they might think, most of them will not have a longer, more intimate, more exciting experience than they will have playing with others. For MOST people, playing with yourself might seem fun and easy, but it rarely compares to playing with others.

I myself rarely group up with anyone outside of close friends, and that CHOICE should make it harder for me to play alone, maybe not impossible, but harder. I came up during a time when you needed massive groups just to enter entire zones or planets! If you didn’t have one, you died, quickly. It was hard, I had to interact, it wasn’t always fun or easy, but when it was fun I didn’t “do content” I made friends and had experiences! Often those friends lasted across multiple games, those experiences are told around bars and campfires even today!

Onto CU. CU, like EVE, is a PVP game based on a functioning inner dependant economy (supply and demand) all player crafted and supported. Ahhhhh that just feels good to say doesn’t it? That system creates a circle of life. THE CIRCLE OF FREAKING LIFE I SAYS! That circle creates an infinite content circle that never ends unless we have 0 players participating in it. As I have established prior, people are good at the two F’s, remove the social norms and protections and see just how unevolved we still are! We love us some ingame fighting and killin and conquering so if you give us the circle we will support it (long term), and in doing so, we create the content for you!

Ok Tierless; harvest, craft, use, kill, conquer, replace, repeat sounds good but even that will get stale eventually, don’t we need a bit more? Don’t we need some “250 hours of content” to keep us entertained?


No matter how fast your writer can write and your coder can code I can tell you two things for certain, players will burn through it faster than you can produce it but if you give players the tools they will be happy to make it for you. Just look at what The Mittani has been able to do for EVE with his emergent gameplay strategies. On top of creating content for others, he has become the greatest villain in the games history. He doesn’t just make it, he is it. In a game like EVE the players become the content.

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in MMOology. Mark my words, soon the devs will offer us the tools to create our own content. SWG was touching on it before it was put down by Tortanic. EVE lives in the gray area between ingame and out of game. CU, hopefully CU can bring some emergent gameplay to the table. Emergent gameplay is not finite, it doesn’t have a number on it, and it shouldn't be soloable. It’s the future, embrace it or go back to playing your single player RPGs for a finite amount of hours before you toss it aside like an old gen console and move onto the next one. You have no loyalty, you have no pride in your game, it’s just “entertainment” to you, well I got news for ya! This isn’t just entertainment to us, this is Camelot! It’s our realm vs their realm, vs their realm, spoils to the victor! This isn’t a world to play in, it’s a world to live in, to love in, to fight in, to die in, to rez in, to fight more in, and to bounty hunt freakin souls in!

Bounty freakin hunting! Thats content that creates, endless! Give us thievery, give us robbery, give us gambling, give us a world with less rules. Let’s remove the chains and enable the chaos. Lets take the social leash off of humans and see how much content we can produce by just being us. I want a game that Lord British would be afraid to log into and I hope CSE can give it to us! I want to log into vent years from now and hear stories of game days past like I do about UO. I want a game to make headlines about things that really happened that changed it forever like EVE. I want Camelot-Unchained-literally.

I want CU to do so well that devs won’t want to make any more SPORPGs. I like my games like I like my opportunities-limitless, without restraint, and full of chaos! Do not fear scary things like solo and consequence and butt wings, beat them, in doing so you become the scary thing! Now that is truly scary!


#24 Are you going to change the world?

Posted by Tierless Tuesday June 4 2013 at 4:19PM
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I remember back in developer school my professor used to talk about stuff and I would listen to that stuff and write that stuff onto my notebook. I would then study that stuff and use that knowledge to make games. Yeaaaap, the ole’ dev school days sure were fun. Lots of stuff learned.

“But Tierless you’ve never said anything about being a dev before”

Thats because I’m not, I was lying. I’ve never stepped foot on a university that even offered anything game devish. Why? Because I’m not a game dev and know nothing about being one. So why do I voice my opinions on MMO design as if I have a clue? What qualifies me to give so much feedback on games? It must take a huge ego to write overly long blogs about what the entire industry should do to make a good MMO right? How can someone justify thinking they are better informed than an entire industry of intelligent people that have gone to school and dedicated their lives to making games? That sounds pretty illogical, irrational, and just plain crazy to me, yet here I am, day after day, forum after forum, blog after blog, rant after rant and the craziest part of all, I’m not alone! You, you, you, and yes, even you there hiding behind your monitor. You're all guilty of it as well aren’t you? Lets take a look at my MMO resume and see how you stack up shall we?

The first rpg I played was called “GIJoe”. I would go into the yard and pretend to be Snakeyes or Duke depending on my “mission”. I also had a 12” version of Duke that I dressed up in “gear” and sent on missions. (I’m always surprised by how many MMOers don’t realize they are doing exactly what they did so many years ago right down to dressing up their “toys”) The first “video game” (what a dated term) I played was Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo. My first MMORPG was SWG and I’ve played just about every well known (and several less known) MMOs since. In all I have about 25+ years of various gaming under my belt.

