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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#14 Jabbando says it's gonna be a long 2 years!

Posted by Tierless Tuesday May 7 2013 at 1:11PM
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Welp, I spose I need to find maself a game to fill in the next two years. I’ve done this several times in the past so I decided to make a requirement list and try to zero in on the MMO for me. Below are the features I look for in a MMO.

In no particular order:

1. Unique Character Creation; 2. Consequences; 3. Meaningful PVP; 4. Able to effect the game world; 5. Housing; 6. Cosmetics; 7. Player Crafter Economy; 8. Bounty System; 9. RP Server; 10. No carrots on sticks dangling over hamster wheels; 11. Horizontal Progression; 12. Open World

...Things look pretty grim already...lets see what I like to do in a MMO, maybe that will open some doors for me. I usually lvl and frequent 2 or 3 characters on an RP server. I don’t RP too often but the RP servers are usually full of more mature, loyal, entertaining folks. It’s like free player made content to me. I will RP if I feel like it, and my characters are all created with a very specific path/character in mind.

I usually step into a new game to conquer, fight, loot, fight, get cool clothes (not armor, cloths), and fight more. My first character is usually my serious PVP guy. Learn the game, learn to fight, make money fighting. I’m on a mission, conquer and get rich doing it, ruthless mercenary style. Usually a ranged bow class; I sit back, watch, learn, set targets, snipe.

My second character is usually made after I’ve gotten the feel for the game and I have decided a particular class intrigues me. This character is usually a solo collector type. I go about picking up anything I think is interesting, usually to wear or display in a home. I prefer to get things then give them to my other characters if those things fit them. I usually use the income my PVP toon built up to fund my collection desires. A really good solo class works best for this type of play. Less serious, but goal oriented, I like to think of this character similar to Dark Obi Wan.

My last character, this is when I’m long in the tooth in played time and I feel like I need a little change of pace. He is sort of like a character out of the movie Goodfellas combined with Han Solo. Always looking to make a deal to make a buck on something, but he’s not much for violence. I log in, spend time in social places, make wagers, find stuff for people or sell some of the stuff my collector has. My goal is a carefree good time. I go about interacting with people and try to entertain myself. This character makes for a good alt when the first one gets in deep with a good PVP guild and becomes more serious. I rarely lvl this character very far, most of the time I put into this one is basically finding creative ways to play the game without really playing the game the way I’m supposed to.

If you didn’t notice my characters work in unison. #1 gets the cash, #2 uses that cash to get unique items ex. a rare painting he grinded for, #3 Networks and sells said unique items. My ideal MMO would allow me to set up that sort of mini game for myself. It’s a pretty odd playstyle and it takes a pile of work so I don’t expect most games to make is possible, but I think it also says a lot about the whole “world to play in vs world to live in” concept. When I had the freedom of a world to live in I ended up creating my own game within the game, and I absolutely loved it.

When I’m not playing my triple threat character cycle I likes me some alting...a lot of alting....I loves me alts! Always have, always will. To me classes and races in a new MMO are like Pokemon, gotta try em all!

It’s probably my one true OCDish game thing and it drives my friends crazy!

Friend:“WTF are you doing, we agreed to re-roll so we could lvl together and we’re all lvl 20 and you have like 8 lvl 5’s, we can’t wait for you, pretty soon you won’t be able to play with us at all!”

Tierless: “Sorry man, I still have like 3 combos to try, did you know the female undead rogue has a custom eviscerate flip animation?”

Friend: “They do, hmm my rogue just spins in a circle”

Tierless: “Lame, this chick does an uber flip, very cool looking”

Friend: “Maybe I’ll re-roll, no! You always do this to us! Lvl up or we’re lvling without you!”

Tierless: “I already told you, this is what I like to do in MMOs, and I never said I wanted to re-roll and lvl as a group. Everytime I try to do that you all leave me behind because I can’t log in as much time, and I’m cool with that. As odd as it sounds, this is what I like to do. I can always catch you in the end, don’t worry about it, I’m glad you wanna lvl with me but I’m enjoying myself, I’m not much of a instance guy anyway.”

Friend: “Dude, instances are the fastest way to lvl right now!”

Tierless: Bah, you just don’t get it, I don’t care about lvling, I’m more worried about stuff like aesthetics.

Friend: You just dont get it, it’s about lvling-the best class-the fastest-so you can get the best gear and be a badass!

Tierless: I don’t care about gear!

Friend: You just don’t get it!

(we agreed that neither of us “get” what the other likes to do in MMOs and moved on)

Yes that is an actual transcript from my WOW days. Yes I caught them in the end. Yes the female undead evis (I think it was evis, maybe the stun, hard to remember-Im old) was a badass backflip or frontflip (again, the age). No my friend never re-rolled, but he always said he wished he had lol. Oh youth, we were jut 2 different people that wanted entirely different things from our MMOs. He wanted to be Darth Vader and I wanted to be a Jabba/Lando hybrid. Now days everyone is the leet hero or villain, and all of us Jabbandos got left in the dust. I understand why, it’s easy to define a hero or villain, but a complex character like Jabbando, that would require some inventive systems, and we all know how much more work inventing is than rehashing and so we end our journey where we always do.../Rage at the genre for making everyone the epic Hero or Villian (“pop quiz hot shot”, if EVERYONE is the hero, doesn’t that mean NO ONE is the hero? Food for thought. Points for the reference ;)

What was my point....oh yeah, to find a game that would allow me to be Jabbando. From what I can tell this game called Star Wars Galaxies would be perfect, but it was sacrificed so that it’s brother from another mother could snag a few thousand more subs for a few months (From launch to FTP in less than 15 parsecs!).

...hmm...(slurps coffee) Yeeeah, I’m gonna need ya to help me out with this one. I can’t think of 1 single game that fits even a few things from my criteria. I’m not asking for a dead ringer, but just a few would be nice...still got nothin, I think it’s gonna be a long, loooooong two years for all of the Jabbandos of the genre... writes:
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