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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#20 ? All: Death or Resurrection (there can be only one)

Posted by Tierless Monday May 20 2013 at 8:13PM
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What happens when we die in Camelot Unchained you ask? We’re all immortal so hakuna matata (leaves blog to watch the Lion King).

(comes back humming circle of life) Anyone else weirded out that Simba married his sister? First Luke and Leia now this, thats why I stick to MMOs, less weirdness. I still get emotional when Mufasa becomes one with the circle of life. I myself am extremely curious about the elements related to death. MJ mentioned we are immortal and as a result we need to expand our territories; he has also mentioned death must mean something so from that I deduced that death is in the game (just call me Tierless Holmes), and not just as some sort of unconscious or KOd or “temporary downed” state. FYI immortal DOES NOT mean you can’t die, it means if you aren’t killed by something you would live forever. I believe he also mentioned a little something about stealing souls...I decided to meditate (drink whiskey) on all of that and before I knew it I had the entire game figured out, see below...

Immortal-check, steal souls-check, ghost veil demons-check, important swords-check...somebody knows a secret, somebody knows a secret...I’m pretty sure I figured out MJ’s big secret regarding the “title” of the game. I transposed the numerical alphabetical sequence of the characters that make up the name “Camelot Unchained”. I divided all that by the number infinity a.k.a. immortality and added the number 10102001 ;) then divided all of that by 12 (the number of years since DAOC launched ;). Lastly I recomposed those numbers based on their alphabetical counterparts and I got this HHH AN DR LETIGER, which is OBVIOUSLY an ambigram for “The Highlander”!!! Coincidence? I think not! Bam! Tierless the freer of cats from bags! Personally I still think it’s gonna be Kitty Camelot Online a medieval sequel to the ever so popular Hello Kitty online. But the math doesn’t lie. Speaking of dead MMOs, back to the point of all of this nonsense, death in CU.

(Puts on flame resistant suit) Why do we need rez? Why even have it? If the worst thing that can happen to you in CU (other than having your home burned down) is death then why should we get a second chance via a rez? I’m not sure we should. Death certainly means more that way.


On the other side, how many times have we experienced the “OMG man you got the rez off just in time” “I knew if I could get you back we could beat them” “nicely done sir, nicely done”. How many epic rezzes have you seen? I’ve been through several and it does add a nice little “oh crap/epic rez is epic” moment to PVP.

I think the good outweighs the bad, but just barely. So what can we do? I can’t take credit for this one, this comes straight from the idea factory that is the KS chat stream. Allow rezzes, BUT, at a cost, a cost to the rezzer and the other members of the party/area. They all lose some life, to give some life. That creates a helluva decision doesn’t it? Do we rez this guy and risk losing too much health per person thus losing the fight, OR, do we let him lay and try beating them without our fallen comrade. And, AND....On top of that, when you die you are stuck in the veil for at the mercy of VWs and veil demons and whatever else lurks in that place (like hobbits). Die again while in the Veil and you can not be rezzed!

So, you're the best fighter in your group but you have a rep and are on the BH list and the pvp charts so you get ganged up on. You go down, your 4 friends are putting up a good fight but it’s a close one. Whilst in the chaos of battle they are questioning if they should rez you. Meanwhile you're running for your soul in the Veil. They think they can pull this off so they let you lay planning to rez you at the last second (or after they win the fight), but a VW is onto you! You're begging for the rez before the VW sends you packing, but the fight is soo close your friends aren’t sure it’s the right call. What a conundrum! I like it! Think of the excitement, the chaos, the intensity, the e-drama! Thank you CU community, we came up with a helluva complex and strategic way to do rezzing.


meddyck writes:

No. The only costs rez should have is its casting time and mana cost. That's more than enough. See also: the poll on the CU forum where 64% want pure DAOC rezzing.

Tue May 21 2013 9:49AM Report
Smorak writes: Must...have...rez... Tue May 21 2013 3:44PM Report
TigsKC writes:

I am with you on this one!  Allow resurrection, but make it hurt - big time.  Make it a real decision, not just another key press.



Wed May 22 2013 12:31PM Report
gylnne writes: Hmm creating a MMO with real decisions to make and not developers doing your thinking for you? Amazing.:) Thu May 23 2013 10:20PM Report writes:
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