So I ask you. Would you rather have your car’s engine worked on by a person that just got a degree in mechanics or a person that never had a degree but has been a mechanic for 30 years? Answer, neither. It depends on the person. As Scott Stapp would say, time does not make you wise (and apparently neither does being Scott Stapp :) Just because you log in a lot of time doesn’t mean you know what you're doing. At the same time, just because you went to school for something doesn’t mean you're good at it. For ex. I went to school for art and I happen to be a terrible artist (but I am a snappy dresser)! Then we have the phenoms. A lot of NBA players have WAY WAY more time logged in AND a college degree in basketball but they can’t touch LeBron James because he was born to ball. Its a tough pill to swallow, but no matter how good you are, the LeBron Jameses of the world are better (especially the LeBron-esque photoshop kids, how can they be so good!?!?).

I’ve spent more time than most people thinking deeply about these games; what worked, what didn’t, and what might make them better. In fact, outside of religion and the meaning of life I’d say MMORPGology is my #3 most philosophized topic (FYI I do a lot of philosophizing...ok I sit next to a small bonfire, drink too much, stare up at the beautifully starlit night sky and hope a spaceship carrying a Jedi flies down to me, WHATEVER MAN! You can't judge me! You don't know me! KING KONG AINT GOT NOTHIN ON ME and FYI bonfire is a word derived from “bone fire” referencing a pagan festival during which they burned bones to celebrate summer to there!)


What was my point? I always seem to forget about those pesky things. Oh yes, so, am I, or, are you, capable of making the leetest MMO eva!? Hell no! Don’t be crazy! Be realistic. Most of us have no chance, 0, zilch, none, of pulling off a successful MMO. Some of our ideas are good and I’m glad people are willing to throw them out to the masses, but lets be real here, grinding out an MMO is insanely hard work. It’s tedious. It’s maddening. And it only gets worse when you have 15k customers telling you they know more about the industry that you actually put your blood, sweat, and tears into.

I suppose it’s time to unveil the true motive of this blog. It was never about how qualified you or I are to make a MMO. It was to get us to realize that we aren’t. We might have some good ideas. Some of us have more than others, some of us have betters concepts, some of us have crazier concepts, but at the end of the day thats what they are. Ideas and concepts that we can share with CSE in the hope they they get a look. Be gracious if they don’t. By happy we support a game that offers us the opportunity to TRULY be heard. Do not be bitter, angry, or vindictive. Do not lash out at CSE or other CU fans. Keep it civil, stay classy, maintain your poise and keep pumping out those ideas and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Most of us aren’t devs so CU is the closest we'll ever get to helping create an MMO, don’t forget how special that is. Don’t forget how rare it is to have the head of a company, not just interacting with, but really listening to the community. This alone makes CU special. CSE is doing us a big favor by letting us be so involved. We need to do them a big favor right back by being the customer the shop owner likes to chat with, not the one they hide from. It would be a lot easier for CSE ignore us, put their heads down, and forge ahead with CU, but instead they’ve given us the privilege of participating in the process, don’t abuse it. (bold overstatement alert) If not for MJ and CSE, if not for your CU brethren, if for the entire gaming industry as we know it!

Other companies are watching, the largest of which are scoffing. They think the KS/work with your fans idea is INSANE, it’s flawed, it will never work! “You simply can’t work with those crazies!” They are watching with the anticipation that CU becomes an epic community driven failure. It’s up to us to show them how wrong they are. If we help pull this off, and if CU succeeds it means more fan interaction across more games in the future. It means devs and players truly interacting. It means a gaming industry funded by us, crowdsourced to us, and games created with us. Dev and Player, not at ends with one another, together, hand in hand, keyboard on keyboard, mouse on mouse, for a better industry full of better games! You owe it to your kids, and their kids, and hell, even their kids!

When it’s all said and done and that scene from the end of Mass Effect is playing in my life (spoiler alert); when my great great great (I plan to live a LONG time thanks to scientific advancement and cyborg mods) grandchild looks up at me in my hover rocking chair and says “Triple G-pa, did you ever fight in the great gaming wars?” I can toss them my weathered lightsaber hilt, give them a nod, and say “that was a long long time ago in a world far far away from the one we have now. Once upon a time all of humankind was separated by silly things like race, sex, language, and social status. But us gamers, we were ahead of the rest. We saw the future. We saw the open sourced, crowd sourced, united by the common language of the internet potential on the horizon and we led the way to the technology renaissance! Of course we didn’t know it at the time, we just thought we were helping to save the gaming industry from microtransactions and corporate oversight. Changing the world, that was something none of us saw coming.”

“Triple G-Pa, what's a...a microtransaction?”

“Heh, sometimes even I forget how young you are don’t I? Micros...micros were the symbol of everything that was wrong with the world when it was ran by corporations. They came to represent the shortcomings of humankind; greed, inescapable bias social tiers, paying to win rather than earning it, and corruption, soo, soo much corruption, but that’s another story for another time. Now get on your hoverboard and head to class, you’re going to be late for saber practice and it would be very disrespectful to Master K'Kruhk. (logs into Camelot Unchained Forever as the little one heads to class) Ah, I definitely got my money out of that Warrior Forever package didn’t I!”

