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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#62 360 around the MMORPG Genre

Posted by Tierless Monday December 9 2013 at 3:55PM
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It’s time for another one of those “pinch of this” “dash of that” blogs where I try to say as much with as little about as many as I can.

1. EQN-L; Impressive, exciting, unfortunately cute but fortunately creative. This one is on my “hope I get into beta but I refuse to pay for it” category.

2. TESO; Has the genre passed this one by? I hope not, I hope to get some PVP and kill some time with TESO but it all depends on if the world is a nice big open box of goodies like every other ES game has been defined by. If not, I fear for the last MMO of it’s era.

3. CU; Things keep on rollin in the right direction. CU might be the best horror MMO to date...did I say horror? Still enjoying being a part of the process. Still impressed with CSEs interaction with the backers.

4. DF; Yes Darkfall. History seems to be repeating itself for this game. When it’s good it’s great and when it’s bad far far too much time lapses without any updates or even information from the devs. Times have changed, players expect more info than ever before, adapt or fade away.

5. GW2; Don’t know. I don't like playing games that constantly remind me that rich people are controlling the world I live in AND the e-world I live in. I’m not a whale and so I flounder ;)

6. MOBAs; I just don’t get these. I mean, yeah they are way deeper and more interesting than FPS PVP but I just can’t get into them. For me PVP isn’t enough. I need to explore new places, meet new people, observe their greatest accomplishments, then burn all of that down and rebuild it in my likeness all while wearing a cool outfit. I just can't do that in a MOBA.

7. The genre. LOL making bank got the big companies to leave us alone a bit, which is good. Then crowdfunding put the control back into the hands of the devs, which is also good, or at least we hope it will be but only time will tell.

8. EVE; EVE is gonna EVE. I’m a WIS mark myself so until that happens (if ever) I’ll just be an EVE news junkie. As always, cool stuff happening all the time, good stories, exciting in dev stuff. EVE still being EVE.

9. Star Citizen; I STILL can’t figure this one out. How MMO is it? What MMO does it resemble? Is it like EVE on e-roids? Is it like a real MMO version of The Old Republic games?

10. Destiny; I STILL can’t figure out if this is an MMO. IMO it looks like an open world FPS with co-op instances where all the action basically it’s World of Warcraft...

11. The Repopulation; The little MMO that could. I am forever interested in how this one shakes out and I am continuously impressed with the updates they keep rolling out.

12. Gloria Victus; This one scares me, in a good way. I am watching you Gloria, and so far you appear to be both an intriguing mistress, and a dangerous one.

13. WOW; Best for last. Remember when we were all fighting at T-Mill and S-Shore and we thought OMG if they take this, add some stuff we can control, and put us on the borders to the games zones it would be EPIC!...then they instanced EVERYTHING and Tierless never stopped being disappointed...yep, still disappointed.

For the first time in a LONG LOOOOOOOOONG time I find myself more excited for the genre’s future, than disappointed by it, if thats even possible due to the whole space and Time paradox stuff...

valun writes: What do you think about No Mans Sky? Wed Dec 11 2013 7:17AM Report
Tierless writes: I hadn't heard of it until you, so thanks for bringing it to my attention! The vid I saw looks very early, but I dig the retro stylized feel of the graphics and if they can do seamless planet to space well they would be the first ones to pull it off. I'm not yet sure how MMO it is but I'll be keeping an eye on it going forward. Wed Dec 11 2013 7:48PM Report writes:
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