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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#55 Tiny twerking ideas

Posted by Tierless Friday November 22 2013 at 9:32PM
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Xbone, PS4, and PC were walking. Xbone and PS4 walked into a bar, PC ducked. BAM! HILARIOUS I KNOW! I got another one for ya, what do you get when you cross a terrier and a bulldog? Give up? A...TERRABULL! LOL! (wipes tears from eyes) Continuing, the game playing device wars are. I really don’t care if you're an Xer a 4er or a PC Overlord as long as you enjoy playing games on whatever machine you have. In reality each system has boons and banes ;) and with how many games are ported it really comes down to personal preference for the exclusive titles. I used to consider myself a Nintendo guy, then the N64 had a serious lack of games. After that, I played whatever machine I could afford and still get the games I wanted. To this day I prefer a controller to the mouse and keyboard but no matter what device I’m playing on I never ever forget one all important rule...(drum roll)...if Xbox and PS disappear tomorrow we would all be fine, but if PCs did as well, gaming would cease to exist because (this is the important part) all games are made on a PC first so respect these old, giant, dusty, loud, expensive fickle machines.

And that folks, is my old man sittin on the porch in a rocking chair yelling at youngings to get off my lawn message of the day. Now onto important stuff.

What if the only mount you could have in an MMO was your friend? As in your friend played a class that could transform into an animal that you could ride, but they would still control. Pretty weird right? Pretty interesting too. I would imagine a whole slough of scenarios in which that little twerk impacts the battle.

I love big ideas. I love brainstorming them and throwing them out like every barstool dev BUT, it’s taking what we already know works in an MMO, and finding the tiniest of adjustments to redefine what we thought we knew about it that really excites me. It’s those tiny twerks that blow my mind. IMO it’s a lot easier to think outside the box with no confines and spew up any crazy idear than it is to think up the smart little alterations with big consequences. It’s things like veil stealth or the Phouka that keep me so invested in CU.

We have big ideas, small ideas, crazy ideas and even BSC ideas. I feel like a kid in a college classroom again. I get to sit in the back, doodle (it’s a little known fact that doodling often helps doodlers remember things even though it looks like they aren’t paying attention), and constantly have my MMO mind expanded with new creative solutions to old MMO problems. It’s MMOology 101 and best of all, each and every one of my classmates are as MMOnerdy as I am, well, some more, some less, but all within the same range of nerdism.

I’m feeling questiony so here goes.

Is EQN trolling the SOE marks? I can’t help but get a strange pro wrestling vibe from the whole quasi Kickstarter “you built it” campaign they are running right now, but at the same time I’m drawn in by it...Tierless=Mark?

Is TES the last MMO of it’s kind? I can’t help but TES is the last of it’s kind for a lot of reasons. Big budget, big IP, well known company, lack of voxel tech, and “mmo for soloers-kinda” are just some of the reasons. I still can’t put my finger on it but it just feels somehow old before it’s out. The last of it’s kind.

Is WOW the only thing that can stop WOW?

Will WOD ever actually be developed? How will they pull off permadeath?

Is it time for Dust to be left in the Dust so they can devote more to WOD?

Are Luchorpans magically delicious?

Will they ever make SWG 2? (not likely since EA just renewed their IP rights for the next millenium)

Will they ever make No Mercy 2? (see I like consoles too, I threw ya’ll a bone with that one).

Will I ever run out of or answer these questions? Will you? Well, will you!


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