Oh the future, always in motion it is, but visions of clarity it can provide while drunken and resting next to an open fire while staring up at a starry nights sky :) Never underestimate the power of the unified masses...of gamers...and dark beer...

#23 Are you an alt-a-holic? Help Inside.

Posted by Tierless Saturday June 1 2013 at 3:08PM
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Hello, my name is Tierless and I’m an alt-a-holic. I suffer from severe Altitis. This if from Urban Dictionary if you don’t know what Altitis is “The mental disease of making too many alts. One with altitis can't just play one character, he/she has a need or desire to play many.”

I used to think WOW lead me down the path to my addiction. How did they manage to make every class so fun! I had 5 60’s when it was cool just to be lvl 60! Looking a bit deeper I go back to SWG. I only had 1 character, but I leveled 8 professions, and I wasn’t holo grinding....but wait, lets look back even further. As a little Tierly I didn’t just play with a GIJoe, I played with all of them. I set up epic battles and had several storylines going at once, each requiring a specific Joe. Snakeyes for the stealth, Duke for the combat leading, RocknRoll for nukes, Tunnel Rat to plant the explosives, Flint to mess up the mission, and Beachhead to yell at everyone and Storm Shadow to fight Snakeyes!

Usually a few weeks after launch it starts. I hear things like “are you alting” ”oh god already” “get on your main we need you” “great see you once you finally get one to max level”. It’s a tough life ain't it? All this sound familiar? It’s like I’ve been reading your game mail isn’t it? Kicked out of guilds for not contributing, friends leaving you behind, anxiety over which one to log in as? If you're suffering from any of those symptoms, you might be an alt-a-holic. But don't feel bad, embrace your addiction, because I think CU might just be able to help us. I’m ain't saying we can beat this devil, but I think we can drink his beer for nothing, and here is how.

Linear progression. Look to EVE online. After a couple months you're able to successfully contribute to the overall goal with your friends. They might have 6 years to your 3 months but you can help because of the leveling system. Can I own? Probably not, but I can help, I can contribute, I can cause some damage, enough damage for people to want me to come along.

CU being a PVP game simply HAS to support that sort of leveling. Otherwise newbies would be handicapped and mauled into rage quitting. A new player must be able to contribute with vets or the game will be broken, you can’t level. I don’t expect them to win. If you match an average vet vs an average newb I expect the newb to lose most of the time, but not by a vast margin. It should be by just enough to make that newb think “I almost had him, maybe if I do X,Y,Z next time I can take him”. 2 newbs vs 1 vet, that vet better be skilled!

So what does that mean for alting? “Rejoice for those around you who transform into max leveled characters. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not” because we won't get left behind. We won't hear “dude you need to level before you can come here”. It means that after a fairly small investment we can contribute in some useful way! We might not be uber, but we have a purpose!

“But Tierless, I hate having a disease, surely I would just be better off curing this plague wouldn’t I?” Judging from DAOC and WAR team MJ has a bit of a soft spot for those with our disease. Why else would they do such a phenomenal job of making every race so different yet so appealing? Why else would they have so many interesting classes? Why else would each class per relm be so unique? Do not fear this disease, be like Ash, try em all!

Frankly I don’t like calling it a disease, it’s a playstyle, one with a variety of benefits. 1. “Know thy enemy” Sun Tzu the Art of war. Who knows the enemy better than an alter? Most of us secretly went on different servers to see how the other side lived. 2. A plethora of class knowledge. Need a tank, got one. Off tank, them too. DPS, yep. Healer, no problem. Not only do I have a decently leveled X, Y, or Z. Most alters I know are pretty good in any role because they understand all classes on a different level than people that only ever play one toon. 3. You don’t get MMO Burn. “I’m burnt out, I think I played this character too much”. How many times have you heard that? Rarely, if most of your friends are alters. 4. MMO Talk. Alters are great for MMO talk. They have a wide array of knowledge about the game and tend to like talking about all of the aspects in great depth. 5. Alters don’t care about “being cool”. Yes the “cool” thing to do is grind to max level, acquire leets, then stand in a designated spot in the main trade hub showing off said leets and talking down to other non leet players. Alters just don't care about all that jazz. We don’t play to be leet, we play to entertain ourselves. We play to experience as much of the game as we can. Were the kind of player that wears less quality gear just because (in our humble opinion) we think it looks cooler than the leet stuff.

All this alt talk has got me feeling emotionalt, I think I’ll try my hand at a poem.

Woa is the Alter, never ahead

Struggling behind

Without his friends


Happy he is,

with the way he plays

Content to be solo,

after only a few days


Launches are exciting, were all the same!

2 hours have gone by, I ran out of names!


Yay is the Alter, he needs no friends

He has his alts, til the game ends!

Hopefully CU is the best of both worlds. Our friends don’t hate us for never being useful, and we get to alt til our hearts content. Sounds like gamer paradise doesn't it? It’s not paradise, it’s Camelot Unchained.