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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#90 What I did in World of Warcraft

Posted by Tierless Thursday March 6 2014 at 9:21PM
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Coming from SWG I spent most of my time in WOW waiting for patches to add all the cool stuff SWG had. What attracted me to WOW was it’s bugless lagless cleanliness. It was bright and easy and felt really organized in the beginning, all of which I loved but expected to dissipate later on. I expected WOW to progressively open up and be a sandbox at end game. Unfortunately that never happened and I found myself waiting for patches or expansions to add that sort of content which sadly never came.

So what did I do in WOW? I spent several years in it so surely I liked something about it right? I have a knack for picking the most gimped classes at launch so naturally I ended up a big dumb cow druid. FYI I LOVE green skinned races from TMNT to the Hulk to Orcs and it KILLED me to go cow but I was fascinated by druid (and it sounded the most Jedi like lol). As my friends blew past me I realized Druid wasn’t quite ready so I switched to rogue, then hunter, then priest, then settled with rogue for a while before turning back to druid. Before I knew it I had 4 level 60’s when it was cool to have more than one. I spent a lot of my early WOW time alting. (surprising right)

Once that bored me I tried an Ally on a different server (Obviously the Tierless mained on a PVP server!) but I simply couldn’t get into them. I missed my Orcs too much. I spent a fair amount of time PVPing at T-mill and S-Shore (you know what I’m talkin about old schoolers). Unfortunately rather than embrace open world PVP and give it meaning Blizz killed it and instanced it to control it, like everything in WOW, effectively killing the game world.

I never raided because IMO insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and I never cared for gear. I wanted to build houses, acquire unique art stuff to decorate it with, and PVP-by burning my enemie’s houses down and taking over their lands. For a while a rogue friend and I ran around causing chaos and camping flight masters. When that got old one of us logged a lowb alt and ran into lowb enemy territory while the other stealthed near by. The old bait and gank!

I finally gave up on the world being alive and decided to grind AV and AB, both of which had their moments but never came close to feeling the way open world PVP, the kind with real consequences, does. I got up to Legionnaire and was generally a top ranked hunter on my server. Soon it got to the point where leading an AV or AB was a bit too easy (most of the time) so I switched it up and started doing the PVP instance grind with my Druid. Playing the healer was fun for a while but eventually I found myself feral specced and playing it like a rogue! I could never get past not being an orc. Man I love orcs...

After that I did a bit of instancing, not the raid ones, the 10 mans. Those were fun, especially with the druid specced right and filling a variety of rolls. Keeping it random keeps it interesting for longer but it was never as fun as the challenge of another player in PVP.

Toward the end of my time with WOW a typical play session meant doing a bit of all of the above in an increasingly more difficult attempt to stay invested but I couldn’t. I saw where the game was going. I was always 100% about the living game world and WOW was turning into a Diablo 2esque dungeon crawler with every patch! I remember telling my guild “I picture WOW in 5 years being a game you log into, pick your instance, and zone in”...sadly I was spot on.

So there we have it, what I did in WOW. I certainly had moments of fun, I mean I played it for a few years, but it was NEVER not one single time even remotely comparable to the type of random chaotic open world fun I had experienced in SWG and had hear about in UO. For me WOW will always be the game with great Orcs that could have been amazing had they embraced the sandbox and allowed their players to take chances and experience consequences. Instead they made it into “everyone gets a trophy” and nearly killed the genre we all love by rote. I don’t blame WOW. WOW has always WOWed, but I do resent the gutless money driven decisions that led the genre to the brink until Kickstarter pulled us from the depths and gave us a new hope. Yes, I still miss my Orcs from time to time. writes:
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