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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: TierlessTime

#22 ? All; I'm not a Hero, I'm a Coward!

Posted by TierlessTime Wednesday May 29 2013 at 11:52PM
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I am the greatest hero/warrior/chosen one that my MMO has ever seen! I am here to save the entire world from the biggest baddest threat it has ever seen! It’s all up to me and me alone! I am the one, the saviour, Jesus wears t-shirts with my picture on them! Don’t believe me? Just ask that NPC in the middle of that crowd of players...

If every single player in the game is the hero, doesn’t that mean none of them are the hero? Who want’s to be a hero anyway? So much responsibility, so much pressure, not to mention it’s only a matter of time before some scandal rocks your world and brings you back down to mere mortal status right? I’m no hero and I never want to be. If I did, I would play a single player RPG. I don’t play MMOs to be “teh man”. I play MMOs to contribute to the whole, to interact with others, and to challenge myself by fighting the most unpredictable and dangerous opponent on this plant (no not the chupacabra) other humans!

I grew up admiring Arn Anderson's loyalty to the cause of helping Ric Flair stay the man, wooooo! He was Flair’s most loyal soldier, an assassin, a man capable of leading, but only if and when Flair needed him to.

Some of my MMO friends don’t even wanna be Double A, they prefer being Lars (no not the drummer for Metallica). This weathered fellow that can’t afford a fancy robo leg due to his wife’s spice addiction.

“Look Beru, Storm Troopers on the hill, I wonder if they need directions”

They just wanna be a quiet farmer living a peaceful life wearing T-shirts that say “I’m the good brother”. Not to mention young Beru was kinda foxy. Not a bad catch for a scruffy moisture farmer scraping by on a backwood planet in the outer rim!

We are all capable of heroic things, but heroism is broad and up for interpretation. Am I the hero because I ran the guild raid and we owned our enemies despite being outnumbered? Or am I the hero because I stayed up for 2 days straight to grind out shiney leet weapons for the entire guild? Maybe I’m the hero because I risked my neck to get the crafter the resources to make those shiny weapons? Or maybe, just maybe I’m the hero because I stood in the back with my archer, escaped (ran like a coward) when things looked grim and accidentally lead the enemy to a cliff where they were flanked and thrown to a watery grave below. FYI who do you think wrote history? It was the winners, specifically the cowards on the winning side. It wasn't the brave people, they were on the front line dying. The cowards lived to tell the tales. I’m not knocking historians, I have a degree in history and I always play an archer ;)

The idea that we are all the hero is just silly, as silly as the idea that we all want to be the hero. MMO industry please take note, rather than making all of us the hero, maybe you should make an environment where we can live out any role we want? That might work better for your games lifespan. I can’t tell you how many times in SWTOR and GW2 I was watching an ok you got me, skipping to the end of an animation (sorry, I appreciate the effort but I don’t play MMOs to watch animations) just so I could pick the option to murder the NPC that had forced me into a lengthy and cheesy dialogue. Sadly at the end of said cheesy dialogue my options were hug them, thank them, or give them a sneer while bowing in appreciation, WTF is that! Where is the “murder them so I can stop being forced to sit through scripted garbage and get onto making my own dialogues, with real players” option!

Heroics are as diverse as the people the perform them. Players are as diverse as humans, because we are humans! Typecasting all MMO players as people obsessed with being the hero makes no sense and frankly it offends me! Does Corporate MMO really view us as so narrow minded? Actually, looking at the games they make “for us” it appears that they think much much worse of us. Somewhere between Jeff Spicoli and a puddle of water that thinks the hole it’s in was made just for it (pts for references). Corporate MMOs you have done a phenomenal job of being the Villain, but how about you try being the Hero by allowing us the CHOICE not to be :)

My rage may fade, “but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger” (more pts for the reference, heres a clue, Sith wear T-shirts with his picture on them).


“But...but Tierless, your blog is called Blogabout Unchained, and you barely said anything about CU, WTF man, thats false advertising!”

You're right, I didn't because I don't think I need to. Unless I’m mistaken, and $275 says I’m not, CU is not planning to make all of us the hero, it isn’t planning on scripted cheese, it’s planning on creating an environment where we dictate our status, we control our fate, and if we want to become a hero, then we have to earn that status! To paraphrase Bill Shakespear

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them, some just wanna be Lars and some wanna run away like a coward.” I believe CU is the game that will remind the MMO community what it felt like to hold your fate in your hands agaaaaaaain!

Until next time, I can be your hero, baybay. writes:
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