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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#87 Darkness Has Fallen to New Depths with Giant Consequences.

Posted by Tierless Sunday February 16 2014 at 2:55PM
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So, the Depths huh? Well, this is pretty exciting now isn’t it!

“Actually Tierless, I have no idea what the Depths is I was trying to read Teala's blog and I miss clicked yours...”

No problem, fate has been cruel to you on this day but while you're here you might as well stay a bit. I often forget not everyone is an MMO news fiend like myself so I’ll do my best to fill you in without inducing a headache (it’s happened before). The Depths was the 2.5mill Kickstarter stretch goal for Camelot Unchained. It’s a 3 way PVP dungeon that is designed to be full of traps (both player made and NPC), nasty NPCs, and player controlled NPCs! (Can I still call those ones NPCs?...)

Your goal is to get to the leet forge to make uber weapons, unfortunately the forge itself sounds like you have to kill it first! After that (basing everything on the Nuada story you can make a leet weapon!...But it will probably start to drain your life-force to feed the Depths so you probably don’t want to use it for too long, in fact, controlling the Depths might just drain your entire faction’s life force...with great power comes great consequences!

An instance that isn’t scripted but rather feels like some good old school open world dungeon play with a PVP base and a ton of stuff trying to kill you, sounds like bliss to this old school pvper! The nice thing about the Depths is your entire realm is on your side, you are only competing with the opposing realm that you can kill! Perfect! Regretfully I never got to experience Darkness Falls but I’ve heard the legends. This Depths sounds like it will be everything DF had and more! I know thats a big statement but I have faith in CSE.

Speaking of big our next goal isn’t that large (2.6m) and once we get to it we get GIANTs! IMO they will not be the “kinda big humans” that I’ve seen most MMOs use because;CU. It was said in the beginning, but it has become reality, things in CU are a bit more extreme, a bit more consequential, a bit more chaotic and a lot braver than your run of the mill mainstream “AAA” MMO can afford to be. CU is niche. It exists outside the “make everyone happy” that the developers of “AAA” titles are confined to. CU can take chances, make some people angry, and give us a Giant race to look up to. That is the benefit of the KS game. CU has already been paid for, it already has 14k subscribers just waiting to drop their $$$ for a monthly, it doesn’t have to worry (ok, not as much) about turning away a few subscribers because it’s not a prisoner of it’s budget. It’s a nice system that puts the power back in the developers hands and removes a lot of the risk involved with such a beastly game type.

“Uh, Giants?”

Oh yeah, sorry...The unofficial motto of CU is “choice matters” and it’s not just a catchy slogan, choices in CU WILL have some enormous consequences. It is this blogger's opinion that being giant should have some pretty big advantages, I mean, you’re a giant! But with the choice to play a powerful race should come some large consequences. Consequences the likes of which we aren’t accostomed too because we’ve been babysat for soo long. We expect our class pick to come with some expectations; it’s time our race choice comes with some serious boons, banes, consequences, and expectations as well. I know such a system is a tall order but “choice matters”. You want to be big enough to smash in a wall? Ok, but you will have to because you’ll probably have trouble fitting into numerous structures. You want to be large enough to one shot a lupor? Ok, but you might be expected to lift heavy stuff for us small folk. You want to live up a ginormous beanstalk, ok...well, actually that might be a whole new kind of content expansion...I’ll have to think about that...

Now if you’ll excuse me I will be working on a mammoth ice wall to keep any smelly giants out...oh and what Giant post would be complete without one mighty HODOR! Hope that didn’t cause any headaches, unless they are idea headaches ;) writes:
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