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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#67 Another 2014 Predictions Blog Part II

Posted by Tierless Sunday December 22 2013 at 6:58PM
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Is it stupidity or blind faith in one’s self that makes someone arrogant enough to think they can predict the future? A little of both I suppose. Now where were we...

Everquest Legends - This is the first MOBA to excite me! I look forward to watching this one develope over the next few years.

“But Tierless I haven’t heard anything about an Everquest MOBA, wtf?” That is because I made it up, but I think we will see one in development before too long wouldn’t you agree? I can guarantee you one thing about it, it will not be called Everquest Legends because that would confuse brands with the other EQL. ;)

Everquest Landmark  (AKA Landamark)- Consider me a mark! This game will continue to overshadow EQN. Not because EQN sucks but because EQL seems farther along and because EQL = pretty Minecraft, people LOVE Minecraft, people also LOVE pretty, so by default people will LOVE EQL. I see this game being successful and becoming a beloved hit by many gamers. The stuff people will create will be incredible and exploring it in EQL will be incredibly fun. If they allow for PVP options in L this MMOer might just have a home for a while. The issue for this game will be how it impacts it’s sister. I see EQL and EQN headed down a path similar to EVE. As EQL begins to detract from N, draw more players, and outperforms it (imo both will do well but L will do slightly better) EQ fans will start to turn on L for “taking resources away from their game”. The winner of the battle will be SOE as they win moneys for both games and end up only competing with themselves.

Everquest Next - This game will keep chugging along and gaining momentum until a hyper hyped launch leaves fans thinking...”um, am I the only one that misses the chaotic freedom of EQL?”. This will be a good game but it will “just feel off” because fans will have spent so much time in EQL by the launch of EQN. You will see 3 factions of fans of EQN. Old schoolers that begin to hate EQL, newschoolers that want EQN to open up EQLesque “freedom servers” with no restrictions, and hardcore EQLers who begin to hate EQNers for “playing the lame game”. Once again the winner is SOE who lol all the way to the bank and begin work on the EQM (MOBA). This game is incredibly excited for both L and N. Why do I think the EQ sisters will create so much drama between them? Because; human history.

FTP/BTP - That pie sure if getting small isn’t it? There are only so many whales in the ocean and the strain caused by “the last trend of the old generation” will continue to see success in increasingly smaller portions. It will still be an option for games that fail at launch because they simply aren’t worth $15 a month, but as we see the true new generation of MMOs that are worth the monthly we will see FTP and BTP become even more obviously the “jumping of the shark” for an MMO. You know what they say, “once you go Free, you can’t go...back?”, ok no one says that and it doesn’t even rhyme but it’s the best I had...

Minecraft-The savior of the genre! Who knew a non MMO would save MMOs? Minecraft will begin to lose it’s followers as more and more games continue to “borrow” it’s concepts but in a prettier package. Why did I include it? Because it deserves it for having the guts to be a big open dangerous world when the developers in this genre couldn’t.

MOBAs-I have tried but I just can’t get into these games. It’s like an MMO without all of the cool features that make it feel like a virtual world. It’s an MMO bared down to small scale PVP matches. Thanks to WOW training millions of people to think that concept is fun, and timing, LOL hit it out of the freaken park. As more and more big companies jump on the band wagon and over saturate this genre players will drift back into ours! The big ones, LOL and DOTA2 will continue to thrive while the others fail. It will look like our genre when WOW dominated and follow a similar path. Speaking of, that WOW MOBA is claiming to be “something new, and unique” meaning it will launch, be less deep, less intense, and more generic than LOL or DOTA2 and end up using some sort of “sub WOW get this game free” gimmick to retain players.

I think that’s all of them...wait, oh yeah, Camelot Unchained-Did you really think I would forget CU?!?! Did you really think I would mix CU in with the other games like some sort of commoner?!?! Like a peasant!?!? I am both shocked and offended! CU deserves it’s own “prediction for 2014” post and I’m gonna give it one! writes:
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