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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#13 I hate Your Chili But I Love My Tannoki Chili!

Posted by Tierless Monday May 6 2013 at 3:13PM
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I love thinking about MMOs and coming up with ideas for MMOs as much as actually playing MMOs and last time I checked we were in prime idea country for Camelot Unchained right about now! Like hunting season in the midwest just about everything is open game and just about nothing is safe. But be careful, deer may look all cute and friendly but just like an idea they can turn on you at any moment and before you know it you're fleeing for your life.

I can’t stress this enough, at this point we can bring up ANYTHING, and no matter how scary it sounds at first, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, dont freak out! Now is the time to acquire ideas, beat em up, break em down, build em back up, and discuss them in a civil, constructive manner. Why not? We don’t need to worry about any of the details for a year right? “The media is the message” and my message is don't freak out if an idea comes up that threatens you, your class, your favorite MMO feature, etc. It’s just talk. Don’t be afraid to talk about it if it makes you uncomfortable. That is usually the best way for people with the idea to understand it on a deeper level and adjust it so it functions on multiple levels without becoming a “quit point” for someone else.

Want tiny pink polkadot flying elephantduck mounts? Suggest it. Want giant dwarves? Bring them up. Want a race of murderous bipedal deer warriors? Ask. Have an idea for an expansion like Trails of Atlantis? Ok, keep that one to yourself...Like a Friday Night in Vegas, anything (other than TOA) goes.

The other night I had a dream I was talking to Yoda about this very blog (FYI Dream Yoda didn’t like SWTOR either). Dream Yoda said it best: To question; the way of intelligence this is. Fear; a treacherous path to ignorance this is. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Yoda, how it is possible you have the internet? All Star Wars fans know the only moderately good reason for being unawares of Yoda’s magnifilousness is that you have had 0 access to technology since May 25, 1977! And for the three of you, I’ll translate, Intelligence Questions, Ignorance Fears.

Make no mistake, we will see some ideas rise and some fall. We will see some ideas that we all love that don't make it, and some we didn't like make it, and we will see some things happen because they just have to. Please, please for the love of Yggdrasil remember that ideas are like homemade chili, each one is slightly different, and all of them are dear to the person that cooked it, so be nice, be considerate, and be constructive (yes I get very attached to my chili, I mean, my gawd! I cook that stuff for days on low heat, monitoring it, checking on it, nurturing it like a small child, I can’t help but get attached!). We’re a small community, 15kish, it does us no good to infight and break one another down. We have to work together to help make this game as good as it can me.

The beauty of a MMO is that it is in a state of constant change. Over time anything can and will happen. Ideas will come and go, rise and fall, leave and return. It’s our job to help make it a little easier for CSE by preparing our ideas for the Camelot Unchained chili pot. Speaking of CSE, I pity them so. A Megatsunami of ideas is about to come crashing down upon them. They will have to sort out the wreckage, they will have to make the tough decisions, they will have to be the night man, sneaky and mean, plaguing our creative MMO concept dreams!

The best we can do is /bow, politely inquire as to why a concept was thrown off the island faster than we could say Richard Hatch and hopefully, eventually, we will get an answer. If not, don’t cry, dry your eye and realize that the task of sorting out peoples ideas is hard as hell and CSE is about to begin one of the most monumental tasks in gaming history, trying to make 15 thousand hard core dedicated customers (that already paid you their money) happy! I get chills just thinking about it! Customers are bad enough BEFORE they make a purchase! The second we hit 2mill and Amazon put our transactions through (yes amazon, you conveniently worked at that point during the KS didn't you?) it was like we all got hit with a MASSIVE -25 to patience de-buff. Like stray cats that your grandma decided to feed, we just keep prowling about begging for more, but no matter how much MJ gives us (see Mark-A-Thon) we are never satisfied, and we won’t be until beta starts, and then, until the game launches, and then, until the first Xpac, and second, etc. etc. etc. CU2! Where does it end? It’s, no this isn't isn’t madness, This Is MMORPG GAMERS!  It’s just how we roll amiright?

Things look a lot different from the CSE side of the glass don’t they? Our side is nice and comfy and cozy, not to mention our padded walls keep us from being hurt by anything other than other backers, but on the other side the responsibility and the pressure is monumental! As Sam Jackson (aka the best Jedi ever) would say, “be cool”.

Yeah I know that wasn’t in english, somehow it seemed slightly even more epic that way.

Ok so what did we learn? Lets review:

1. It’s Idea time, any and everything is open for discussion, even stealth, rezzing, and duck death bombs!

2. Everyone has ideas, most people are attached to theirs, so be nice while crushing one another's dreams over the next couple years.

3. CSE unknowingly opened Pandora's box (no not that planet from the movie with giant blue cat people, Pandora=stray alley cat=the backers, box=cat food=Camelot Unchained). We’re never going away now, NEVA!

3.6. (Ha! You didn’t even know I would use numbers like this did you? You were all “what’s next  #4? Maybe, maybe a few of you were like #3.5?”. Hah again! I’m like a Veil Walker, just when you thought you had me I pull a big 3.6 outta the veil and totally surprise you!) This blog is like Jurassic Park my friends, so “hold onto your butts”. Now where was I...oh, 3.6. Just Cheeeeel. Be cool man, be cool. If we’re 2 weeks from launch and we're still having these discussions it’s time to freak out a bit. Right now, lets do what we’ve been doing, smile on each other, everybody come together and support one another, right now; by theorycrafting on what we think can make CU the coolest thing since the Tanooki suit costume with drawstring tail wagging action!

meddyck writes:

First Yoda wasn't in the original Star Wars movie so you should have given the date as May 21, 1980, when Empire Strikes Back was released. :p

Second I really don't expect CSE to do much with all of the CU founders' theorycrafting from the KS comments or eventually the founders' forum. They will want our input on some things, sure. But I'm not expecting every half baked idea we come up with to be given serious consideration. There are too many of us with too many ideas. They wouldn't have any time left to work on the actual game if they engaged with everything we come up with.

I'm only panicking at bad ideas such as no rezzing when Mark suggests them or expresses interest in them. I still won't stop debating with other founders about their ideas because of course my ideas are always right and good, but it does help psychologically when you go into this with the realization that it is CSE's game and they'll make all the big decisions about how it plays. In fact they already have made a number of decisions about it not all of which I agree with. I'm going to be skeptical they'll do more than that until I see it happen.

Mon May 06 2013 3:32PM Report
Tierless writes:

"First Yoda wasn't in the original Star Wars movie so you should have given the date as May 21, 1980, when Empire Strikes Back was released. :p"

Gasp! I...uh...oh god! I bow to you sir. You have soundly deffeated me. I am shamed. I thought myself a serious SW fan, to make such an obvious mistake is dishonorable at best. Can't believe I f'd that up!

As for our influence on CU. I think of it like this, MJ and Andrew are the parents, they will always have the final say. We are like the nanny. Technically we dont have a say but because we will be raising the baby and spending so much time with it, we will undoubtably have a strong influnence on it.

If the mighty ship that is EVE can be forced to change direction by it's fans then certainly CU is even more reliant on us since CU has an even smaller following right? 

Lastly, factoring in the way MJ was asking for feedback in the kickstarter chat, amazing.

Those 2 factors will, imho, assure everyone that we hace some say in the life of CU, and thats how I prefer it. Giving us complete control would be like throwing the inmates of Arkham the keys!

Mon May 06 2013 4:56PM Report writes:
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