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the Lonely Altar

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#46 HELbound YEAH!

Posted by Tierless Thursday September 19 2013 at 11:59AM
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“The Speaker then slowly removed the finely etched, two-toned robes and as he did, there were gasps of horror from a few of the supplicants. Only then did they behold the true price he had paid for his devotion. His body seemed liked two entirely distinct halves, held together by sheer force of will. One side was lifeless, covered in thick cords of necrotic flesh, while the other half seemed all too alive and was covered in a writhing mass of foreign organisms.”

What is a Helbound you ask? Well, take Dark Obi-Wan, combine him with Two-Face, and give him powers that are linked to ghosts...I know, I know, it’s like taking awesome, adding in some really cool, then finishing it off with a pinch of amazing. The HEL YEAH is strong with this class.

“Alternately, you can choose to use your own hands as a weapon. While not as effective as a crafted tool, choosing your hands as a weapon will cause a permanent rune of power to be etched upon them. Over time, Hel will harden your hands so that they take on the aspects of a crafted weapon.”

You had me at hands as a weapon! I LOVE me some monk and this class sounds like it has the potential to be a dark monk healer or damager with some necro like abilities! Add in the duality of the armor...and the body, and you managed to take me from “I have 0 desire to play a Viking” to “I HAVE to play a viking simply to experience this class”.

The concept art for these guys was some of the best yet. It has some incredible potential for unique additions via armor, the physical toll on the Helbound, and the masks, oh my the masks. I love masks even more than I love fist weapons!

My favorite thing about CU to this point has got to be the amount of suffering in so much of the lore. Not just because I like dark edgy stories, but because the world of CU has gone through a near apocalypse so it make sense. It fits the game world and lore. War times are hard. Add in the fact that the world you live in is always trying to kill you and you have extremely desolate circumstances. You HAVE to be tough as nails to survive in such a place and surviving in such a place makes you tough as nails, yin and yang, evolution at it’s finest.

A HUGE pet peeve of mine is playing an MMO that takes place during a “Great War” yet looking around you would never know. Everything looks peachy keen. It drives me CRAZY. You're in a WAR. Enemies and demons and dragons and all manner of chaos is constantly trying to kill you, yet everything looks pristine. (WARNING the following is not for the faint of heart or stomach) If you have a STRONG stomach google images “effects of war” and see what it really looks like. People are thin but their faces and eyes are hard. Their clothing and weaponry is worn and damaged but effective. Their outlook is bleak, but honest. They carry the burden of being a survivor in a world where their kin were not. The curse of destitution make them wish they fell, but their ironclad will would never let them stop surviving. These are the kinds of people that war makes. I understand if players don’t want to play that role, but a respectable MMO should at least look like the lore it’s based on. If not, why have that type of lore? Why not have a lore that fits the game you are? I know the answer and I’m sure many of you do to. Marketing and dollars.

Speaking of WAR, marketing, and dollars, I see that WAR Online is closing down (pours libations). WAR is a complex story, like so many lost MMOs are. Incredibly diverse races, interesting classes, and to this day so soooo much potential. Sadly EA seemed to abandon WAR the day it acquired the SWTOR IP-the killer of other MMOs but not in the way a game like WOW kills. No, SWTOR doesn’t kill with it’s success, it kills with it’s leaching failure that sucked resources away from other games but I digress, back on topic before it's too late!

I now have a new concern, how can a class this uber be topped? That is the danger of making cool stuff. From then on people expect EVERYTHING you do after it to be equal to or better than it. Coolness, it’s a slippery slope but I have faith that MJ has some more voodoo up his sleeve and I can’t wait to see what he casts next. I find myself saying that a lot, which is exactly why I signed up for this experiment. The journey is as fun and exciting as the endgame, kinda like a good mmo amiright?

If you like really interesting, dark, awesomeness you might want to check out the Helbound, link below. If you're a Disciple of CU like I am, WTF are you doing here, you should have already read the KS update before coming to this lowly source of MMOery! If you came here AFTER reading the update, then thank you, I’m flattered. If you haven’t come here yet, you aren’t reading this so I can say anything to you and it makes no difference, so...I hate you and if you play at launch I will be putting bounties on your toons! writes:
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