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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#100 CSE is Bat **** Crazy about it's Fans

Posted by Tierless Friday July 11 2014 at 5:01AM
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The big 100! You didn’t think I’d still be doing this did you? Whelp what better game to talk about for the big 1-O-O than the one that got me blogging in the first place (yes blame CU) and MY OH MY what a time to talk about it, some might say it’s a bat **** crazy time...see below.

If there is one thing that defines Camelot Unchained, CSE, and Mark Jacobs as bat **** crazy it has to be doing something like that link above outlines. They don’t have to do that. They don’t need to do that. They probably never had the time to do that. But somehow they did it and they did it for their fans.

I’ll admit it’s been a long 1.5ish years in waiting for game mechanics to be outlined in greater detail. Hopefully after BSC days more mechanics will be set in stone or at least close to it. Without further ado lets look at some of the things this blogger is excited about CSE pulling back the veil on.

“Who is our latest partner?” Partner? Interesting. This scares me as much as it excites me. In my experience quality in partners can greatly vary. Will it be a legend like “Robin” or a PITA like “D-Man”? We will have to tune in to find out.

“Player Stats!” Oh my, this one is sure to send a few people into a frenzy for both good and bad reasons. From what we know about CU I don’t think anyone that wants more complexity from their MMO will be disappointed. I can’t wait to see if I my prediction is accurate.

“It’s BSC Magic Time” Did I say stats might send some people into a frenzy...if so I guess this one might send them into a frenzy-times two! Thats right, X2 baby! Bam! The magic system, the very fabric of the game, the power source, the anticipation! One could argue that in an MMO like CU nearly every mechanic will relate to magic one way or another. I simply cannot wait to see how this magic system will function. I can’t say I have a prediction other than minds will be blown and wambulances may be called because; decisions.

“Combat System - DIY?” You had my interest with “combat system” but you earned by full attention with “DIY”. I can only imagine what this might mean, and it is very very exciting. I don’t know how one would accomplish such a thing, but I’ll be watching to find out.

Ok lets do some shotgun rounds here to cram in the stuff I didn’t mention and don’t have room for! Tea, Oops, Yearly Recap, QNA QNA QNA galore, interviews galore, We Have A Store, Races, Live Streams Galore, A Map or a Trap, CRAFTING MAGIC and MAGIC CRAFTING and much much more including surprises (who doesn’t like those?)....oh and did I say LIVE GAMEPLAY! Yes, at long last, GAMEPLAY and it’s LIVE! Given it’s like...pre pre pre pre pre pre pre Alpha gameplay, it’s gameplay! The one thing people have been asking for since day one, and it will be seen every night during the BSC days, live!

Did you notice I’m pretty darn excited, like waited 1.5 years excited, but I’m also cautiously excited. As much as all of us long for this sort of info the reality is it will be upsetting to many because any time a game wide decision is made someone gets upset. It’s part of the genre, heck it’s part of being human. Let us hope cooler heads prevail and the amount of freaking out is limited and the responses constructive. Just remember, CSE has always been very clear. Camelot Unchained is old school new, it’s BSC, and it’s not for everyone but in my opinion even though change is often unsettling at first when it’s being directed by the right people, it will not disappoint.

“Uh, aren’t you forgetting a little something Tierless?”

Oh yeah, contests and PRIZES, watch CSE talk about the game, maybe get into a contest or snag a prize or something, pretty sweet deal. WARNING: “Some contests will be tied to social sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but other contests will take place on our Forums (and are thus limited to our Backers) and elsewhere.”

“Tierless must you always be so difficult?”

What? I saved the craziest for last because; anticipation...LADIES AND GENTLEMMOERS I give you “The Most BSC Idea Yet - Progression” Since this was saved for the last day, even coming after Magic and DIY Combat I think we can assume this truly is the most BSC idea for CU to this point. I don’t know what this means, I’m not sure how it works, I don’t know who this Mark Jacobs thinks he is taking liberties with something as timed tested and familiar as progress in an MMORPG...but BY GAWD I am waiting with flame baited breath to find out!

The man’s got stones folks, flint stones because if you can control fire you don’t fear the flames. Has he once again fed the rulebook to his dragon and dared to go where few devs have gone before by challenging us to brave a totally new form of MMO progression?!?! Knowing him I think so, but like I keep saying I CAN NOT WAIT to find out! I’ll be watching this from inside my wambulance with a can of gasoline and a fire extinguisher strapped in behind me because you never know which you might need to reach for and until BSC ends days neither will I, but I can’t wait to find out. ;)

TigsKC writes:

Another good read, buddy! 

I linked the BSC schedule in Meddyck's thread.  Maybe we can get a few more MMORPG fans watching these streams and presentations.  My only word for it is EPIC!

Fri Jul 11 2014 10:52AM Report
Tierless writes: Nicely done sir! Fri Jul 11 2014 11:27AM Report
meddyck writes: I have to love it when my procrastination results in somebody else doing my work for me. :D Thanks, TigsKC. Fri Jul 11 2014 7:04PM Report
grogstorm writes: Very good read.  This game is coming together very nicely if you ask me.   Cant wait to see more during the BSC day's presentations.  Sat Jul 12 2014 8:31PM Report
gylnne writes:

Nice post Tier, just added my blog post to let folks here know about tomorrow.

Going to be a big week for CU.:)

Sun Jul 13 2014 7:30PM Report writes:
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