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the Lonely Alter

I don't play "games", I play MMORPGs! This is where I talk about them!

Author: Tierless

#12 Super Mario Cooks MMO Chili!

Posted by Tierless Saturday May 4 2013 at 10:17AM
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I need all of my readers to go on a little journey with me. I need all of you to turn up your volume and click the following link. I know I’m asking alot, but please, indulge me.

Now close your eyes, and think back a couple...ok a few....ok...several...ok we’re old! A long time ago to a place that will, at first glance, seem like happiness and flowers, that place is the Mushroom Kingdom, that game is Super Mario Bros (side note: it’s been a long standing rumor that Luigi was unhappy living in the shadow of his big broski, but I have it on good authority that, like Arn Anderson to Ric Flair, Luigi is a man of honor, proud to help his brother for the greater good of the Mushroom kingdom.)

The reason I say “at first glance, seem like happiness and flowers” is because just about everyone who clicked that link went on a brief trip down nostalgia lane. But let me remind you of a few things. You started with 3 lives, THREE, if you lost all of them (and didn’t know the secret start button cheet that sometimes worked ;) it was game over-start from the very beginning, again! That is old school gangster! Speaking of, I wonder whatever happened to that kid from Wizard...

If you even mention a mechanic like that now days devs and players alike would freak out! I firmly believe to have success in the future you have to be aware of the past, you don’t have to respect it, you don’t have to like it, but always remember where you came from. I’m not saying I agree with that mechanic, and I can confirm that many a /ragequit was the result of starting over, but I respect it and I realize that in spite of it, Mario did ok.

At this point I was going to make a Mario to MMO analogy, but I had it pointed out to me that doing so would be like comparing Apples to Kryptonian Oranges. It’s just too much of a stretch considering how far games have come, so instead I’ll compare MMO development to something that makes a lot more sense, good Chili!

If you tried to take a bunch of random ingredients, throw them in a pot, cook em’ on high, and eat them they aren’t gonna taste the best. To make GOOD chili one has to start with quality ingredients, then one must correctly prepare said ingredients. After that you have to combine those ingredients in a pot and slowly cook them on low temperature for what seems like an eternity. As your home beings to smell more and more like heaven you will be tempted to eat the chili early, but you can’t! Not if you want great chili. Great chili takes time! So you wait, and the longer you wait the more those quality ingredients come together into one homogeneous scrtrumulescent bowl of awesome, aka great chil!

That exact same process applies to MMORPGs. “Frankly Tierless I think you're full of E-Waste, I just don’t see how these two things relate to one another” Ok fine, I was hoping for the easy-out but I’ll elaborate a bit further. To make a good MMO you have to start with good, refined ideas. You have to prepare them, then bring them into the game, make sure everything balances out, try them over an extended period of time to, and hopefully, in the end they all come together to form a great game. Bam! Mario to Chili to MMOs! “But Tierless I hate most people’s Chili, I only like my own” Good point, also like MMOs almost no 2 chilis taste the same, and people tend to be very opinionated on what “good” chili is. For example I like ma’ chili like a soup, with lots O’ tomatoes; my hombre likes her chili like a thick paste with lots O’ meat, and we hate one another’s chili.

So how do we find a solution that works for both of us? Well, we don’t, but that explanation will require a blog of it’s own because I have more important things to do than write a blog about a game, like playing a game...or at least watching vids of people playing a game. You see all this nostalgia made me want to que up some good ole’ Mario vids. Lord knows I’d hook up my old NES but due to allergies blowing into the console and/or game cartridge to get in functioning would induce a coughing fit of doom ;) so I’ll settle for the next best thing. Don’t fret, my blog on idears is coming soon. (side note, anyone else amazed that in an era without the interwebs the secrets of the Nintend-blow managed to traverse this vast country and even the entire known gaming WORLD!?!?)

Until next time I leave you with some pleasure for your ears.


MightyPit writes:

Hey tierless. Don't think so small. Mario blows people away in germany and I bet in whole europe, too. But I have to admit, the first game on the NES console I saw was Megaman. However, I played mario also a long time, beginning in 1989.

However, I do not agree to your chili analogy. When I read it, it reminds me more of some small children who should eat what mama has cooked, but she tried something new this time, and the meal the kids are used to, tastes different.

Oh what a drama. So never ever experiment with the favorite meal of your children.

Buuut, while it is ok for me that the childeren get some care here, grown-ups should know that there ongoing urge to explore can only be stilled with something new. Things you already know get boring quickly. Mario was so great because it was new. And every new mario game lives from two aspects: the nostalgica and some fresh ideas.

So please, bring up a chili with beans, but also with some ingrediences that are unkown still :)

my favorite nostalgica song:

Sun May 05 2013 2:53AM Report
Tierless writes: Thanks for the comment! My chili is more or less abou the preocess to end up with a quality product requiring a lot of time and refinement. Can you experiment with your chili? Sure, I've seen chocolate in chli, coffee in chili, beer and deer mear in chili, white chili, green chili, you name it. You can try just about anything in your chili! The tirck is being a skilled enough cook to know what to use, what to toss, and how to get the best results out of your ingredients. I bet MJ makes a mean Chili. Mon May 06 2013 10:35AM Report
fortune_d writes:

Mighty--To continue with chili, just because you have a refined, high quality ingredient doesn't mean it can't be a new concept. Also, just because a concept has been used before doesn't mean it can't be tweaked and refined into some special. The trick is getting everything to complement the other ingredients.

I think the chili analogy is great, and works for anything that only reaches it's full potential after patience, time and hard work. Plus great ingredients.

Mon May 06 2013 10:48AM Report writes:
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